Sagittarius Decan 3 ~ Dec 12 to 22 (20º-30º)

Sagittarius Decan 3 ~ Fixed Stars

Sagittarius 20º 54’ ~ Atria in Triangulum Australe the Southern Triangle 1.9*
Sagittarius 22º 27’ ~ Ras Alhague in the head of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer 2.1
Sagittarius 22º 42’ ~ Gamma Apus in the Apus the Bird Of Paradise 3.9
Sagittarius 24º 01’ ~ Lesath in the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion 2.8
Sagittarius 24º 12’ ~ Beta Ara in Ara the Altar 2.8
Sagittarius 24º 35’ ~ Shaula in the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion 1.6
Sagittarius 24º 45’ ~ Grumium in the jaw of Draco the Dragon 3.9
Sagittarius 24º 56’ ~ Alpha Ara in Ara the Altar 2.9
Sagittarius 25º 20’ ~ Kelb Alrai in the right shoulder of Ophiuchus the Snake Charmer 2.9
Sagittarius 26º 51’ ~ Galactic Center
Sagittarius 27º 58’ ~ Etamin in the right eye of Draco the Dragon. 2.4
Sagittarius 28º 45’ ~ Acumen star cluster above the stinger of Scorpius the Scorpion 3.2
Sagittarius 29º 45’ ~ Sinistra in the right hand of Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer 3.5
*Magnitude and star positions for the year 2000

Sagittarius Decan 3 ~ General Meaning

Sagittarius decan 3 is ruled by Saturn and the Sun (Leo Triplicity). The Sun slithers its way through the constellations of the Serpent Bearer, the Scorpion, the Dragon, the Altar, the Southern Triangle and the Bird of Paradise from December 12 – 22. I believe that Sagittarius decan 3 might be one of the most difficult decans to be born under in the early 21st century. If I was to do a modern Ptolemy and assign a planet to have rulership here, I would probably choose Eris and Orcus.

Like the new energies, these people are often seen as troublemakers and are often misunderstood, exiled and tortured for their beliefs. If these folk are brought up in a loving family, have access to nature, have an active spiritual life and are free to express their unique selves, then they are as good as gold. But if not, their dark side is the most treacherous of all. More than any other decan, these folk absolutely cannot function as an inauthentic being. They will see right through any false veneer.

10 Of WandsSagittarius decan 3 doesn’t really use words and often finds it difficult to listen to them. They often just sense things and this is why they get into trouble. A typical example is when they find themselves scowling at someone, who from the outside seems like an adorable, charming person but is hiding something less than savoury within. Sagittarius decan 3 can see right into the sorcerer’s dark soul. The problem is, a lot of the time they themselves don’t know why someone gives them the creeps.

Dis-ordered Crystals

When this happens, Sagittarius decan 3 are accused of being rude, anti-social, cold and even sociopathic. Sagittarius decan 3 wants to fit in and needs to be loved, so they will feel guilty when they don’t find these false buffoons the scintillating company that everyone else seems to. This is when Sagittarius decan 3 starts to believe that the darkness must originate from themselves. Another thing these subjects finds impossible is small talk and flattery. Again, it’s very hard for them to lie about someone’s bulging arse. Yes, it does look big in that. Sorry! Here is where tropical Sagittarius’s judgemental and untactful reputation comes from.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the ten of wands “The Ten of Wands can suggest that someone has put a saddle on your back and will ride you to hell if they want.  They may see you as a workhorse and take advantage of your good nature and willingness to help. You may be given the hardest and messiest tasks to carry out, and because you are obliging and successfully complete them, more and more is then asked of you.” ~ Teachmetarot. This being the tropical sign of the archer, the work-horse metaphor is quite appropriate. The trusting nature too is shown and the Saturn rulership gives the strong work ethic also. It seems they folk either work extremely hard or zone out altogether.

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Sagittarius Decan 3

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Sun Sagittarius 3

Ras Alhague 22º ~ “Reserved, thoughtful, studious, suspicious, solitary, reputation for athletics, little wealth, careless of public opinion..” [1] “A reporter, interested in the stories of events and people. A career which is in some way involved with the stories of human nature. A popular story or novel is released.” [2]
Acumen 28º ~ ” Subjects to attacks on one’s credibility. To experience small challenges which can slowly weaken one’s defenses. Needing to learn how to allow time to sort out issues, needing to learn how to bend and flow with the times. A time when a leader is challenged.” [2]

Sun Sagittarius 3 are the proverbial tough-as-old boots people. They know they have been given the most challenging of missions and they are excited about the journey that lies ahead. These folk are realistic about what they can achieve and stoic in their approach and far less idealistic than your average Sagittarian. Yes, they still have big dreams, but they make damn sure they go a long way into realizing them too. Studiousness is very marked here, and they will not make grandiose statements before researching the backstory to any situation.

These folks are living libraries, they love to be informed and are eternal students of human behavior. They themselves have complex personalities so they seek to understand themselves through the study of extreme characters in history. They are quite fascinated by the criminal mind or the psychopath and don’t balk at getting their teeth into gruesome subject matter. These folk can often have quite a black sense of humour too, but this conversely prevents them from getting too morose generally. This is a Saturn-ruled decan which actually is a great leveler for Sun Sagittarius 3, for they have a healthy mix of skepticism and hope that people admire. Because of this balance, these folk will often be in great demand as teachers and counselors.

SUN SAGITTARIUS 3 EXAMPLES: Emperor Nero, Joseph Stalin, Bill Hicks, Noel Coward, Philip K. Dick, Steven Spielberg, Benjamin Disraeli, Pope Francis, Mary Queen Of Scots, Ludwig van Beethoven, Giacomo Puccini, Benny Anderson, Robin & Maurice Gibb, Carl Wilson, Dionne Warwick, Edith Piaf, Keith Richards, Frank Zappa, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Connie Francis, Giacomo Puccini, Brad Pitt, Milla Jovovich, Samuel L. Jackson, Beatrice Dalle, Jane Fonda, Keifer Sutherland, Christopher Plummer, Ray Liotta, Jane Austin, Jean Genet, Paul Klee, Edvard Munch, Wassily Kandinsky, Gustav Eiffel, Uri Geller, Chris Evert, Tracy Austin, Emmanuel Macron, Jonathan Cainer.

1 Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology. Vivian E. Robson, 1923 p.208
2 Star Planets & Combinations. Bernadette Brady p.207 & p.81

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24 thoughts on “Sagittarius Decan 3 ~ Dec 12 to 22 (20º-30º)

  1. Hmm very interesting. I’m an Aquarius Sun (third, house, third decan) with Mars cazimi Sun @ 27º and Saturn close by @ 25º. I always thought the Aquarian in me dovetailed nicely with my aspergers, so it’s interesting to see my risiing (28º Sag) is possibly also part of the mix.

  2. Absolutely Brilliant! Probably best I’ve seen for this and all sign/decan descriptions.

    “they will feel guilty when they don’t find these false buffoons as scintillating company as everyone else seems to Then they start to believe that the darkness originates from them. ”

    At one point in my youth, yes, I felt guilty and confused. Long gone are those days – I just let ’em have it! I’m their worst nightmare. 😉 I had one such latent psycho lose his temper in the worst way – all because I apparently “glared at him” and set off his own bad feelings about himself. True we don’t tolerate falseness and inauthenticity very well.

    “For some sadly, the responsibility can be just too much to handle ”

    As you had said – it is a very difficult position to be born under. I straddle a fine line and do the best I can and have managed to accomplish a good deal artistically, but yes, it is one tough hand to be dealt.

    Would you care to comment on something? I once came across some information on Ophuichus that said that it was associated with achieving fame after death. Does this sound familiar? And if so, how is this explained?

    Also, you are the only astrologer I’ve found who states decan 3’s ruler as Saturn. All others state as Sun. Could you explain the difference there?

    Much Thanks!

  3. What men do you know have a Sun in 29*Gemini? My Sun is 29*Sagittarius and as a heterosexual woman I understand that a man with this degree and sign would be able to “balance” me. Any thoughts?

  4. ‘the adventures of baron munchauaen ‘ …’he won’t get far on hot air and fantasy!’ says the antagonist, eventually shooting him but he doesn’t really die….changing ages, finding lost comrades, landing on the moon…
    Sagittarius has flashes of extreme bravery, “think nothing of it,” condemned now they stand the test of time.
    The trouble is wedged between scorpio & capriscorn, shared planets or a god awful sag cluster makes for heartlessness. looking up DOB as crime voyeur they are predominately sag, Capricorn, cancer sun. I like moon here, Saturn is hard tho

  5. it is Very Disturbing..

    my sun is exact conjunct lesath and North Node is conjunct acumen.
    … is there really no way to avoid all the bad luck and influence of the fixed stars???

  6. I would say that’s spot on! Sun 27.45’53. M.C. 27.32, galactic centre 26.6’56. Asc on 22 pisces and moon 25 pisces. Hey ho! Thanks. And thank God I believe in God

  7. Oh Jesus. You blew that one out of the park! Many thanks for the insights. Alll I know is a) thank god I never went the drugs route, b) I wouldn’t swap my sagi sun for the world, and c) the more I clear/master, the more I’m ostracized. If we are mirrors, society is in deeper shit than feared. Heart goes out to the small ones being drugged up.. Please god we find a way.

    But, happy times, apparently, even my guide dog has the soul piercing stare! There’s no hope for us:))

  8. Oh, thanks for answering it! I have aculeus conjunct my venus and Mercury, which happens to be my 8th house ruler, so that’s why I was very intersted on its meaning. Specially with the whole blindness vibes these nebulas get..

    1. Thanks 🙂 I very grateful for you letting me know Fauvism Astrology is back! I have added it to my links. A wonderful resource.

  9. An honorable mention – Robin and Maurice Gibb are twins, so they belong in the Celebrity/Sun category together.

    Dishonorable mention – my ex’s birthday (12/22) 😀

    1. I didn’t include it as its too faint. It’s right next door to Acumen so I used that instead. I try and use only stars of 3.5/4 mag and less. (Brighter with lower numbers. 0 mag is very bright.)

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