Solar Eclipse 8 March 2016 ~ OMG!

Solar Eclipse march 2016

Eclipse Jupiter Aspects ~ God Delusion

Moon opposite Jupiter has a huge appetite, not just for edible things but also for love, money or success. This eclipse makes us yearn to have a lovely home, as an expression of our status. Moon opposite Jupiter may inflate and exaggerate our emotions because we crave to be noticed. Equally those of us on the other side of the spectrum will feel embarrassed by the excess emotions, deriding others as drama queens or attention seekers. Moon opposite Jupiter can certainly turn on the charm when it wants to and this aspect could make those touched by this Eclipse extremely popular. Though I think it will be a case of love or hate. Jupiter is extra jovial with the Moon, even in opposition. In fact, the dynamic energy of this aspect brings out a rollicking sense of humour.

Sun opposite Jupiter
can project patronising and patriarchal behaviour onto others while not recognising it’s own inflated ego. Those touched by Jupiter during this eclipse may offer their generous heart and even material support to less fortunates and wonder why their charity is being thrown back in their face. Sometimes the ‘do-gooding’ is seen for what it is… In the collective, the so called ‘generosity’ is a ruse for the giver to become god in the eyes of those who accept their charity. The gifting may not be as unconditional as it seems.  I’m am thinking of government aid to Africa or more recently Germanys acceptance of so many migrants. There is another plan below the magnanimous plan…

Solar Eclipse March 2016 ~ Summary

Solar Eclipse March 2016The combined influence of all these aspects seem to bring up the theme of narcissism, which I am starting to see connects strongly to Ceres in my research. Ceres can be the engulfing mother who lives through her children vicariously. She grooms them to be a ‘mini-me’ whom she then vamps off energetically. Ceres conjunct Neptune during this Solar Eclipse makes it even more co-dependant. Neither Neptune nor Jupiter are very good at boundary setting and both are heavily involved in
this eclipse. The temptation to self-medicate is very strong since the pain of cutting the umbilical cord to ones abusive parent, or partner is so great. Like an addiction, it’s a hard habit to break, even if you know it’s harming you.

This Solar Eclipse would be a great time to break from addictive, toxic relationships, mainly to those who have been abusing you through the use of gas-lighting (Neptune.), flattery (Jupiter.) and S-mothering (Ceres.) Pisces decan 2 is quite a Svengali influence also. On its own, this decan is absorbent enough, but bring in the influence of the aspects too, then it becomes dangerously super-absorbent with very thin boundaries. The veil between worlds is gossamer thin. Like a cell in a petri-dish, be very aware of the culture you are enmeshed into.

ECLIPSE DATES & TIMES: PDT March 8th 5.54 pm, EST March 8th 8.54 pm, GMT March 9th 1.54 am, AEST March 9th 12.54pm.

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