Taurus May Horoscope


Your Taurus May 2022 horoscope is all about you because the glorious rays of the sun are casting their birthday blessings on you this month. Enjoy this period to focus on your needs and what makes you feel good. Your physical body should get a nice energy boost too. Your sunny warmth and enthusiasm are attractive to others, so make the most of social occasions to pull new, beneficial friendships into your life.

After May 21 it’s less about connecting with people and more about possessing glittery objects. The last week of the month you are tempted to indulge yourself with material pampering. It might be difficult to rein in the spending, but hopefully, you can ride on the birthday wave and get others to treat you.

Taurus May Emotional Horoscope

Jealously and rivalry rear their ugly heads as suddenly the other partner becomes its nemesis. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 16 May 2022 of the next two weeks is make-or-break. This is where a couple either have to let go of each other or the negative behavior pattern that has been driving a wedge between them.

Whether you are in a business partnership or a romantic relationship this can be a really healing full moon if used therapeutically. Advice from an outside counsellor is beneficial at this time. An objective viewpoint from a dispassionate soul could really help build bridges in collaborations that have turned sour. Read my dedicated Eclipse post for more details on how the lunar eclipse will work for your sign.

Taurus May Love Horoscope

From May 3 to 28, if you are solo, the negative manifestation of Venus in your zone of self-undoing would be becoming a doormat. You could so easily self-sacrifice for someone you are crazy about, hoping you will win them over. Of course, you will not and they will lose all respect for you as they continue to wipe their boots on your back.

Be quite careful with new romances now as this is not a great starting position. If there are any red flags of addiction, then do take notice and not brush it aside. The best way to play it would be to remain unattainably holy until Venus moves into the next sign!

Taurus May Career Horoscope

Mercury turns retrograde this month from May 10 to June 2 read all about what it means for your sign in my dedicated Mercury Retrograde post. But until May 9 you will be gifted in the realm of sales. The results of this month’s endeavours will bear fruit in a couple of months time so try to be patient. You could sell off things that are not that important to you just to clear out stock to make room for the new. Maybe have a sale, but don’t expect any surprise high bidders on eBay!

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