Trump Impeachment & Brexit Deadline

I compare the transits of both the US & UK during this historic moment in time. (They have their Sun’s opposite each other) I also look at leader’s Donald Trump’s and Boris Johnson’s personal transits.

Trump Impeachment Horoscopes

Trump Impeachment Horoscope

USA Transits

Brexit Deadline Horoscopes

Boris Johnson Horoscope

UK transits

One thought on “Trump Impeachment & Brexit Deadline

  1. Thank you for giving a neutral report… meaning you and only one other renowned astrologist does not post HATE TRUMP forecasts. Some of the best astrologists have this thing they do when ever they try to predict outcomes of Trump and whatever situation he is in with a ‘He’s Doomed’ outcome.
    I love when an astrologist can simply read the chart and not throw in their biased opinion.
    You are the Best!!!

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