The Sixth House ~ Harvest


The sixth house is associated with daily routines and your bread-and-butter work. Traditional astrology has this as the house of bad fortune and Mars finds its ‘joy’ (if you can call it that!) here. The sixth house is indeed problematic and it makes sense that it is associated with disease and slavery. However, I personally like to think of the sixth as the house of healing and service-to-others after breaking the bonds of abuse. The sign associated with the 6th house is Virgo.

William Lilly says of the sixth house;

“It concerneth men and maid-servants, galley slaves, hogs, sheep, goats, hares.. all manner of lesser cattle, and profit and loss got thereby; sickness, its quality and cause, principal humour offending, curable or not curable, whether the disease be short or long; day-labourers, tenants, farmers, shepherds…and it signifieth uncles, or the father’s brothers and sisters.

It ruleth the inferior part of the belly, and intestines even……to the arse: this house is a feminine and cadent house, unfortunate, as having no aspect to the Ascendant. Of colours, black colour. Mars rejoyceth in this house, but his cosignificator is of the Signs Virgo, of planets Mercury; we usually find that Mars and Venus in conjunction in this house, are arguments of a good Physician.”

Planets In 6th House Meaning ~ Transits

Sun Transit 6th House

This is the time when you put your house back in order, organise yourself and put everything back in its right box. This is a period where you get back into a sensible routine where time is allotted to certain tasks and nothing is given too much emphasis. You might also want to look at diet and exercise, examine whether you are too sedentary or veering too much towards carbs rather than proteins. Use this boring time to plan for the Sun in your relationship house, then you can show off the new healthy glowing you.

This period puts you in follow-the-timetable and-tick-all-the-boxes mode. If there was a month for doing a gluten-free detox or a juice-fast then this would be the one. It is good to give your body a break from its usual habits and addictions sometimes and doing something like a 30-day yoga challenge or caffeine/sugar/alcohol break gives your liver a chance to flush out all the excess that has built up over the year so far. It’s also a period where you do boring routine tasks like your accounts, or cleaning annoying things in the home like ornaments in display cabinets or fiddly chandeliers.

Moon Transit & Full Moon in 6th House

This transit will put into focus practical matters and the need to organise your life. Habitual reactions are strong at the moment, so much so, that if you want to replace one bad habit with a good one, you will easily fall into the new routine. This is a great time to start an exercise program while you are much less swayed by emotional impulses and your willpower is strong. Niggly health issues could show up as well. This is the time to give your body your full attention because if you don’t it will only howl more loudly. Yin yoga is recommended!

You might also feel compelled to give your home a good scrub from top to bottom as hygiene becomes really important to you. The glare of the full moon will show up grime that has built up in your life and footprints of any toxic rodents. It is a time for purging and releasing. This means weeding out parts of your work time table that are not profitable or cutting time spent with people who are draining you. Playing the martyr will only show up as health problems. Make sure your diet is as pure as possible at this time because you will not tolerate the slightest toxin.

Mercury Transit 6th House

During this time you are the inspector! Every little detail shows up as your eyes have the ability to see like a microscope. This is the best time for running mundane maintenance tasks over your business. Go through everything with a fine-tooth comb, do your accounts and fix broken links on websites. Those are the sorts of tasks are what are best addressed at this time.

It’s not the most imaginative period of the year so best to use it to do all the odd bits and bobs that you have been putting off for ages. If you are an employee, you might get asked to do all the skanky jobs that no one wants to do. Clearing out the smelly stationary cupboard, or some really nasty menial task that makes you feel like a servant. Stick your headphones on to get through it.

So it’s back to serious maintenance work. This is a time for detailed work and making sure everything is functioning well. Timetables and rotas are adjusted and tasks assigned. Now is the time for work evaluation, where the company machine is put through its paces to make sure it is running efficiently. So make sure you are sharp and well-oiled for the test run.

Venus Transit 6th House

Unfortunately, this is probably the most boring time of the year for affairs of the heart. Fortunately, it only happens once a year! What this period is good for however is health. You can use these three weeks or so to make yourself beautiful from the inside out. At this time you will find it really easy to stick to a detox diet, and it is also good for joining a gym and making a commitment to keeping fit. You might even meet a future partner through a fitness class!

This is the optimum time for getting into a good health routine. Once the timetable is set then it’s much easier to keep up a lifestyle that makes you more attractive to others. So pamper and preen yourself in the meantime because Venus enters your marriage house next month. Hurrah! Until then, this is a time of deferred gratitude, so get any boring, self-maintenance tasks out of the way like going to the dentist. You can enjoy guilt-free leisure time later on when your social life picks up again.


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