Scorpio Horoscope 2021


In 2021 Scorpio will learn to...... Build!

Your Scorpio horoscope 2021 contains a huge focus on the home front with major emphasis in your 4th house of property and family. The pairing of growth and stability with Jupiter/Saturn is just perfect if you want to build or renovate a house. It also would tame that spicy Uranus in your marriage house that you are still getting used too. You will need to keep occupied in the home while things are so exciting and yet so volatile with your primary relationship.

Your life is changing quite rapidly in fundamental areas and any changes you make are likely to be lead by your partner or other people. They will probably dictate the shape of the home that you choose. However, you will have to live with the decision for a good while so you’d better love it! Uranus could have you resenting the choice in a few years otherwise.

Scorpio 2021 - Saturn & Jupiter

Challenges & Opportunities

This is an extremely important transit of Saturn because it entails an inspection to the very roots of your being. You will be examining your domestic arrangement and home. Any unhappiness here will probe you to dig deeper at the fundamental cause. Perhaps you might look at ancestral karma and what you may perceive as a family curse. What you fix within yourself at this time will be integral to your life-calling or career in 15 years, so it is really, really important to make these foundations strong, deep and stable. This is your rock for many years to come.

You may become closer to your parents in an attempt to understand your ancestors. Conversely, you might find a replacement parental figure to help heal a dysfunctional relationship with your biological parents. Relationships you make at this time are highly likely to feel quite patriarchal. I mean this in the most positive sense, where you find a connection is both protective and supportive. You might have to learn not to become too reliant on this ‘parental’ support, however.

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Growth & Luck

If there ever was a time to buy a house then this is it! Generous Jupiter should grant you the mother of all accommodation. (Apart from May 14 to July 28 when Jupiter moves into Pisces ~ Details in the full Mp3 report. ) Property investment is classic behaviour at this time. But it’s not all about building Trump towers. A fantastic sense of pleasure is felt by being at home with your family. Your clan base is enriched in every way and you will want to spend as much time as possible in it. If there have been problems on the domestic front, then they are more easily smoothed out during this blessed time. Relationships with your parents also fall under Jupiter’s charm, so bad ones can be patched up to a certain extent and good ones just become super generous and loving.

If you do want to achieve great things in the big wide world however, you will find your family are extremely supportive and willing to invest in any career deals. But the time is best spent improving things much closer to home. This is a great period for creating happy memories spent together as a family. Cherish this golden time and gather the generations together for celebrations under your roof. If relatives are sparse and children have not graced your home with their sunny faces yet, then this is a very fertile time to start baby-making. The 5th house of children is next!!

Scorpio 2021 - Mars & Ceres

Action Periods

JANUARY 7 to MARCH 3 2021 Mars here can feel quite impotent when dealing with relationships and therefore over-compensate with arrogant chest-beating. If you come across one of these specimens, then you will have to try and be extra diplomatic. It all depends on how evolved your own Mars is, if you tend to go all passive-aggressive then this will infuriate your rivals even more. Take note that you could be dealing with quite a massive projection from yourself, so try to use this as an opportunity to heal your inner brat. Sulking could be the latest fashion from all corners, so try just to get on with business until the steam has fully expired from your partner’s ears.

scorpio 2021 horoscopeJUNE 11 to JULY 29 2021 You want the crown and you want it bad! Mars enthroned in this position is much easier to deal with if you are already self-employed. If you are your own boss then you will work many extra hours just to get ahead of your rivals and know you will receive the full glory. However, if you are just a mere serf, then you are easily angered by superiors trying to mould you into their obedient servant.

Working as part of a team will be hard, but you could impress others by playing the leadership role. If you play this one right then promotion could be in the offing. So even if you are not exactly where you want to be right now, showing off your mastery and keen ambition could propel you up a few more rungs of the career ladder.

OCTOBER 30 to DECEMBER 12 2021 Your energy levels and libido is at its peak. During this time you fight for your rights and will tend towards daring and courageous acts. Self-assertion and confidence are very strong as you feel potent and full of zest. Sexually you will be extremely alluring. However, you won’t have the patience to wait to be asked out on a date and are more likely to make that bold first move. You will feel quite predatory in all conquests whether in love or other areas. Most of all time, you will get what you desire, so make the most of this bountiful hunting period.

Magic & Healing

FEBRUARY 21 TO MAY 7 2021 The connection between mind and body is paramount now while Ceres is in your health zone. Dis-ease of the mind manifests in the body. Before it gets a chance to get a grip, counselling may be the best recommendation, as well as giving up bad habits and addictions. The rape/abduction theme of Ceres can turn the enslavement of this position into something more sexual. Don’t forget your body is your temple. Do not desecrate it!

MAY 8 TO JULY 30 2021 Dark cupid, triangular relationships can become an issue with Ceres through your house of relationships. With the Ceres/Persephone forbidden fruit aspect, there is always the temptation to try to regain the sizzle factor in relationships by having an affair. Beware, my friend, for this is also the house of open enemies! Bunny boiler tendencies high here from that third entity. But Ceres here can serve as the counsellor too in her mother earth/priestess role. So at this time, you may be called to give advice in the role of a wiser elder to someone younger, or the other way around.

JULY 31 TO DECEMBER 25 2021 There is a loss of innocence, an ugly can of worms has been opened and things never look the same again when Ceres hits your 8th house of the taboo. Ceres in this underworld zone then is a Persephone type of transit. A good example is Kylie Minogue’s affair with bad boy Michael Hutchence (Who later committed suicide.) Kylie lost her girl-next-door bubbly perm and became the sleek vamp as seen on the ‘ What Do I Have To Do’ video. But it can be phoenix from the flames also.

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 artwork: Mixed media collage by Marina using archive photo of Scorpio woman Vivien Leigh.

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