Scorpio Horoscope 2014

Scorpio Horoscope 2014

In 2014, Scorpio has the golden opportunity to expand its mind through education. The horoscope shows that any training will help you elevate in your career. Foreign cultures will fascinate you, and any foreigner you meet can also help raise your status. This year’s expansion and luck in your career zone means you can be daring with your ambitions. This is a good year then, to push for higher wages or pitch your dream project. However, when your ruler Mars is retrograde in your 12th house from March 3 – June 1 that would be the ideal time to get away to those foreign shores and go on a retreat. Mars retrograde is literally a time to re-treat. Therefore this time period is also perfect for the studying already mentioned, especially if the subject matter itself is spiritual or involves inner work. The only danger this year is being pulled off course by tempting offers to escape. Try to avoid making glamorous but silly investments, for this year you are easily seduced.

Venus retrograde in your 3rd means relationships with the locals and your siblings are being evaluated. Is a neighbour getting too close for comfort? Do you need to distance yourself from an overly dependant brother or sister? The Jupiter Rx T square on February 24 will make you feel like escaping from all the local gossip and pettiness. You may dream of moving to a long distance utopia where the people seem more evolved and walk around like its Atlantis or something. Dream, dream, drea…m… Ouch, paper clip in back of head. Uranus in your 6th gives you a rude awakening when you realise you haven’t been keeping your eye on the ball with co-workers. There could be a bit of an upset here if dreams of a foreign savour have rubbed real life people up the wrong way. Still, this may give you the impetus you need to move away from the small-minded drones. That gloriously exotic 9th house Jupiter is just too juicy to resist right now.

Long Distance Utopia

The April 15 Lunar eclipse in your 12th house adds more fuel to the urge to run to fantasy island. But make sure you keep one foot on the ground as you step into this traditional house of self-undoing. You might end up looking rather foolish if you have left no sensible back up plan. Operation “Find my true life calling” while your ruler Mars is retrograde could mean all you come out with is 12th house sea mist and a band of unruly pirates. The temptation to turn one of those swarthy foreign beards into a long term partner might be strong when the April 29 Solar eclipse falls in your 7th house of marriage.. Venus in your 5th house at the same time only encourages more dewy-eyed smooching. Wait until Mars is direct on May 19 before you make a commitment. Your ruler Mars’s involvement with Persephone’s nodal wand could give you a surprise cash bonus at work on July 15. However if you have wanted to leave your daily grind for a while, this stellium could even represent a redundancy pay out. All those day-dreams may not have been in vain then. Just be sure to re-invest this money into your new career path and not splurge it on a month in the Maldives. (With the pirate…)

The Grand fire trine on October 6 falls in your career, work and cash sectors. Money and how you earn it is fired up for some healing. The October 8 Lunar Eclipse falls in your 6th house which points to having to let go of something connected with your daily life. Whether it’s travelling to your day job, running errands, chatting with a neighbour or simply spending too much time on facebook, something in your daily timetable needs urgent weeding! Re-organising your time will allow you to be able to make the cash flow better. After October you finally realise that time is money and quite a lot of this misspent time has actually been burning a hole in your pocket. The October 23 Solar Eclipse in your first house allows you to focus on your good self and your physical body. Maybe now you have found time to spend on a fitness program. This can only bring improved health and vitality to help you thrive in 2015.

Scorpio Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter spends an extended time in your 9th house of travel, philosophy and higher education until Jul 14. It should be a year of broadening your horizons. If you have the finances this could mean traveling to exotic shores. Those foreign connections or any training courses that you may have taken earlier in the year will come in useful when Jupiter moves in your 10th house of career. There is a good chance of promotion. But if you have been stuck in a dead end job, Jupiter here could free you from that stagnation and set you on a completely new calling more suited to your souls path. Best days for love: Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from Apr 5 – May 2. Venus conjunct Neptune there is hugely romantic on Apr 11. Love heals all on Apr 21 with Venus conjunct Chiron. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from May 29 – Jun 23. You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from Aug 12 – Sep 5. Be super-shiny and lucky in love when Venus is conjunct Jupiter there on Aug 18. Seduce and bewitch with Venus conjunct Lilith on Aug 28. You are extra sexy and attractive with Venus in the 1st from Oct 24 – Nov 16. Venus conjunct Sun on Oct 28 makes you extra magnetic. Grin and bear it days: Your ruler Mars goes retrograde in your 12th house of self-undoing. Mar 3 – Jun 1. This doesn’t have to be difficult, but bare in mind Mars here does not like to be forced. Let it enjoy spiritual and meditative practices, chill out and put any ambitious plans on the back burner for a while. Mercury retardation annoyance: Mercury Retrograde from Feb 5 – 12 in your 5th house of fun and love frolics could mean sext-ing would be a really bad idea. You could send it too the wrong person. This would be triple bad if the “wrong person” happens to be your spouse!

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Scorpio Decan 1

Birthdays October 23 – November 1     Ascendants 0º – 10º 
Scorpio Horoscope 2014

Neptune trine your decan all year. You, out of all the decans, can really take advantage of the fantastic “Imagineering” that this aspect gives. The trine can bring powerful visions and heightened intuition to guide you through some of the pitfalls of 2014. Do remember that you will actually have to physically move things in your life too though. It’s easy to fall into the Neptune trine bubble of thinking that it will all come together by itself. You still have to put in the graft, but what this sweet transit will give you is great inspiration if you are already an artistic soul. If not and you are prone to escaping, there is a danger you might loose the whole of 2014 down the bottom of a vodka bottle (or whatever your poison is….) But if you keep focused and ignore the sultry wails of Neptune’s sirens, 2014 could be a wonderful voyage of discovery for you. North Node conjunct your decan January 1 – March 28 is just one of those fabulous opportunities to pick up a sensible cabin crew for your journey. Any friends you make now can help steer away from those toxic sea monsters. This is very important, because how you survive the Solar eclipse will determine whether you picked up dodgy pirates or capable admirals. The Solar eclipse is opposite your decan on April 29, so if you chose your comrades well you may have picked up a long-term romantic partner here. If not, you may have made an enemy or two. Black Moon Lilith square your decan March 1 – June 7 could cause some friction with the new partner or enemy depending on which road you went down. At least with the partner you can use the sexual tension in an imaginative way…With the enemy, resist fighting them unless they throw the first punch, especially while Mars is still retrograde until May 16.

July Onwards

Jupiter square your decan July 1 – October 30 will serve to inflate your confidence, but at least now Mars is safely direct. You should try not to do too much though as Mars conjunct your decan July 25 – August 14 means you could suffer from burn out. Still, the combination of Mars and Jupiter ensures you do have a powerhouse behind you in terms of planetary petrol. In the context of the general forecast you can really push forward to make those big Jupiter dreams come true. Most of this energy will be channeled into self-improvement and educating yourself. Solar Eclipse conjunct your decan October 23 is great for furthering your hearts desires. You get a great boost of personal power, which ensures that your Neptune dreams and fantasies can actually materialise into something, solid. Mars sextile your decan October 26 – November 9 continues to fuel the imagination and drives you forward in your goals. Sexually this is also potent especially with enchanting Black Moon Lilith sextile your decan November 25 onwards. Mars square your decan December 4 – 18 means you should hold back, rest and catch your breath while you survey just how far you have come this year. Don’t get too greedy!

Scorpio Decan 2

Birthdays November 2 – 11    Ascendants 10º – 20º Scorpio. 

Chiron trine your decan all year. 2014 will give you the opportunity to let go of old wounds. In particular the limiting behaviour patterns that have held you back in your career. This year you will spend much time contemplating and reviewing your life so far. The background mentioned in the general forecast will give you the opportunity to question your belief system and broaden your outlook. Any travel taken could give you valuable experience of another culture, with their values and spiritual practices influencing your own for the better. New philosophies of life are refreshing and invigorating. The best time for all this will be with Jupiter trine your decan until end February. You very luckily also have Saturn conjunct your decan until end May, which will counterbalance any tendency to join the circus and take off on a psychedelic trip to oblivion. Thank god for sensible Saturn, as he will give you a massive great anchor with a very long chain to make sure you do actually come home. One thing Saturn could also do until May is put you in hermit mode, so you may feel like the lone traveler for a while. This is good because it will allow you to find out who you really are if it has been your intention to go “find yourself”. You are now on a mission of taking responsibility for your life and very serious about where you want to see yourself in 10 years time.

July Onwards

Black Moon Lilith square your decan. May 30 – September 5 are “No bullshit” months. The combination of the rebellious priestess and warrior Mars conjunct your decan August 12 – 30 gets you plundering through life’s bullying Romans like Boudecca on steroids. Jupiter square your decan from 1 November. After a quiet period you can pick up the reins once more and go forth ambitiously. You get another great synergistic combo with two fiery and passionate planets thrusting you into areas that you previously only dreamt about. Be daring and bold with Mars sextile your decan November 8 – 22 when you will enjoy the rough and tumble of commerce. The 2nd half of the year is just coasting as you resume your healing journey and enjoy all the new influences from your travels both mental and physical. Park your chariot while Mars squares your decan December 17 – 31 you need to pause and regroup as this has been quite a journey for you. Relax in front of the years holiday videos with a glass of mulled wine.

Scorpio Decan 3

Birthdays November 12 – 22      Ascendants 20º -30º Scorpio.
Scorpio Horoscope 2014

You start the year with easygoing trines from two sexy and spiritual cosmic bodies with Black Moon Lilith trine your decan January 1 – March 10 and later Jupiter trine your decan May 28 – July 19. You have a small window of opportunity for Jupiter to serve you up some cosmic slap-up fun. Relationships and your social life should be enjoyable, and there will be many opportunities to make new friends and influence people. If you need to arrange any parties or social events, best do them before party-pooper Saturn comes into your decan from October. The best time obviously would be while Jupiter is still happy, clappy in his trine aspect.

July Onwards

Black Moon Lilith square your decan August 27 – December 3 may be preparing you for the coming Saturn examination. Lilith will test your patience with societies limiting conventions. You may feel hemmed in by parental or your peers belief systems and your own values will be questioned. At the same time Mars conjunct your decan August 29 – September 14 will make sure you don’t put up with any bigoted or ignorant behaviour for very long. You will not tolerate injustice during this time, and may take up arms in defending the innocent. If you yourself have been bullied then this is the moment when the worm turns. Deep in your soul you know an upgrade is coming. You know you need to develop a backbone of steel with the arrival of….da..da.. Saturn conjunct your decan from October. This is when you have to face the fact you will need to grow up pretty fast. The general theme of the year has been spiritual growth and bettering oneself through education. Saturn here will demand that you do more than lounge around on a beach reading self-help books. He will put what you have learnt to the test and insist you come out of this journey of self-discovery with a rock solid qualification. If you have decided to pursue some weirdo alternative mystic career, then Saturn will nudge you to construct a website to give it some form. But if you do have the urge to try play the Fool card in the tarot, then Saturn may throw ten tons of heavy responsibility at you so you can’t travel lightly. Suddenly all your domestic appliances break down, so you can’t afford to do that shamanic goat-whispering course in Bali. Darn it! Or you could feel rather lonely while all your footloose friends are at the summer festivals and you have to look after a sick relative. Relationships can suffer too as all manner of limitations are being placed on you. Maybe it’s financial constraints, so bang goes the indulgent meal out or weekend away. A shallow relationship may end if your partner was a bit of a gold digger. Jupiter square your decan from October. Luckily you will have Jupiter rewarding your Saturnian hard graft in the end. Now he is in your 10th house too, so an elevation in status looks like it’s in the bag. Yes, sacrifices have had to be made in relationships for the sake of your career. Maybe you have had to fund a college degree, but the Saturn/Jupiter influence will serve you very well in the long term. It’s all about deferred gratification and holding the vision of your dreams strong in your head. Mars sextile your decan November 21 – December 5 is a great window of energy to push your Saturn/Jupiter juggernaut of success forward.


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