Scorpio Decan 3 ~ Nov 12 to 22 (20º-30º)

Scorpio Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Scorpio 20º 23’ ~ Alpha Musca in Musca the Fly 2.9*
Scorpio 22º 05’ ~ Unukalhai in the neck of Serpens the Serpent 2.8
Scorpio 23º 30’ ~ Alpha Lupus in Lupus the Wolf 2.8
Scorpio 23º 48’ ~ Agena in the right knee of Centaurus the Centaur 0.6
Scorpio 25º 02’ ~ Beta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf 2.8
Scorpio 25º 56’ ~ Mu Serpens in Serpens the Serpent 3.6
Scorpio 28º 40’ ~ Delta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf 2.8
Scorpio 29º 19’ ~ Alpha Chamaeleon in the Chameleon 4.0
Scorpio 29º 29’ ~ Toliman in the right hoof of Centaurus the Centaur 0.2
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Scorpio Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Scorpio Decan 3 is ruled by Venus and the Moon (Cancer triplicity). The Sun creeps through the constellations of the Fly, Serpent, Wolf, Chameleon, and Centaur from November 12 to 22. This decan contains all the items you would find in the musty forbidden forest. Every scary story has one. Here we have howling wolves, magic mushrooms, mythical centaurs, psychedelic chameleons and slithering serpents… What a trip! Of course, tropical Scorpio is famous for magic and mystery, but Scorpio decan 3 does not deliberately set out to be sneaky or secretive despite the accusations. They are just naturally creatures of the night and are accustomed to creeping about so as not to disturb anyone.

Scorpio decan 3These considerate fellows just like to blend in and make as little fuss as possible. Scorpio decan 3 is very close to nature and like the natural world, it does not have much of an ego. Blending in and harmonizing is actually the best way to survive. Do we see a row of sunflowers trying to outdo each other by growing the biggest heads, certainly not. In fact, drawing attention to yourself may actually get you eaten. This is how Scorpio decan 3 observes the human jungle, watching and living by instinct. They look and learn rather than read books.

Forest Lurkers & Karma Chameleons

Scorpio decan 3 are pack animals, so everything they do is motivated to protect the future of their breed. They make devoted parents and proud tribe leaders. Nature is not all pretty flowers and can be savage. A herd may have to sacrifice one of its weakest in order to appease a predator. While the lion is busy chomping away at a gazelle, the rest of them can drink at the waterhole peacefully. Sometimes, of course, there will be some literal human sacrifice from some individuals who see themselves as doing something good for the tribe as a whole, for example, Hermann Goering (Ascendant 27º Scorpio). But it is chilling that Madeleine’s McCann’s abduction and toddler James Bulger (kidnapped by two young boys and murdered) is found here. There is also notorious Myra Hindley (Moon 23º Scorpio) and a few more other killers.

The tarot card associated with Scorpio decan 3 is the seven of cups. Both Venus and the Moon as rulers are reflective and passive planets. This resonates well with the cards divinatory meanings which are; “As he stands mesmerized in front of the Seven Cups, he realizes he has much to contemplate and reflect on…. You could be attending counseling or psychotherapy sessions to help expose hidden motives and overcome childhood conditioning to expose your true personality.  Then again, you may be using meditation or reading Self-Help books in an attempt to find your True Self.” ~

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Scorpio Decan 3

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Sun Scorpio 3

Unukalhai 22º ~  “Many quarrels and disappointments, unfortunate life, seriously affected by death of family or friends.” [3a]
Agena 24º ~ “Mental activity, rashness, success, many friendships.” [3b] “To have the common touch; to be in step with the masses. To be raised in a working class world and feel proud of it, and, or to have the skills in dealing with the public in any profession. Matters to do with a popular person.” [5a]
Toliman 29º ~ “Envious, self-centred, slow but fairly successful progress, many enemies, loss of inheritance.” [3c] “To expand the world of others. To be a teacher or the perpetual student. A time when the voice of the people is forcibly expressed” [5b]

The Sun has no dignity here and the star interpretations can make this position difficult also. Brady does come out with the teaching aspect, which is probably as a result of traumatic life experiences. Coppock maintains “ Though often magnetic, those born with the Sun here struggle with themselves, for their desires if unchecked, will lead them astray.” [6] Excesses and addictions are some of the key words for the 7 of cups card. There are many tempting offers that the native might find it hard to refuse, so often the ‘forbidden fruit’ is literally offered to these natives on a plate. But ofcourse they are masters of seduction themselves. You might find these people slink up to you on the dance floor, lock eyes and give you the old snake charmers act. They tend to be rather good dancers too, understated and slinky. Sun Scorpio 3 are not the sort who will do frantic Travolta moves with much hand-waving, but will be the one hypnotically gyrating their hips in the corner, arms down.

Not everyone will notice them, only you, because it is you that they are working their magic on. This is how Sun Scorpio 3 operates in life. They blend in generally and don’t waste energy in trying to make every one like them. They make a few choice decisions in their life and work silently towards them until the mission is accomplished. Their plans are secret because they won’t risk anyone nabbing their prize before they get there. They also take quite a long time getting to their goal because they are planning the most risk-free strategy for getting there. Survival see. Their strategic moves and stealth action is also useful in sports or the military too.

SUN SCORPIO 3 EXAMPLES: Terence McKenna, Charles De Gaulle, Robert F Kennedy, Joe Biden, Condoleezza Rice, Martin Luther, Salvatore Guiliano, Indira Gandhi, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Voltaire, Prince Charles, Frida Lyngstad, Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Kim Wilde, Petula Clark, Martin Scorsese, Sean Young, Rock Hudson, Whoopi Goldberg, Danny DeVito, Goldie Hawn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jodie Foster, Larry King, Meg Ryan, Megyn Kelly, Peter Cook, Barbara Hutton, Tom Conti, Dack Rambo, Auberon Waugh, Robert Louis Stevenson, George Eliot, Rene Magritte, Auguste Rodin, Claude Monet, Dora Maar, Edwin Hubble, Lynda Hill, Chaos Discovery, Oscar Pistorius, Boris Becker, Billie Jean King.

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24 thoughts on “Scorpio Decan 3 ~ Nov 12 to 22 (20º-30º)

  1. Great information. I’m anxious about how this full moon will affect me as it conjnuncts my Scorpio rising 24 degrees and therefore conjunctsmy natal venus/Pluto as well. And squares my leo moon. I’m hoping to hear from my ex by the full moon.. if not I’ll take it as a sign from the universe to move on. Lol

  2. Hi, Im have a scorpio ascendant 3rd decan (24°35′ ) , scorpio moon (1°) and pisces sun. Does the above information on scorpio decan 3 be applicable to me? thanks!

  3. V intrestn. Im a decan 3 Crab and l had a Lillith ‘event’ in May to Oct 2013 with a 6 planet natal Scorp decan 3; she was the prettiest person l’d ever met; we ‘pinged’on everything. The only thing written that didnt concur with what happened between us was l was able to matche her gaze;and some! Anyway it went south bigtime (she was after all prob too young) just as MysticMedusa said it would; on the very day no less!

  4. I have Scorpio Sun & Raising both in my first house – my moon is in Sagittarius – also in my first house – & both of my parents were Scorpios – my father born on 10/31 & my mother born on 11/18 – & me on 11/19 – they were also married on 10/31 – sometimes I can make myself invisible – it’s a trick I learned in childhood and still use when I want to go “un-noticed” sometimes its just easier that way!

  5. I am confused I read that the Scorpio Decan 3 was Cancer ruled but I read this for Scorpio Rising. Is this article directed to Sun Scorpio?? Either way I have a 23 degree Scorpio Rising and this sounds like me. Could be the Moon and Neptune conjunct to it though.

  6. Well I now understand why it took you awhile to write this Decan….and I have spent my life here with Sun and Venus conjunct Unukalhai……but; I am upset about the whole ‘drug culture’ thing that McKenna protrays….I have witnessed the violence of the mash pit…..the overdoses on heroin and the K Hole’s that folk have fallen into and never return from and the devastation of almost two generations of young people. Have friends who have lost children to these drugs; and continue to see the devastation continue….watch from a safe distance neighborhoods torn apart ….not to mention the thousands killed in Mexico and other So American and Central American countries all because of drugs. And it was men like McKenna who glamorized these drugs..popularized these drugs etc…and opened the door to this devastation. And as for him being a shaman….sorry….he is not never was etc…and it irks me to see how new agers call themselves such…
    There is an ability to see stuff that others do not see with this configuration….but that comes at a price….it seems those that can see….are not the one’s in control….the status quo is challenged by such insight…and will retaliate quickly. And the tantric thing….well many seem to seek that through yoga etc…but there is the danger of the ‘loosening’ of the kundalini that I have seen several become ‘mentally ill’ because of it…and others btw run away quickly from those that have the ability….scares the hell out of them.
    All in all; a very ‘interesting’ place to reside…..this decan.

    1. This vile comment by “bill” might have been (and perhaps was) written by a government shill for the “War on Drugs”. Those who don’t know much about Terence McKenna may find an antidote to bill’s libelous statements in Eulogy of Terence McKenna. Those wishing to form their own view of what Terence McKenna had to say may wish to obtain some of his many audio and video recordings. And those wishing to understand what the “War on Drugs” is really all about may turn to Prohibition: The So-Called War on Drugs.

    2. reality is The altered state, baby. drugs are but an illusion. just like the one we’re all living in.

    3. Wow… I am not a government shill….and I beieve that drugs should be legalized and decriminalized…..however; one of the interesting point of view that the above configuration of planets in the 3rd decan of Scorpio has given me… the ability to see both sides of a coin….and drugs…well….if one has had friends who have died from overdoses or earlly heartattacks because of the cocoalkyloid heart…and watched families destroyed because of these deaths….well words do not describe that agony….and the ‘popularization’ of these chemicals is rampant in all areas of media…there was a film in the 90’s called “Train Spotting” and gives a real life ‘view’ of addictions gone wrong. And alcohol abuse and dependacy is just as bad…..if one can they should visit a ‘shelter’ for those with ‘wet brains’….and drugs can have the same effect. Talk to some parents who have lost children to OD’s and one will never be the same…..unless one is an addict or alcoholic….then the analogy might be…’won’t happen to me’ and ‘I can get away with it one more time”

  7. Sun 28SCO, same as Goldie Hawn?, who is also Venus in SCO and born in Washington DC. People get us confused ALL the time!

  8. My NN sits on Unukalhai. So, I just better sit there too.

    With this article, I felt like the one you wrote for Pluto. How in this world can you accomplish this? (maybe… because is out-worldly…!).

    I thank you very much for this. I have the privilege to be friend of some of these and they are amazing… though misterius: the next step.

    I feel they are masters and I learn a lot being around with them.

    Two of my associates are of this breed and I have always feel much more secure because they are around.

    And they are attractive…!

    My son has his Pluto and PoF there. And his father, his NN, rather on Toliman.

    Many thanks for this.

    They look and penétrate. They are good for knowing people and finding out who really is relevant and who is just playing being one. They do dance a lot and every body just looks at them. Magnets.

    They are good directors because they seem to know who belongs where, so I just let them the power thing, because they sure know when to move and when to stand still and do not make even a noise. I have the knowing that my thing is giving them ideas ( I feel I go up front, like an arrow; and show some posible paths…). Then, they come and set all this into order and start giving the exact moves, one by one, on a very slowly though steady pace…

    They ARE very profound.


  9. Ive always found a special beauty over wolfs, and often drawn them..
    My pluto lies 22,5 degrees scorpio,
    Unukualai lies 21.5 degrees scorp upon my birth, while alpha lupis lies 23 pr something..
    Never had an affinity with snakes, but wolfs, such interesting beauties ^^
    Wish there were more on lupis in astrology though ;-O

    I used to listen to terrence mckenna, but saw an open interview with audience, where a woman was in desperate need of validation and support, and told terrence she wanted to commit suicide,
    And he encouraged her by saying it is each individuals choice, and started making disgusting jones after the question was over, and laughed about the gloominess of her question in a big audience..

    All his teachings became obsolete in my eyes, and reduced my respect for him to nothing after listening to that audio interview..

    Good article as always!,

    1. i find his way of talking to be spellbindingly articulate and almost absurd in its effortless flow. i got a feeling from him of deep intellectual and philosophical narcissism. self-obsession in general and a kind of lonely, bewildered emotional abstractness. if anyone was manifesting “alien” intelligence, it was him, which is funny b/c he is seen as a shaman by many. i don’t see him having been connected to gaian energies in a direct way at all, almost like he was broadcasting to an extraterrestrial satellite which mirrored his signal back down to earth.

    2. His teachings were all narcissistic in orientation..
      Encouraging drug use to all, claiming the “psychedelic experience” to be the quintessence of the earth, and all its people..
      Well, one cannot share such an experience, it is always done alone, and so, he was so desperately trapped by himself and his addictions, which alienated him from making true connections with other people, and all his greatest times and memories comes from those he experienced by himself and his drugs, rarely mentioning the beauty of companionship and love between each other..
      All my greatest memories comes from those shared with others,
      But he was constantly involved on himself and his “genius” perspective, to be able to relate to another person..
      I think he would have good use of some taureans in his life,
      I love taurus, because as an aquarius, my mind can get a bit fixed on ideas, and not always so present in the moment at times..
      He even claimed that the psychedelic experience, no matter how it was felt, trumped and exceeded all art, poetry and culture..
      But art, poetry and culture is shared between individuals, and brings people together,
      While the psychedelic experience is always felt alone..
      He encouraged separation, and saw the solution to everything to be found in a drug filled and lonely haze :—p

    3. I agree with you about McKenna. I used to really like him, but after a while I found his constant banging on about psychedelics as being the solution to all the wrongs in the world really annoying. However at the same time I do love listening to the trialogues with him, Sheldrake and Abrahams. McKenna was pretty prophetic with his views of the internet. I think he is certainly a spokesmen for the Mushroom spirits! I also think the point of Shamans like him and people like Leary is that they take the drugs so we don’t have to. Like in the 100th monkey syndrome.

      In on of the Tialogues I listened to recently (I think it was one on Evolution) Terence was blaming the descent to Patriarchy on the switch from Mushrooms (which is a sacred feminine energy) to the predominant use of the Vine and alcohol. Well he could have a point. But not everyone who drinks turns into an oafish lout. I guess the Greeks did have their Eleusian mysteries. Maybe they used the milk of the poppy. Who knows. Drugs have always been used to reach altered states. I think Terence’s notion of drugs being masculine and feminine is interesting.

      But then I thought. Muslims do not drink right? In Egypt I saw plenty of men smoking hashish along the beach. Now does that mean they are anymore advanced in their attitude to the sacred feminine than we are? Are they pacifists?
      Just maybe women in the west who drink the sacred masculine, in the form of a good red wine have become more warlike due to its influence? And this might be a good thing? I’m not talking about drunken binges in Ayanapa, but more in moderation as a accompaniment to a meal. Every drug has its place I think. But habitual use takes away the sacredness of it. I believe McKenna smoked pot morning till night. Hmmm….

    4. Interesting observation!
      About the alcohol/hashis axis ;-P
      Yes, each drug carries an energy with it.. Or substance..
      I havent been drinking in months, used to drink red wine on the weekends,
      But now all i want is sugary and tropical sweet drinks like mojito, and strawbeerry and papaya drinks and such, gets me in a light party mood, while red wine brings you closer to earth perhaps, one feels heavy..
      I havent been drunk in 6 months, which is good.
      But i do smoke my daily camel cigarettes, 10-15 a day ;-P
      In middle east they probably see drugs as more sacred than here, but perhaps as you say, always in moderation.

  10. Thank you Marina – very helpful for me to understand my Spansh ex, who is still lurking at the periphery of my life. He has tremendous willpower and I miss him terribly. The Venus bit is also interesting – I didn’t think Scorpios and Aquarians should get on, but with my Libran ascendant, and our Mars conjunct, my Moon and Venus with his Jupiter, my Neptune with his Mercury, and lots of trines…maybe it was the age difference (I’m 15 years older) that screwed it up, or the fact that he moved back to Spain and couldn’t hack a long-distance we are “friends”.. Thanks as ever – just wish I had more knowledge about astrology. Still saving up for that consultation! 🙂

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