Sun Opposite Moon

Sun Opposite MoonNatal Sun opposite Moon gives a push and pull tension between logic and intuition which builds mental endurance muscle. The life force of the Sun struggling against habits of the Moon generate vitality and zest for life. Constantly balancing this Full Moon polarity can keep one strong and centred, like a tightrope walker holding a long pole. It seems to show triumph over adversity. The imagination of the Moon having to play rival to the creativity of the Sun makes one prolific and productive, like having an internal Lennon/McCartney. This is often shown in multi-marriages and multi-talents. Also gives childhood prodigy and a very early determination to shine at all costs. The individual can come across as tough and competitive, and certainly formidable, having this internal battle going on between these two astrological heavy weights.

Sun Opposite Moon Celebrities

Alicia Witt (97′) was a child star, now turned actress and singer/songwriter with an I.Q. in the genius range. At two years old she could fully comprehend a tax form. Kirk Douglas once described the roles he played as “sons (Sun) of bitches (Moon)”. He is also quoted as saying “It takes a lot out of you to work in this business. Many people fall by the wayside because they don’t have the energy to sustain their talent.” He survived a stroke that left him speech-impaired for a time and also a near fatal plane crash. At 93 he is the worlds oldest celebrity blogger. Francisco Franco (76′) Showed the extreme manifestation of this aspect with his famous iron will and tremendous determination. Rising rapidly through the ranks, this Spanish dictator dominated his country for 36 years. Others celebrities with Sun opposite Moon include Bloody Queen Mary I Of England (12′) and screenwriter, author AND physician Michael Crichton (25′).

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Author: Marina Macario


  1. Like the Buddha I have a Taurus Sun vs Scorpio Moon. His first noble truth was “Life is suffering”, with which I totally agree. Yet the tug-of-war inside me does indeed keep me going and growing. Sometimes I wish life would be only sunshine, but then the moon rises and I’m glad to be at least in part a creature of the night.

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  2. hello,
    i also have a sun taurus 9th , opposite my moon in scorpio 3rd.
    the push pull is tough to deal with, totally get it!
    i’m studying alchemy, and it has helped acknowledge the disparity…i’m working on it ; )

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    • I have a Taurus Sun and Moon in Scorpio… I agree the inner struggle can be very real, but in the end it builds and helps us grow as people. One thing I can say is we learn from our lessons.

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