Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Dec 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Fixed Stars

Sagittarius 11º 51’ ~ Beta Triangulum Australis in the Southern Triangle. 3.4*
Sagittarius 11º 58’ ~ Alwaid in Draco in the Dragons Eye. 3.0
Sagittarius 12º 41’ ~ Gamma Norma in Norma & Regula, the Carpenters Square. 4.1
Sagittarius 14º 46’ ~ Sarin in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 3.2
Sagittarius 15º 26’ ~ Alpha Apus in Apus the Bird Of Paradise. 3.8
Sagittarius 16º 09’ ~ Ras Algethi in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 3.5
Sagittarius 17º 14’ ~ Grafias in Scorpius the Scorpion. 3.8
Sagittarius 17º 58’ ~ Sabik in Ophuichus the Serpent Bearer. 2.6
Sagittarius 19º 02’ ~ Delta Octans in Hadley’s Octan. 4.1
Sagittarius 19º 54’ ~ Maasym in Hercules the Kneeling Man. 4.5
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Sagittarius decan 2 is ruled by the Moon and Mars (Aries Triplicity). The Sun undulates through the constellations of the Kneeling Man, the Serpent Bearer, the Bird Of Paradise, the Octan and the Southern Triangle from December 3 to 12. This decan seems to be about hidden knowledge and the importance of using it with integrity. It is vital for these subjects to keep in contact with nature and to respect natural law, because it seems if they do not they will suffer grave consequences. Nature seems to take a very dim few of these folk abusing the great power that they so obviously have.

9 of WandsSagittarius decan 2 have come to this planet with a mission to remind us of the gnosis we have buried in our subconscious. They serve to tempt us with the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge. This could result in wonderful revelations or it could equally send us mad. It’s easy to see why this decan is one of the most feared of the zodiac. It has shades of Eris written all over it. One bite from her golden apple and you could start a Trojan war. Too many greedy bites and you could have a Kundalini awakening that you couldn’t handle because you were inadequately grounded.

The 13th Fairy & Gnosis

Those who have become entertainers in this decan have that extra magical allure that, added to their talent, makes them super-famous. Check out the list of ascendants! Some of them had so much power over the public that the dark side took them away from us before their time. Princess Diana was a good example of this. Souls that pick this decan to work with pick a very difficult, but ultimately the most rewarding, path. Sagittarius decan 2 probably agreed to work for the greater good, as guardians of humanity and enlighteners. But they also knew that there would be danger of being condemned, vilified and even killed for their attempts to bring occult knowledge into the public domain.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the nine of Wands.“you are committed to a cause and prepared to do anything for it. You are going to take this all the way and nothing or no one is going stop you.  You are determined to be the last man standing, the lone soldier, and know that you have the stamina it requires to resist and overcome all opposition.  Stoic and enduring, your strength and beliefs are admirable indeed.” ~ teachmetarot.  This card describes the feeling of being willing to stand alone and be exiled if the cause is a rightious one. It shows the positive side of Sagittarius decan 2 in that it would rather be ethical and honest, than popular.

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Sagittarius Decan 2

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Sun Sagittarius 2

Ras Algethi 16º “ Seeking the natural order of life; looking for a balance in diet and life habits. A person sensitive to the environment, a lover of the natural world. The need to restore balance to a situation, laws or the economy.” [2]
Sabik 18º “Sincere, honorable, scientific, religious and philosophical interests, unorthodox or heretical, moral courage.” [7]

Here be heretics! It is quite difficult for these folk to find fame and fortune because most average people just don’t ‘get’ them. They are seen as being the most eccentric of all the Sagittarians and can lose the plot totally if they don’t keep their connection to the natural world strong. It is vital for Sun Sagittarius 2 to eat good quality food, exercise and get plenty or fresh air and sunlight. If they consume too much plastic and EMFs they very easily fall into a deep depression. Losing their spiritual connection to nature is absolutely fatal for them. This is not an easy position for the Sun in a world that is constantly conspiring against these natural druids and the wisdom they hold. So what you might get here is a very genuine materialistic soul, or conversely, a hyperplastic person who doesn’t appear to even have a soul!

These folk can be moral crusaders and have great courage of their convictions. But in order for them to achieve anything at all they need to have a clear target. The most successful Sun Sagittarius 2’s will have a mission in life or will usually have a great passion for one topic. These are not multi-taskers and are quite blinkered in their vision. Austin Coppock calls this decan ‘The Bridle’ which is very descriptive of the energy of this decan. The horse of this centaur really needs steering down a specific avenue, because it is quite hopeless if left just to wander about aimlessly. I believe that is why the list of famous native is actually quite small compared to other sections. These folk can so easily fall down rabbit holes or lose their way. Usually, Sun Sagittarius 2’s failure is due to letting others confuse them so much, that they lose connection to their own, superior and very wise guidance system.

SUN SAGITTARIUS 2 EXAMPLES:  Francesco Franco, Osho, Walt Disney, Jean-Luc Godard, Carl Ponti, Maria Callas, Sinead O’Connor, Britney Spears, Ozzy Osbourne, Little Richard, Nicki Minaj, Tom Waits, Tyra Banks, Kim Basinger, Julianne Moore, John Malkovich, Teri Hatcher, Jeff Bridges, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth Branagh, Kirk Douglas, Jim Morrison, Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, Jose Carreras, Robert Hand, Anna Freud, Noam Chomsky, Ann Coulter, Douglas Fairbanks, Diego Rivera, Edvard Munch.

1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.11-12.
2. Star & Planet combinations Bernadette Brady. P 203
3. The fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Vivian Robson pg 199.

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21 thoughts on “Sagittarius Decan 2 ~ Dec 3 to 12 (10º-20º)

  1. The Great Attractor is near 14º Sgr. Of course it’s been there forever – long before we “found” it in the last few decades. So now I’m wondering about the extent to which its presence influenced the interpretation of the stars near it. And what an amazing list of people who have their Asc here!
    What do you think, Marina?

    My son’s Sun is here. This is a very useful interpretation to me, because it describes him rather well. Few can see all these things in him, though. In fact, they’d laugh at me if I described him your (wonderful) words.
    But the ones who know – know.
    Sometimes I quail at the hard path he’s chosen for himself.

  2. My late mother born 3rd December had a great passion for one topic – religion. She also was quite blinkered in her vision. She told me I was “evil” because I liked astrology and trees.

  3. 3rd december i am also a conspiracy theorist and mad as a spoon. in social situations i am very quiet but somehow get people on my side lol

  4. I am Sagitarrius asc 14degrees…total conspiracy theorist..Everything the govt says is suspect..I am antivaccine..apollohoaxer..9/11 was inside job..i had a wife in Argentina..I am not normal..SunScorpio..Astrology in Stockmarket.

  5. Hi Marina, I have found Astrology one of the most difficult science to rap my head around and I have been studying it for 30 years. Dark astrology is very interesting, although it piles on more mystery. I am a Sagittarius Decan 2, born 12/10/1947. As I look at the information you have posted in regards to all the fix stars within my decan I don’t see any stars within close degrees in relation to my chart. How would I know which stars within this decan affect me? If I purchase your information, I would be lost as far as understanding it’s relation to my chart or any chart.

  6. Hi, i was wondering how you got the moon as the ruler?? Everywhere else ive looked it says mars. Im a novice when it comes to astrology and would appreciate some enlightenment. Please and ty. Love your site!

    1. I use both rulerships now but haven’t updated Sagittarius yet. The Moon is the chaldean decan ruler and Mars the triplicity ruler.

  7. I was born 3 Dec,
    11 Sag 31′ 38″ in house 10 Should I look at Decan 1 since I’m so close to the previous decan?

  8. Thanks Marina.
    The last couple of months has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I’m trying to maximize on my knowledge of astrology. Everyone has a different opinion about orbs. Your knowledge on astrology is amazing. It feels like I feel every single transit. Like right now Mercury is at 10* Sag transiting my 12th house. Mercury (communication) and the house of secrets is killing me. I had a problem with a hacker, crazy right? I can’t wait till mercury enters my 1st house.

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