Sweden 2017 ~ Persephone Syndrome

Will Sweden survive the flood of Neptune on its descendant? (In the house of open enemies.) Transits are discussed, the phenomena of Stockholm syndrome, Beta-males, Persephone and victim/saviour themes. Mars is very weak in Sweden’s chart with an overpowering Venus.

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  1. Hi Gray, thanks for that. The Neptune square Sun is very interesting and gives the chart validity. I can’t remember what chart I even used now and how I got it. I will add it in this post actually. But either way, its Neptune all the way isn’t it?

  2. this thing… http://www.dominantstar.com/a_sweden.htm Source: “The horoscope for modern Sweden should be set for the creation of the liberal parliamentary constitution between 1864 and 1866. Revision of the constitution … began on 8 December 1864, and the new constitution seems to have come into effect in January 1866. The key event occurred on 7 December when the nobility voted away its privileges. The latest research indicates that this event took place shortly before 3:30 p.m., probablt at 3:20 p.m.” Campion, “The Book of World Horoscopes” (Second Edition), p. 353.

  3. What about this Dec 7 1865 3:30pm LMT Stockholm chart that comes up when one searches for Sweden horoscope. Transit Neptune is square the chart’s Sun, and the progressed MC is square the charts Neptune! I’m not having the best of luck searching for why there is this other chart like that… but I went searching for it and found this page too. I went searching for it because I was chatting and suddenly said Sweden must be having a Neptune transit, And I find this chart doing just that.. but a search for a Sweden constitution gets your 1809 date. There is some pdf( http://www.olofpetersson.se/_arkiv/skrifter/rf1809.pdf ) that say about an 1810 Riksdag Act that got superceded in 1865-66? no date provided. Someone knows about this date or there wouldn’t be a chart of it online I’m guessing…

  4. I just got a SWEDISH “FIRE KNIFE” intuition yesterday. And i suspect what the swedes Are experiencing is closer to a RE-ORDERing of Mental Chakra energies. Likely, In a Semi-Religious Context(as Neptune should naturally be a religious actor) This may represent integrating Immigrant’s mental spheres better with their own, (It is 7th house PARTNERSHIP activity after all)……as U say, it looks like the VIKING energy is being wiped out altogether (anyways).

    Though, i think your assessment of Neptune’s Transit of Sweden’s Descendent was interesting…..i was surprised you didn’t look at Neptune as More of a “Spirit Quest Planet”, then to Stare Directly at Pluto Effect and only see “RAPE-ism”
    (though i’m sure your right about what U stated, as a Major Undertone)
    Neptune has a different Function then ACTION or RAPE. Neptune is usually a FANTASIST connected only with mental activities, it barely Bridges Emotions (depending on Personal Planets)

    it is Surely the case that ISIS & modern Muslim Terrorism in the FRENCH speaking world is Connected DIRECTLY to NEPTUNE walking thru Pisces these last few years.
    It appears that NEPTUNE adjusted the way mental Energy FLASHES thru Chakras as it came in to it’s Natural Home of Pisces and the FRENCH/MUSLIM World got the BLUNT end of the Neptune STICK. A strange Happen stance for Sure!, as in CANADA today; all the Muslim/islamic Terrorists who have made attack in Canada have spoke FRENCH as Second language up to this point in time.

    The Allegory Symbol for SWEDEN right now is like this Samoan Fire Knife Dance
    Companion Vid;

    I suspect the Samoan Fire Knife Dance is a HYPERBOLE of the Mental Sparks of their Own Special BRAND of Swedish Fire Knives over HEATING in her Venus’ Circle…..at this moment

    Allegory of Sweden Vid;

    One should NEVER overPlay NEPTUNE’s HAND….it is obviously NOT TRUE anything which NEPTUNE does….it is only how People’s Thinking Occurs to them. Not anything much more……illusion is just that….illusion

    Extra Picture Link;

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