Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Scorpio
and Scorpio Rising for June 30 – July 6. The quarter Moon will cause a crisis in consciousness resulting you questioning your spiritual mentors or teachers. You may suddenly loose faith in your usual belief system. Mercury is has turned your philosophy on life upside down and you feel adrift without an anchor. Your ruler Mars is on the rampage in the house of sex however, so the root chakra may actually be your only root. Tantra can be transforming when Mars hits those powerful stars in Orion. You can be your own sex guru Scorpio. Yes, I know this is dreadful type-casting, but when Mars is stirred up like this it’s hard to ignore. This is sexual energy yes, but it doesn’t mean it will be all in the pants, indeed this is more about enlightenment and infusing your body with chi energy. It will be your third eye that will be throbbing.. Venus in your house of career will continue to throw charisma onto your dealings with superiors and this is a great week also for healing relationships with children and lovers if any aggressive Mars energy got too out of hand last week.

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  1. Hi there I love reading the horoscopes however I noticed the past two weekly horoscopes for Scorpio does not give option to choose the decan horoscope

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