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Sun conjunct Venus can be a paradox. This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about the phenomena of… combustion! Venus becomes invisible under the rays of the Sun when it is closer than 8º. In this case she is invisible and therefore distrusted. The positive expression of Sun conjunct Venus comes when she is able to shine. So the wider conjunction will make one gracious and popular, and also a fantastic diplomat or counsellor.

This peace-loving native finds a resolution no matter what, but sometimes the avoidance of conflict can create a somewhat fake veneer. Relationships of all sorts intrigue Sun conjunct Venus and they are quite nosey about other people affairs. In romance Sun conjunct Venus can be the typical serial-monogamist, and find it hard to spend any time solo. It is quite easy for them to stay in relationships, just because they are often so very attractive and have bags of natural charm. Sun conjunct Venus usually comes across as very polite and will carry themselves with great dignity if this conjunct happens to be configured with the ascendant.

Power Of Attraction

In the case of combustion however, the Sun’s ego can completely consume the grace of Venus! This might explain why there are some very aggressive characters in the list of natives below. Combust does not necessarily mean that Venus has no power, but that the native has to put extra effort into owning it’s sovereignty. If Venus is burnt out like this by the Sun, the native finds compromise difficult and it is hard to accept love from others. Sun combust Venus can feel quite unlovable as the ego burns away any complements. What happens then, is that the native constantly needs an audience to shower them with praise and adoration, which it is never enough.

There is an exception to combustion, which is known as cazimi. This is when Venus is under 18′ (less than half a degree) away from the Sun. Generally cazimi is considered highly fortunate as it means Venus is literally sitting in the throne of the King. This gives her Queenly power, but also huge responsibility. With this force the Sun cazimi Venus native can influence and work magic over vast amounts of people. Indeed the list of cazimi natives includes two high profile female criminals.

Sun Cazimi Venus

Teal Scott Swan ( Sun conjunct Venus in 12th House). Teal is a great example of the use of Venusian allure to gain publicity as she is quite a pin-up guru for the New Age movement. Her focus is the philosophy of ‘The power of attraction’, popularised by the book ‘The Secret’. Venus works magic by pulling abundance towards her.

Teal’s website states “Teal Swan was born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. Because of these extrasensory abilities, she became the target of a cult where she survived 13 years of physical, mental, and sexual abuse before breaking free at age 19 and beginning her own process of recovery and transformation.” ~ Teal Swan.

4 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Venus ~ Attraction

  1. Teal Swan could really possess psychic powers – this goes for many talented, sensitive people.
    Not every talented person whether politicians, New Agers/Gurus, or artists/celebrities use their powers for good. Certainly some people are frauds and narcissists, misusing or twisting truthful theories to mislead others.

    I’ve collaborated once with a girl almost as good-looking as Teal, with a group of admiring female friends – this girl turned out to be a superb bully. Some people simply ”sense” other peoples weaknesses and use this for their own advantage. Talking about psychic powers, charisma and narcissism. Whether such persons have been abused or not? Both could be true. Isn’t narcissism/borderline supposed to be a result of abuse? Or is this psychology again looking for a valid explanation for immoral behaviour?

    I don’t know :/ Just learned to be careful with ”too good to be true” persons or theories about ”high vibrations” ”ideals” and especially the victim rising above victimhood, in order to become a leader (many world leaders fall into this category, who are idealised by mostly left-wing politics).
    Many have an agenda or the real ideals could concern power, money, fame and influence in the end.

  2. I find the whole Teal thing really interesting as she was brought to my attention by some men who thought she was a great Lilith/Eris example. Because her back story is so horrifying we automatically fall into a kind of admiration and wanting to fix/save her mode. She is the female version of the Dark Cupid/bad boy that women like rescue. We cant believe that she could lie about something that bad. I heard on the exposure interview that she said she had been sew into a dead body! WTF? I think the current Saturn square Neptune is helping people see through these glamourising lies that play on our innate psychology to want to help the underdog. Not everyone has this overly altruistic trait though, I think we have been groomed for the last 100 years or so. In the olden days we were more spartan and realistic. Actually I think it goes back much longer.. 2000 years, “turn the other cheek?” I feel a post coming on, but I’m supposed to be on holiday 😉 !

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