Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The weekly horoscope for Sagittarius
and Sagittarius Rising for June 30 – July 6. The quarter moon is quite exciting for you. It creates a sizzling dynamic between your house of lovers and the house of sex which may turn out to be quite racy. If adventure and drama have been missing from your love life then this Moon will certainly spice things up. Mars has been heating up your house of relationships anyhow, so there is no getting away from chilli hot love. Go swish that tail saggys and trot off to the lingerie department. For those without the opportunity for root-chakra fun, do not fret! There is great opportunity to explore foreign shores and expand your mind through higher learning. Take this opportunity to find a wise mentor who can put you in touch with your body in a healing way. Deep tissue massages, beauty treatments or energy work on the body would be great.

2 thoughts on “Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

  1. My moon is a saggitarean one, Marina. My archetype is Persephone. Should I be extra attentive?

    ( I have the feeling that I should…)

    There is a big fat enormous jupiterean and I just have to take my distance, right?


  2. The full moon was conjunct my Mars and Mercury conjunction exactly at 2 degrees in my 2nd house. I had really deep emotions leading up to the conjunction, lost my temper and said some awful things. I thought it was either the Astrology or the Menopause – I thankfully have Astrology in my life so can to a degree explain things and not think I’m going mad!!
    Any future insight as to how this Full Moon will affect me will be greatly received! I’m just waiting for a new phase in my life to start and I think its coming … spoken like a true optimist … Sagittarius!! lol x

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