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Taurus April 2021 Horoscope

So April starts with Mars square Neptune in the ninth and Mars is now in your money house. Now the square to Neptune could make you tempted to spend money on quite well… lol. drugs, no!! Maybe things that are less about investing in the future and more about just pleasure. Also spiritual matters as well. It would probably be okay to do the latter! Even though I know it’s the square and Mars square Neptune can be about addiction problems. If you get addicted to spirituality, that won’t be such a bad thing. 

And the new moon in Aries, which is in a spiritual house, I would suggest don’t fight against it. Don’t fight against what the energy is saying “focus less on earning money and just focus on your health and navel gazing” So that’s really yoga and physical things that are to do with spirituality. Massage as well will be really good earlier on in April. Then on the 17th Mars Trine Jupiter is great for being courageous and daring. Mars is going to be in your house of self esteem. So if you’ve been feeling extra confident, this is really going to have an impact on your life-calling because of course lucky Jupiter is still in that career house. So I would use that Mars Trine Jupiter to do some visualisation because the Mars square Neptune has got that kind of energy as well and the square does make things happen.

On the 23rd Mars moves into Cancer which is your third house of learning and local , immediate area. So I think with the Saturn Trine north node which is happening the day after that really bring some fateful events into your life like meeting people that you feel destined to meet, very karmic. Anything to do with with Saturn is karmic. And with Taurus, the karma is with people who owe you something, and I think they will pay you back by offering you work and getting you on the right path for your life-calling. The north node is all about getting on the right path. With Saturn being in that life-calling house, the two together are a safe bet. They really, they really are!

Then the full moon two days later on the 26th of April, that’s in Scorpio that’s in your love house. So I haven’t really talked about love affairs that much so far. And because the year so far has been focused on career, your physical body and also spirituality. But this full moon being in your love house, especially with the Saturn trine the north node as well, there could be a destined meeting with a potential mate at this time if you’re single. Now there is the Ceres square Pluto on the 30th after that, so there’s the Persephone myth archetype going on there. And they are in quite difficult houses for you. Not so much with Pluto in Capricorn because that is your ninth house of foreign Affairs and higher education. But the Ceres part is in house of self-undoing and hidden enemies. So with this one, it could be that you have this strange attraction for foreigners or someone from long distance. The problem with those kind of relationships is because it’s all been conducted online, they can easily hide their dark side. Then when you meet them in real life, you’ve invested so much, it’s hard to kind of break away. So Ceres square Pluto, it’s a bit like being pulled into the underworld.

That could be the long distance love affair that has been triggered by the full moon. But even if not there may be a case of that you do meet someone who’s actually quite right for you, and it is a karmic relationship. But then there’s a temptation from someone who isn’t (a karmic relationship) but always trying to make out they are or there’s some kind of supernatural pull. Probably childhood wounds that may be pushing that, so be careful at the end of April with those Pluto bad-boys or girls!

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