Taurus 2017 Horoscope

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This year you are going to have to be a bit patient! But hey, you are Taurus, you can defer gratification like no-one else. The first half of the year has you head down, working hard, trying not be get distracted. There are some stimulating eclipses in 2017 that rock the foundations of your chart, so they will help reboot your career path if you have strayed off course.

Keep plugging away however no matter what, as the reward in the second half of the year will really be worth the effort. Yes, super gas giant Jupiter makes his grand entrance into your marriage house in October, so prepare for bountiful alliances and blossoming romance. The harder you work in the beginning of the year the more fun you can have at the end.

Taurus 2017 Horoscope Summary

Before the confetti blinds you though, much of the year will be concentrating on what you don’t want. It is advised to cut off the dead wood, pay off debts and resist temptation until the real deal comes along. While you are waiting for the love-of-your-life to waltz into your life, you could spend sometime renovating your nest. The eclipses will cast a blinding UFO type light over your
domestic zone and show up all the cracks and spider webs. Clean it up and they will come!

Those already in a relationship might be onto the next stage and be preparing to start a family. Those hardcore singletons, install a cat flap… There is a danger of picking up more than a few scabby stray cat this year, so make sure you keep that ole cat-flap sealed until you’ve given your posh new feline it’s shots!

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