Sagittarius Horoscope 2014


Sagittarius Horoscope 20142014 starts slow and sedately for Sagittarius. The horoscope shows your ruling planet uncharacteristically on a tight leash, due to Jupiter retrograde for the first two months of this year. This will severely cramp your usual bombastic, fantastic style. Toned down Jupiter means you don’t have to be 100% cheerful all of the time, if anything it’s just plain exhausting! Sometimes just watching you can drive a person to valium. So CALM DOWN and….. have a cup of tea. At least you can use this period to rest. You like to be generous too, so it might take you a while to get used to the shock of Jupiter opposite Pluto falling across your financial houses on January 27. Venus retrograde in your cash house too? Ouch..

For you guys then, the relationship under review that I mentioned in the 2014 forecast will be the relationship with your wallet. Specifically, this will be the reasons behind your tendency to overspend and gamble. Is your self-worth dependent on how much you can spend on yourself? Do you feel worthless if you aren’t blinged up to the eyeballs. I don’t mean you have to literally look like Liberace.. Bling-ing for an archer just might be the need to have an impressive library, a string of letters after your name or a respectable, up-to-date horse, I mean, car. With Jupiter (and Sagittarius) it’s usually about going to extremes and being the best. But this opposition will force you to eat some humble pie and just be like the rest of us regular folks for a change. Mars retrograde in your house of friends, hopes and wishes also forces you to scale back on the big dreams and the socialising for a while too. I think the net result of all this will be to make you cut to the chase and go for quality rather than quantity in your friendships and ambitions.

Stay Calm And..

April 15 Lunar eclipse falls in your 11th house, just where Mars retrograde is. You may have to do a bit of a Facebook friend-cull since Lunar eclipses tend to weed things out of your life. This is all part of your bigger picture theme of trimming down to the essentials and focusing on things you really value. Your true friends will stick around while the ones that expect you to be their 24/7 entertaining clown will quickly find another performing monkey. Good riddance to them I say. Your ruler is back on form by the Cardinal Grand Cross on April 23 since it is direct and on big bright fixed star Sirius. The only danger now could be burn out, so I say again to ye hoofed ones, STAY CALM and try not to snort too much…especially at (or with ) any Libran crows! Again this cardinal cross affects your finances and how you spend it on your leisure activities or lovers. That means a rethink on renting the secret shag-pad for the nymph..

The April 29 Solar eclipse in your 6th house is hardly the most exciting place for a solar eclipse to fall in either. Dull, dull, dull…But wait at last, is that Persephone’s Wand of promise falling across your friends and lovers axis? If you have learnt to love your new naked and unadorned self, you will really appreciate what’s coming next. July 15 brings a juicy Mars/Ceres/North Node conjunction in your sector of friends and common interest groups. You are pleasantly surprised to see that your new pals accept you for just being you. September 25 is another gift for you with your ruler Jupiter trine Uranus, bringing you back to your usual visionary and enthusiastic self. You finally get your Mojo back in time to take full advantage of the fantastic Grand Fire Trine. Sagittarius decan 2s are directly plugging into to this fire trine so can believe in future rainbows once more. But all Sagittarians will benefit and it will help keep you focused on doing whatever it takes to get to that pot of gold. The reason why this is especially sweet is that it falls in all your fun houses. Ie; The 1st (YOU), 5th (Lovers) and 9th (Holiday, celebrate…). Enjoy! See I told you things were looking up.

Next up the October 8 Lunar Eclipse falls in that fun loving 5th house again, so more frolics, enjoying the kids and love affairs. If lunar eclipses take things away then this one might be about removing the last remnants of the of retrograde leash from the beginning of the year. Now there are no more excuses not to get out and swing that equine arse. The October 23 Solar Eclipse falls in your mystical guru sector. Now with all this excitement in the second half of the year it might be a good idea to get away and recharge your batteries around this time, just before the serious party season begins. A painting holiday would be very appropriate since the eclipse is conjunct Venus. Generally then for Sagittarius, I would say to keep a low profile in the first half of the year. That means, work hard, go on a diet, strip wallpaper, throw out rubbish and get your debts down. Then you can go adventure mad and guzzle as much Jupiter gas as you want during the second half. Make sure there is enough ventilation though..

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014 ~ Best & Worst

Jupiter is your ruling planet, so anything he is up to affects you very strongly. He starts the year in your 8th house of crisis, sex, death and other people’s money. To make matters worst, Jupiter is retrograde… Boo. To a bouncy Sagittarius this may feel like Jupiter is doing a pretty good impression of stingy Saturn. But this period is actually really useful for clearing your debts and getting real. From Mar 5 you can get back onto the trampoline when Jupiter is direct. From Jul 16 you can really push the boat out, literally even, since Jupiter enters your favourite travelling house, the 9th. It will feel like you have been let out of jail. You can now do all those good Jupiter things in wild abandon. Meaning you are now free to chase exotic nymphs, eat a whole library and lecture to your hearts content. Best days for love: Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from May 3 – 28. Venus conjunct Uranus there brings a love from out of the blue on May 15. Crazy, wild, kundalini exploding Venus conjunct Eris is on May 22. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from Jun 23 – Jul 18. A holiday romance is possible when Venus is conjunct Jupiter in your 9th on Aug 18. Try not to seduce your teacher with Venus conjunct Lilith in the 9th on Aug 28. You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from Sep 6 – 29. You are extra sexy and attractive with Venus in the 1st from Nov 22 – Dec 10Grin and bear it days: You are particularly liable to get credit-crunched to a pulp with Jupiter Rx opposite Pluto falling in your financial houses on Jan 27. Mercury retardation annoyance: You might have to slow down on the nymph chasing while Mercury is retrograde in your 7th from Jun 17 – 29. Not a good time to push for commitment either.

The decans below make the tranists as accurate as they can be within a ten degree orb. But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page.

Sagittarius Decan 1

Birthdays November 22  – December 1     Ascendants 0º – 10º 

Sagittarius Horoscopes 2014

Neptune square your decan all year. I can’t pretend this will be an easy transit because Neptune is notorious for leading us up the garden path. I have already said that the beginning of the year will be difficult for all Sagittarians, so decan 1 you may really be feeling more out of sorts than most archers. Neptune simply doesn’t do well with squares because it’s not in its nature to be forced into action, it really just wants to go with the flow man… But its essential to try to keep on top of this tendency to escape and dissolve and to keep as grounded as possible. You are very porous right now and open to all sorts of suggestions. Most of all, you are especially prone to being duped by spiritual and mystical groups that promise to save you. The best way to use this transit would be to be your own guru, look into yourself and look after yourself too. Eat well and avoid toxins because you will be extra sensitive to them. Luckily you will have the help of Uranus trine your decan until end of February which will hopefully jolt you out of any trances. It will also wake you up to your current tendency to get swept away by charlatans. It’s a difficult mix through because Uranus could equally stun you blind, so that you may not see the deception coming. Seeking advice from psychics or astrologers would be tempting at this time, but you have to be very, very sure that these are people you can trust. Don’t use anyone new, seek consul from your oldest most trusted friends who know you really well! The fact is right now, you really don’t know who you are anymore. Maybe you actually need to take time out find out what’s rattling deep in that brain of yours. Black Moon Lilith trine your decan Mar 7 – Jun 13 will at least raise your intuition, if you do happen to have a wise elder you can turn to, than this will be the time. Otherwise you may find your inner goddess comes out all by herself. Listen to your dreams, paint, write poetry, do anything to get the subconscious out into the open. You might not understand it right now, but keeping a journal will be really useful in the future if things go pear shape in your affairs. There is a very good chance you may read your diary in a years time and go “WTF was I on?!!” A good lesson. Mars sextile your decan May 1 – Jun 8 provides you with some Mars fire to burn away some of the Neptune wine of confusion. These days you can at least push forwards with some of your creative projects, but it will be very hard to do your accounts with those numbers melting all over the place.

July Onwards

Jupiter trine your decan Jul 2 – Nov 2 will attempt to avert your attention from Neptune’s paranoia inducing mist and you are starting to feel you can trust yourself again. During these 5 months Jupiter will help you see the positive side of anything that looks suspicious. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how awake you are generally. You could fall in love big time for someone who you know damn well is not going to deliver what they promise, but you will go for it anyway. This is absolutely fine as long as you enjoy the ride and don’t expect anything. I can guarantee it will be blissful and romantic whatever happens. The high from this love drug will keep you going for a few months anyway. It will also provide you the perfect muse if you are an arty type. Mars conjunct your decan Sep 14 – Sep 30 through the middle of this fairytale interlude will help you actually come out with a solid product, whether it is a book, painting or slushy love song. Black Moon Lilith square your decan from Nov 30. I hope you didn’t expect anything from Lord Byron or Lady of the Lake because with this aspect you are likely to get all self-righteous and indignant. I did warn you not to get your hopes up didn’t it? Chalk it up as a lesson in how to spot a fantasist. Mars sextile your decan Dec 5 – Dec 19 has you bouncing right back. By now you are getting used to the semi-dream state from the Neptune effect. All you can do is surrender to it and try not to get too tiddley on the Christmas port.

Sagittarius Decan 2

Birthdays December 2 – 11     Ascendants 10º – 20º 

Sagittarius decan 2Chiron square your decan all year falls in your 4th house of your roots and domestic life. This could also bring up memories of your childhood home good and bad. You could meet a guru or mentor who will help you bring those buried childhood wounds up to the surface. Be prepared that this teacher will also challenge you to the core however. This healing journey will help you completely rebuild your life from the bottom up. If you do suffer a loss connected with your foundations, your home or your family then this mentor will be the one who helps you put it all back together. You may kick up against their healing techniques at times, but this is all part of the process. No pain, no gain as they say. At the end of this you will have a much greater understanding of yourself. The planets tend to incline you into default behaviour patterns, but it is not written in stone. Awareness is the key and your Chiron healer can help you keep vigil over the habitual behaviour patterns that keep you locked in self-sabotage. Mars sextile your decan Jan 1- Jan 25, Rx Apr 2 – May 6, Jun 3 – Jul 8. Fortunately you do get the boost of Mars retrograde in your 11th house, which will fire up your social life. Any new connections you make should reflect the progress you are making with the Chiron healing. It seems everyone one you meet right now becomes a mentor to you. This time would be a great period to join an evening class with like-minded souls were you can share your life experiences. A course in Reiki, crystal healing, astronomy or even archery would be especially appropriate. Be open to try anything to really soak up the Chiron archetype while at the same time opening up the opportunity to make new friends. Some excitement is promised by Uranus trine your decan Feb 20 – Sep 4 which also takes the edge off that difficult Chiron soul work going on. Uranus in your 5th house works a treat for a sizzling new love affair, fun with the kids, creativity and unusual new hobbies. Whatever you chose to do with this transit, just make sure you don’t waste it brooding over your “issues”. Yes it’s good to get therapy, but don’t become such a therapy junkie that you become too self-conscious. Uranus is begging you to just let go and be abit risqué. Meditate on the tarot card the Fool and let your eccentricity hang out. Black Moon Lilith trine your decan Jun 4 – Sep 10 reinforces the need to say to yourself F**k it! (The book. F**k it! The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C Parkin will really help, I promise.) After that you should be feeling really liberated and ready to try anything.

July Onwards

North Node sextile your decan Sep 3 – Dec 16 Well I must say apart from Chiron, the rest of the year is pretty smashing for decan 2 archers. You get the buzz from the cardinal crisis without being in the firing line. The exciting change brushes past you but does not knock you out. Your social life really gets a boost this year too, old friends may fade away but new ones who are more in line with your new interests quickly replace them. Mars conjunct your decan Sep 29 – Oct 14 is great since it infuses your body with fire and passion. It makes you courageous and forthright with it being in your conquering 1st house too. If you want to win over a sweetheart then aim for some serious wooing during these two weeks. The Lunar Eclipse trine your decan on October 8 falls in your bedroom pleasures sector. This would be a perfect time to whisk your mate off somewhere romantic and even propose! You can’t go too wrong really since there are no obstacles for the rest of the year. Mars sextile your decan Dec 18 – Dec 25 just continues to give you personal power and a zest for life, which you pretty much have anyhow. As I said in the general forecast, you start off quite deflated in 2014, but as the year progresses you steadily build up gas until you are back to your usual Jupiter proportions. Just in time for you to fill out your Santa Suit! You make such a good one too. Hearty ho ho ho’s.

Sagittarius Decan 3

Birthdays December 12 – 21       Ascendants 20º – 30º 

Sagittarius Horoscope 2014Mars sextile your decan Jan 22 – Apr 5, Jul 5 – Jul 28. I have to say, transits for Sagittarius decan 3 are pretty sparse I’m afraid. So you can sit back and enjoy the dramas of your cardinal friends while offering them your wise Jupiter inspired advice. Your ruling planet is powerful this year. It is exalted in Cancer, is boosted by its conjunction with Sirius and then spends the rest of the year in Leo which is sympathetic to your fiery nature. It’s all pretty easy going for you then. As for Sagittarius in general you do start the year a little lack lustre, but you do have this Mars sextile early on to help keep your energy levels fired up. After that North Node sextile your decan Feb 26 – Sep 22 ensures that relations with others are co-operative and that any new friends you make are helpful guides along your life path. Lunar eclipse sextile your decan April 15 again puts the focus on making new and beneficial social connections since it falls in your house of friends. This is also your hopes and wishes sector so it’s all looking very positive. Now is a good time focus on what dreams you want realising for the next 6 months. Since Lunar eclipses tend to be about letting things go, it might be worth offering something up for sacrifice. The gods like this you know. For example, “Dear Zeus, I will give up smoking/sugar/swearing at the budgie, if you find me a nice new partner.”

July Onwards

Black Moon Lilith trine your decan Sep 1 – Dec 9. Did the nice new mate turn up yet? Well you really shouldn’t have to wait too long. The transits for the rest of the year are just grand for making you too sexy for your shirt. Even if you aren’t exactly an oil painting, it’s amazing what some whitening toothpaste and some Lilith charm can do for you. In between this window of wonderfulness you get a superb Mars conjunct your decan Oct 13 – Oct 28 You can use this to get whatever you want. If you are normally shy, just act as if you are Tina Turner, yes even the men, why not? “Simply the best” works for any gender and it’s a nice horsey video too. Work those Jupiter thighs.. Jupiter trine your decan from September. You lucky, lucky, lucky archers. You might not have a great quantity of transits, but you make up for it in quality. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Your ruler, majestic in Leo, trine your own sign and in the 9th house which Jupiter love, love, loves. Sorry but I cant resist the triple-tastic emphasis of how jolly decent this is for you. Plus it’s just bloody lovely to deliver some good astrological news for a change. It’s Jupiter, so we can exaggerate all we want. Yeah… If I have promised too much and you come to me at the end of the year and say nothing good happened. Well, erm, that’s just Jupiter for you. With trines you actually have to work at them too you know. My job is to say the treasure is in the ground, your job is to get digging. Happy New Spade.

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