Taurus Decan 2 ~ May 1 to 9 (10º-20º)

Taurus Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Taurus 11º 39’ ~ Beta Triangulam in the Triangle. 3.0*
Taurus 13º 07’ ~ Zibal in river Eradinus. 4.9
Taurus 13º 56’ ~ Cih in Queen Cassiopeia’s chair. 2.8
Taurus 14º 14’ ~ Almach in Princess Andromeda’s foot. 2.3
Taurus 14º 19’ ~ Menkar in the open jaw of the Sea Monster. 2.8
Taurus 15º 49’ ~ Alpha Horologium in the Pendulum Clock. 3.8
Taurus 17º 56’ ~ Rucha in Queen Cassiopeia’s knee. 2.8
*Magnitude. Star positions are for the year 2000

Taurus Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Taurus decan 2 is ruled by the Moon and Mercury (Virgo Triplicity). The Sun soldiers through the constellations of the River, the Queen, the Chained Princess, the Triangle, the Sea Monster and the Clock from May 1 to May 10. These bulls are tenacious and ambitious; they rise to the top through sheer determination, patience and stamina. Taurus decan 2 is mild-mannered, an ace seducer and extremely persuasive. Taurus rules the throat so these folk can be powerful orators or singers.

6 of pentaclesTheir speech is a potent tool for propaganda and spin-doctoring thanks to the mercurial influence. Being ruled by the Moon makes them popular, and they appear to play the father or mother of the people. Politically these people give you the feeling they will take care of business and that your life is safe in their responsible hands. Taurus decan 2 has a strong Ceres/Pluto undertone to it. These people can suffocate with love, literally smothering someone to death in the case of the most negative manifestation (Brady strangled his victims). The mix of charm and possessiveness can breed Svengali’s here. Their solid as a rock authority, status and respectability can attract naive and insecure Liza Doolittle’s who look up to them as a parent/mentor.

Stage Mothers & Statesmen

These bulls can make their protégées believe that they cannot succeed in the world without their Taurean guidance and support, so they will do everything in their power to be indispensable and ultra reliable. Taurus decan 2 make such a comfortable crutch/support that it becomes very difficult for their, by now very feeble-legged, companion to walk away…

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 6 of pentacles. “ It is a card of extremes. A card of having/not having, domination/submission, superiority/inferiority, generosity/meanness, supporting/not being supported, being appreciated/being used, teaching/learning, hiring/firing. The list could go on and on. However, one of its strong traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage.  After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself in a bind, usually, financially, someone has stepped in to help out.” ~ teachmetarot. You can see how this card fits into the position of being a Svengali or stage mother. Karmically one will have to use one’s material generosity genuinely and not as a means to control another. If you are not the receiving end you will have to be careful not to lose your artistic integrity in securing your benefactor. Selling yourself out can be very tempting…

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Taurus Decan 2

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Sun Taurus 2

Menkar 14º: “Great trouble, sickness, throat ailments, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, loss of money, failure of crops.” [3] “Great success or loss; to be a pawn in the winds of change. To work with people who are victims, to be a victim oneself.” [4]

Despite the grim promise of Menkar, there is no denying the extremely strong ‘statesman’ potential of the Sun here, probably because if they take a shine to something or someone then they will not take no for an answer. There are some very charismatic speakers and seducers with this placement and we can see how some of the heartthrob actors use their voices to entice and persuade. I am thinking that this placement could give an extremely pleasant speaking voice, to sort you get as an advertising voiceover. There is something comforting and rich in the subject’s voice (Lumley.) or they might just have a really annoying voice..(Beckham). The theme of Ceres comes up too with perhaps some sorrow connected with children, the subject could have too many children so that the offspring can feel like a burden at times or they could have none at all.

Even if these folk do end up with a massive family, Taurus decan 2 will always thoroughly look after them and would never shirk their responsibilities. Maybe this is why Taurus Sun 2 might put off having family because if they are not able to give their all for any reason they will avoid having children altogether. This is a fertile zone and the natal Sun here fuels its fecundity. “This decan is rife with procreative unions. The Sun’s rays penetrate and warm the earth, just as the plow divides the fields, making them ready to receive the seed. Accounts abound of the licentious pagan rituals practiced at this time” [5] We celebrate the fertility festival of fire and revelry’ Beltane, at the cross-quarter date midway through Spring in this decan so it is apt that we find the lustful actor Valentino here. The Sun will be steadfast and very set in its ways here. Sun Taurus 2 has a driving force that will dig its heels in very deep when pushed. In order to avoid some of the more negative sides of this decan the subject must learn to adapt to changing circumstances before one is made a victim of them.

SUN TAURUS 2 EXAMPLES: Tony Blair, Karl Marx, Eva Peron, Catherine the Great, Golda Meir (‘Iron Lady’ of Israel), Oliver Cromwell, Sigmund Freud, William Lilly, Orson Wells, George Clooney, Rudolph Valentino, Tyrone Power, Stewart Granger, Joanna Lumley, Audrey Hepburn, Christina Hendricks, Candice Bergen, David Beckham, Kirsten Dunst, Donatella Versace, Linda Evangelista, Sid Vicious, Lily Allen, Bono, Eric Burdon, Dave Gahan, Tammy Wynette, Johannes Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Robert Browning, J. M. Barrie, Theo Van Gogh, Francesco Smalto, David Mark Chapman, Madeleine McCann Abduction, Proserpina Discovery.

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25 thoughts on “Taurus Decan 2 ~ May 1 to 9 (10º-20º)

  1. I find this spot on, as hard as it may be for some to swallow. I have six natal retrograde, May 3rd 82, 1st house is labeled as “Libra” but is filled with 30% Scorpio, Moon in Virgo.
    If anyone can help me decipher the intensity of my chart it would be much welcome. The major shapes in my chart alone are enough to spot on but intensely summarize my path thus far.

  2. Born May 6 / Capricorn Rising / Pisces Moon. I’d like to see a rewrite. All signs have killers & angels &
    I find it sad to see Decan 2 presented as the dark, dank monster. There are no bad feelings with my
    ex lovers or friends & we continue to communicate over 65 years. I believe time tests us all & makes
    the bonds even stronger including give-and-take. Maybe me & my lot – all signs, especially Scorpio –
    are freaks.

  3. Lisa… How are you doing today, now? I will tell you, coming from my own similar experience, YOU DID THE RIGHT THING AND YOU ARE THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN, THE ONLY ONE. I promise you, through God by me, that you will be recognized and rewarded… For not only doing the best thing for your children at that time, but also for doing something which was equally painful and that went against your very nature, CHANGE, for the good!

  4. I refer to the the writer’s reference of Robson’s harsh description of Menkar in Decan 2.
    I am querying the writer’s take on this- that the adjectives/phrases used in the descriptions, are indicative more of what this sign does to others.
    A balance is needed – in my experience these are more indicative ofwhat is done to those in this decan from outsiders and life, rather than being what those in this Decan may or may not do or feel toward others. Yes there are strong passions and hard to control emotions to surmount, but life has a way of mellowing and controlling these feelings. And along the way we learn to avoid violent and ill willed types and seek the beauty within life. This hard road is not for the faint of heart but the heartful.

    1. Thanks for your input, yes I am rewriting these and agree that one needs to do more research and not take gospel what one writer in the 1930’s makes of these stars. It depends how this star is configured and also which planet is on it. The Sun might have difficulties, but another planet might work easier here. Each decan is more than just the fixed stars influence and we are more than just our sun sign. I should’ve rewritten and updated this one by now, but I had to work on the coming retrogrades and catch up on readings.

    1. I was born May 4th, I was born poor and still am poor. When I was 23 I married a Virgo, he made a lot of money, but he made it clear it was his. I stayed home for eight years nurturing our children. I realized when I was pregnant that he was not the nice guy, but I was in love, I wanted family, loved my children. It was my neighbours who helped me break away, who explained to me that I was being abused. Abuse was the price of being married, I was devoted. It took me seven tries, three police escorts, and the police helping me to kidnap my children (one of which I was still breastfeeding). In the end, I remember standing in front of him and thinking ‘kill him, kill myself, or walk away,’ I walked away – from them all. I had come to realize my dream was painful and unobtainable with this man. Twenty years later, after trying to be there for the children, I realized I am their mother, but I am not family. I have backed off, realizing I am not wanted. I hope and pray things may change one day, but moving on with my life. I think I may be the essence of Taurus decan 2 ;-(

    2. My bf was born in May 8.
      He broke up with me 2 months ago.
      I really don’t understand.
      We were together 2 years.
      The last month, I was stressful with my busy life. I stuck there with so many issues. Thus, I gave him attitudes. I showed him I was stucking and why didt he give me a hand.
      We were happy..together he supported me alots..it was not that much about financing but sprititural.
      I really approciate all things he gave me but the last month I was so stress and could not balance my self well.
      Now after read this page..I somehow understand why..
      I want him back. I love him but I really don’t don’t how. He is very stubborn.
      Please help me if you have any advices
      Thank you so much!

  5. My ex boyfriend had his Sun at 18 degrees Taurus. He was a certified master watchmaker. He’s closer to Rucha than Alpha Horologium of the Pendulum clock, but wow. Mr. Swiss clock indeed. He was also a Rancher and bred bulls, and he worshipped family tradition and possessions as the source of “status” that is the giver of life. I’m a big astrology buff, and this guy had his moon in Aquarius and Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Sagitarius (and Rising) trine Venus in Aries (and he was iconoclastic and great with words and smart and capable, and had a strong impetuous streak (that was kind of freakishly disconnected from his Taurus/Aquarius fixity)) so I just could not figure out why, why he wilfully followed his family’s dark side like a prisoner walking behind a wagon in the deep rut of ‘bad tradition’. He CHOSE to be repressed and miserable. He nurtured and protected the paper thin, archaic chains that held him in place. So weird. And I’m a Virgo 2 Sun, Virgo 1 Venus, and Virgo 3 Moon. He made my issues look like pastry. He was afraid of his strong feelings for me, which I thought I understood as I have Mars in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, but, no, I completely misunderstood. I don’t fear my crazy passionate feelings and run from them. I own them. (Thank the powers that be for Mars in Scorpio!) Anyway, these fixed stars are he. WOW.

  6. pain suffering die w/ one, love survives death, is not attached to form, but is essence touching essence all the longing, crushed, stab in the heart, is replaced with a greatness as strong as earth’s presentation of spring, in a living things that someday will die.

    1. To Lucy_
      I truly enjoyed reading your posts… intriguing and interesting pieces of writing. Good luck and Much love to you!

  7. goes w/ o saying taurus loves posessions! So don’t give horrible old clothing, you hate seeing them in away. I came home from school to find my jeans gone and the radio. The jeans were annoying the radio; a disaster, to this day brings sorrow and WHY as it was a beautiful zeneth tube table piece that we had on mornings for no school and traffic announcements, and the child home sick got to have it in their room. When no one seemed to care, baby sister made 5kids and a bigger house, I snuck it into perminate sunday fun in my room…invited my little bro.& sis in to listen to oldtime dramas in the dark. The tubes, green lighted dial, spooky special. so they gave it away to morgan memorial and I of course never forgave.
    so biggest lesson is ownership.

  8. the jack-ass 19 y/o murderer, 0deg leo sun is squared …Massachusetts weekends hub of social activity pauses to send frying hate vibe…

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