Sun Sextile/Trine Ceres ~ Lush, Sweet & Fertile

Sun trine Ceres has a similar feel to the sextile, but where the sextile has the excitement of blossoming flowers, the trine is more about lying back and gorging on their sweet, ripe fruit. The problem then is the tendency of the trine to slide into complacency and decadence which can bring into affect nature’s cruel way of balancing the books… Enter Pluto! The weed killer. So Ceres in trine aspect can be a little too much of a good thing. However if the rest of the chart contains some dynamic squares, Sun trine Ceres will bestow great artistic creativity and sometimes musical genius.

When you experience a particularly hot and halcyon summer, a normal winter will seem devastating in its bitterness by comparison. More evolved souls with Sun trine Ceres somehow know that their good fortune or gifts need balancing, so they impose on themselves a “bleak winter” every now and then. These subjects will not shy away from trying to understand and help those in poverty, pain or suffering. A more materialistic Sun trine Ceres will define himself by accumulating wealth and being rather ostentatious, that is until a Pluto transit comes along and strips them of everything. Another manifestation of this aspect could be over-identification with the mother or feeling that you need the family inheritance to shine.

Halcyon Days

Sun sextile Ceres seems to be an aspect that makes people want to share and be generous with their gifts. With most of the subjects, the common theme seems to be the propagating of their talents and spreading their seeds around to as many people in the world as possible.

They make great social commenters, can be charitable and generally just want to see the world grow and flourish around them. However, they can be hoarders also and just enjoy making wealth for the sake of it. The sextile is a Venusian aspect, so here it represents blossoming and bee’s flitting excitingly between the flowerbeds. This should make these people rather sexy in a wholesome, sensual way, lush and fertile, looking like they are constantly “on heat”.

Ceres, of course, has that sad tinge of sorrow, loss, and separation, but with the sextile, the subject is consciously steering away from the dark days and trying to use the experience to make the world a better place.

This will often mean they are prone to wearing rose-tinted glasses as they skip through their Utopia, which can be infuriating but at the same time charming in its innocence. Of course, not everyone with this aspect is going to be a saint, but the person may well see themselves as one! Being seen as the benefactor is important for their feelings of self-worth.

Sun/Ceres ~ Soft Aspects

Sun Sextile Ceres

Shirley Temple (19′) her characters were deliberately cultivated to transform the lives of hardened criminals and the like “She assaults, penetrates, and opens [the flinty characters] making it possible for them to give of themselves” As an adult she worked in children’s TV, films and manufactured toys. She survived breast cancer and became an in international Ambassador in her later years.[1]

Princess Diana (58′) epitomises the loving Ceres mother, bringing rays of hope to so many of the sick and dying that she touched. She has a pure, unsullied innocence that was a breath of fresh air to the otherwise stuffy and stiff royal family. Of course, she had her struggles with bulimia which must be the most Ceres type illness you could have, gorging yourself and then purging.

Sun trine ceresOlivia Newton-John (88′) has had a long and successful career as a singer. She has used her celebrity status to actively campaign for the environment. Surviving breast cancer also inspired her to raise awareness of various health issues. She fundraises for various charities and runs a health spa.

On the other extreme Maurice Chevalier (94′) was known for being a penny pincher he found it hard to let go of the memory of his very poor roots. Then we get the super rich and powerful Jackie Kennedy Onassis (99′), John D Rockefeller (66′) and Il Duce Benito Mussolini (36′), Psychologist and sociologist Erich Fromm (79′) wrote “The Art Of Loving” a practical approach to learning how to love in a healthy manner, other Sun sextile Ceres subjects include eminent microbiologist Louis Pasteur (88′), exceptionally gifted blind and deaf scholar Helen Keller (73′) Lastly social commenters through art and music respectively Peter Blake (40′) and Paul Weller (60′).

Sun Trine Ceres

Sean Lennon’s (03′) iconic father John give up his music to be a stay-at-home dad and Sean experienced an ultra close bonding with his father only to have him cruelly taken away at the age of 5. From then onwards, until his teens he collaborated closely with his mother musically.

Independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (42′) is a total one-man band, writer, actor, producer, editor, and composer.  His films are marked by a brooding, contemplative tone, featuring extended silent scenes and prolonged still shots”. [1]His work is noted for its irreverence to patriotism and has a keen wit mixed with black humor

“Bloody” Mary the 1st of England (42′), was a precocious and exceptionally gifted child who was doted on by her father Henry the 8th. He would boast of her musical and intellectual prowess. That was until he remarried Anne Boleyn.. At the tender age of 15, Mary was then sent away from court and not even allowed to see her own mother. From that time onwards she suffered terrible menses and depression.

The father of Sociology, Emile Durkheim (24′) “was concerned primarily with how societies could maintain their integrity and coherence in the modern era, when things such as shared religious and ethnic background could no longer be assumed” [2] He left no stone unturned, with individual books dedicated to suicide, incest and religion

The lighter side of Ceres shows the aspirational, super-rich, super-fertile, family orientated Beckham’s Davison (45′),  King of synthesizers Giorgio Moroder (61′) famous for his influential lush, ultra-electronic musical production. British over-the-top comic Rick Mayall (12′) and shiny Irene Cara (43′) whos Ceres wanted to “live forever”

Image REference: Blake Cheek on unsplash

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  1. mine is conq chiron, in a cardinal T, I just found out although I suspected there was something worse, considering….when I was eight I fell out of a tree. I was passing a board to a friend, for a crows nest tree house, and so fell about60 feet. I tried to grasp bows on the way down and one stopped me momentarily but then the ground rushed up and knocked the wind out. I remember the kids looking down at me and the boys saying, “she’s not dead, dissappointed, going back to their game and my mom sittingme on the bath tub edge, roughly washing the blood out, “oh damn, it’s still bleeding…” the red towel, now it’s the same experence w/o the tree it’s heal from injury, physic or physical or pass out towels to the injured

  2. My Ceres is 21 Aries in my 10th house square Moon in 18 Cancer in the first house. For most of my life proffessional women Ceres seemed to be a challenge to my mother.

  3. I have Ceres exactly on my 5th hse cusp of Capricorn and trine my Asc in Virgo.
    I am an alchemical cook… I even use essential oils in my food! I have a love/hate relationship to cooking. Its either a week long experience of distillations and mind blowing tastes or its famine… biscuits… a good old fashined Ceres standby.

    I have had two Capricorn husbands – both relationships started in the same restaurants – this was TOTAL COINCIDENCE! It was all property, kids, soft furnishings and Capricorn petulence from there…

    • Interesting- I have Ceres in my 5th house in Libra, exactly trined my ASC ruler Mercury/BML in Gemini- Its conjunct both Eros by a few seconds and the star Spica (the wheat stalk in Virgo)(its also conjunct Juno by a two degrees)

      I have hardly any relationships to those of the sign Libra,(ok my Mother in law)other than a few friends who have it as an ASC- but I do have many in my life who are Aries..

      I’ve also got Saturn/Vesta in Aries (11th house) in opposition to Eros/Ceres..(Libra 5th house)

      People insist I’m a good cook but I’m more like a DIY cook, I just know how to make things down to their essential ingredients and forage for some fairly delicious plants, I’m interested in flower cookery and use roses and violets in deserts– but otherwise I’m not as interested in cooking as much as people are interested in my cooking.

      • can’t lay claim to Ceres trine anything, infact only aspect is septile IC – but, can’t resist this foody thread UQW & AET – Ceres in 6th Taurus here – since mid 80’s been a prof baker and chef on and off but finally gave up that particular culdesac some years ago – all started through a chance encounter with an extra-ordinary loaf of bread, had to know more, pulled me out of artists depression (har har) and I instantly felt at home in the high octain shouty and mad world of the working kitchen – bakers are inherently mad, totally nuts, so that may account for the duck to water effect – never use recipes at home, anathema, but, I did discover some gorgeous combinations by insane impulse of developing further combinations you might never encounter outside the profession, usually as a dare – strawberries and king prawns are one of the more acceptable combos and has a certain discrete charm (Ceres conjunct Varuna)…always been the one who cooks at home and, though it can be a scarey experience for the rest of the family, never lost a partner yet through gastronomy, quite the opposite – s’usually other artistic peculiarities that does it….

        • Ah Varuna! The male “Moon”, ruler of creation and the underworld, with Ceres sounds like its quite awe inspiring-

          My husband’s Ceres and Juno is also in Taurus and he too can not resist things of a foody nature 🙂 (his Ceres is exactly conjunct my Anti-Vertex so I can see where his liking for food goes along with my being in the kitchen about 80% of the time plays in)

          Your baker’s madness makes me think of this fantastic book by a layout artist who is a hobbyist baker who specializes in sour dough, he spends his summers on Gotland baking bread. His site in Swedish, if you like, and just translate-

          I confess to being inspired by things of a bready nature, but I have a weakness more for fruit pies and fruit scones with home grown or found fruits. At least I have had a chance to teach my son how to bake bread.(Ceres in the 6th house in Capricorn trined 10th house Eros in Taurus) (kitchen passion or possible professional work??)

          I’ve been also thinking about an idea of creating a book on the topic of food from the past with things found seasonally combined and it would be a vegetarian thing, like if food was taken back about 1000 to 300 years ago.. simple things but substantial without weird complex additives.

        • they sprouted wheat from a pharaoh’s tomb…wonder if it smelled like a museum cooking sometimes bread is like eating a paperbag, or hot mitten, rather needs butter

        • Mummy’s wheat! Loof for images of the dead Osiris with wheat growing from his chest… the symbol of regrowth after death

        • Blimey! Dinner at your house then! Did you ever read your daughter Mickey in the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak?
          Ceres in the 6th will do it…
          Strawberries and king prawns… very Heston Blumenthal…!!

      • Perhaps they – the Arians look for you to be the nurturer in group situations?
        I think unusual food makes an impression which lasts. I am always bemused when people emember me for my food! I took mantra initiation once and was given the name Annapurna which literally means full of food. It alternatively means full of nurture/prana which is not necessarily lunch…
        But I am intrigued by chemical details… and use a lot of rose in my food. I recently made ice cream with rose geranium oil added and served it with carrot cake made with cardomom. It was a pleasure to watch my guests almost faint with delight!
        I won’t however be repeating this for some time!

  4. It was about 11:45pm tonight and I looked window into the sky and see 4 round circles of light making a circle and meeting in the center and going bacl to the outer area of sky over the right side of my home. there is a cloud cover and the lights remind me of 4 beings or something below shining the light in the clounds. Can not figure it out because I see no rays of light coming from the ground or reflecting off of any boats or ships in the inlet close to my home. I am in Olympia, WA with a view of Budd Inlet. I watched this for a while, left and came back it was still going. I was thinking how long is this going to go on. As soon as I thought it, the lights stoped. Within a minute they started up again and this time there are only 3 disk of light moving in a circle and meeting in the center. Just went to look again a see if they are gone. Could it be a plane flying above the clouds and making these reflections of moving light??? Have to tell someone. June 11, 2011 12:45am

    • I think this is classic UFO – I know a few who have seen the same – including myself but over the UK. Aparently they’re very busy now!


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