Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ Nov 22 to Dec 2 (0º-10º)

Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Sagittarius 0º 24’ ~ Zeta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. 3.5*
Sagittarius 1º 05’ ~ Kornephoros on the right shoulder of Hercules the Leaning Man 2.8
Sagittarius 1º 30’ ~ Gamma Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. 2.9
Sagittarius 2º 18’ ~ Yed Prior in the left hand of Ophuichus the serpent bearer. 3.1
Sagittarius 2º 22’ ~ Alpha Circinus in Circinus the compass 3.4
Sagittarius 2º 34’ ~ Dschubba in the forehead of Scorpius the Scorpion 2.5
Sagittarius 3º 11’ ~ Acrab in the head of Scorpius the Scorpion. 2.9
Sagittarius 3º 31’ ~ Yed Posterior in the left hand of Ophuichus the serpent bearer. 3.3
Sagittarius 5º 36’ ~ Marfik in elbow of Ophuichus the serpent bearer. 3.8
Sagittarius 5º 46’ ~ Eta Lupus in Lupus the Wolf. 3.6
Sagittarius 9º 14’ ~ Han in the left knee of Ophuichus the serpent bearer. 2.7
Sagittarius 9º 24’ ~ Gamma Triangulum Australe in the Southern Triangle. 3.0
Sagittarius 9º 46’ ~ Antares in the heart of Scorpius the Scorpion 0.9
*Magnitude. Star positions for the year 2000.

Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ General Meaning

Sagittarius decan 1 is ruled by Mercury and Jupiter (Sagittarius triplicity). Sagittarius travels through the constellations of the Scorpion, the Wolf, the kneeling Man, the Serpent Bearer, the Compass and the Triangle from November 22 to December 2. Mercury representing this decan gives it its shadow side, since this god could travel between the underworld and the surface world. As Hermes, Mercury is associated with the caduceus and medicine. Most of Sagittarius decan 1 is made up of Scorpio and Ophiuchus and even the other constellations that fill in the gaps here have a theme of medicine about them. The great attraction for foreign cultures that comes with Sagittarius serves these subjects well when looking for herbs (Or drugs..), cures and enlightenment from far and wide.

8 Of WandsThere is also a fascination with ancient cultures and their healing wisdom. Sagittarius loves wide-open spaces, fresh air and being close to nature. Shamanic cultures of the native Indians of North America and those that live in the rain forests of South America would hold an appeal for Sagittarius decan 1. The wolf mentioned earlier has a close connection with native Indians too and was revered and respected as a medicine animal. “Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.”

Shamans & ‘Privates’ Investigators

So this decan is medicine all over and also has a deep interest in metaphysics. I found a good amount of notable astrologers and occultists in my research. Not surprisingly, however, the lists below are peppered with some notoriously ‘evil’ specimens as well as some famous modern ‘shamans’ and new agers. Psychologist and psychonaut Timothy Leary, a Harvard psychologist, was famously called by President Nixon “the most dangerous man in America” for his advocacy of the psychedelic drug LSD. Ironically LSD was a government programme all along, but that’s another story!

The tarot card associated with this decan is the eight of wands. You can see the intensity of this decan reflected in the frenzy of this card. Mercury and Jupiter as rulers show the desire to juggle many opportunities at once. “ Things are beginning to move into action now as adrenaline fuels your system.  It is time to make a move so get moving. You must now strike while the iron is hot and when you are so enthused.  You have real momentum building behind you so all you have to do is take the first step and it will snowball after that…. Each opportunity will appear exciting and wonderful.  Each will be hard to resist but it will not be possible to take them all on board. ” ~ Teachmetarot

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Sagittarius Decan 1

Sagittarius Decan 1

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Sun Sagittarius 1

Dschubba 2º “ Immoral, dissipated, low associates, many sorrows.” [6b.]
Acrab 3º “Materialistic, too active a mind, ecclesiastical difficulties, bad health. Otherwise similar to the effect if rising. [6c.]
Han 9º “ Sickness, disgrace and ruin. [6b]
Antares 9º “ Pretended religion, insincere, honor and riches ending in disgrace and ruin, military preferment, danger of treachery, violence committed or suffered, fevers and sickness, injuries to the right eye, violent death.” [6a] “To be intense and focused. To attract confrontation and challenges, to be engaged in behind the scenes power games. Narrow views are aired.” [8]

The Sun here illuminates the many folk with criminal tendencies that surface in this decan. Of course there is the potential of great heroic deeds with this position, but usually only if this person ends up biting the corrupt hand that feeds them. The bravest folk here will be whistle-blowers or secret assassins who rid the world of really nasty characters. In this case, taking out one person who causes misery to many might be an honorable act. Sometimes one has to take a life to ensure the lives of many. Unfortunately, some Sun Sagittarius 1’s take the law into their own hands and in their deranged state of mind do very dark deeds. Poisoning is their preferred method of conquest with drugs and drink sometimes being used to weaken the defenses of their victim or opponent. The Sun in this decan makes these natives bold and swift in their actions. Once they have a goal they are ruthless in their pursuit and very decisive once they get there. When they have no mission in life, no dreams to chase and no special beloved to seduce they can get very depressed and self-destructive. It is true that the stars in this decan are very challenging, but what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. If they cultivate empathy then they can be a very positive force for good in the world, especially in slaying dragons. Their talent is great focus and powers of concentration, with this they can achieve excellence in any field they choose.

SUN SAGITTARIUS 1 EXAMPLES: Winston Churchill, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr, Bruce Lee, Charles Atlas, Lucky Luciano,  Pablo Escobar, Augusto Pinochet, Billy The Kid, Rose West, Ted Bundy, Dennis Nilsen, Erik Menendez, Marina Abramovic, Woody Allen, Ridley Scott, Scarlett Johansson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Myley Cyrus, Tina Turner, Billy Idol, Bette Midler, Billy Connolly, Richard Pryor, Ben Stiller, Imran Khan, Gianni Versace, John Galliano, William Blake, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Mark Twain, Anders Celsius.

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22 thoughts on “Sagittarius Decan 1 ~ Nov 22 to Dec 2 (0º-10º)

  1. I always wondered when those fixed stars are so close together like Han the Triangulum and Antares and you have a planet right on that degree or 1-2 degrees away will all those fixed stars influence your character? Even if their meaning are so different? Any body can give me an answer here?

    Some of those stars have quite a different meaning I am not surprised that some people go psycho if they are not conscieous about it. No?

  2. Hi Marina!! Love your site and have been following your decan profiles with interest!
    I love your style which includes the fixed stars!!
    I’ve been waiting for your Sag Decan 1! I have Jupiter at 4SAG and Uranus at 6SAG in my
    fifth house both trine Venus at 7LEO in my first house. ASC 2LEO.
    My question is that recently i found JABBAH in the crown of the scorpion at 4SAG via the
    constellation of words site. You don’t seem to mention it here?
    Just wondering what your take on it would be? Seems to be a connection with the forbidden
    tree of life in Eden!
    Also Sigma at 7SAG, I’ve seen this is seen as the esoteric Saturn in some articles? Is this correct,
    just some interest points for myself.

    Also seem to have had spiders crawling all over me at my work recently!!! haha

    Many Thanks

    Tommy xxx

  3. thank you as always Marina for sharing your clever and creative way of pulling together the mythology and astrology. My Neptune/IC is in this decan. My IC is minutes from Yed Prior. So does that indicate my home life/father is shameless, immoral or revolutionary? LOL Actually, my dad was a bit of a troublemaker growing up and his father definitely was shameless and immoral.

  4. marina
    as I previously wrote to you,
    the Caduceus is the symbol for , Energy Healing,
    NOT .physical medicine ,which use the staff of Aesculpios.
    The 2 electrical forces of the chakras ,male and female, Ida and Pingala, meeting at the Kundalini central spinal column ,is the symbol for mercury ,,Hermes, which was my point at the time.
    ive also noticed you seem to have written about things which I have written to you before.

  5. Well, it was worth the wait, great article, Marina. My darling grandfather 29/11/1876 had Merc, Sun and Jupiter at 4,7 and 11 degrees. He was the sweetest tempered most benevolent gentleman, lost his father at 17, provided for his mother, feckless siblings, aunts and uncles and then wife and 7 daughters. Women adored him and he respected and advanced the careers of the women he worked with in the Civil Service at a time when the university educated career woman was a novelty and, to many men of his generation, an abomination.
    In 1911 he did a lot of the leg work of setting up the National Health Insurance Act in Britain under Lloyd George, and all his life he championed the vulnerable in society through economic philosophy, Keynes, new towns, travelling to the States after the Depression to work with Louis Brownlow. In 1939 he masterminded the provision of accommodation and work placement for Czech refugees. When he finally retired from public life he used his formidable research skills to draw up an accurate family tree, dispelling myths along the way.
    Surrounded by shrieking menstruating women he quietly worked on, pipe clenched in his teeth, murmuring ‘yes dear’ or ‘never mind, old thing’ while trying to solve the nation’s problems with mathematics and old fashioned socialism. His mild, slightly bumbling manner masked a sharp mind and he must have been a wily operator but always honourable. The tributes that poured in after his death (pottering around in the kitchen at 91) fill a suitcase.
    When Sagittarians are good, they are very, very good, I adore them! Can’t wait for decan 2.

    1. interesting when you consider entailment, inheritance going to a distant sometimes foreign male heir, when it’s all female issue…still it was circumvented by allowance(s). Florence nightingale used hers to bandage the wounded during that early Crimean war. Bet his all female household really loved him…his research may have plucked out a few ‘pretenders? women were so dependent, back when Fire was in it’s hay-day

  6. Yod Posterior / Mulu-bat “Man of Death” being just behind my natal retro Neptune (at Sag 3.45) ties into a mythology of death associated with my birth. As I was born on May 30, 1972 in Santurce, San Juan, PR at 1:05AM (AST)… Memorial Day, where a disproportionate amount of Puerto Ricans died fighting American wars. May 30 also being the day of several famous deaths, including Joan of Arc and Christopher Marlowe. I often look for deeper philosophical insight into the arts and daily life by a subtle investigation of what it means to be alive in relation to the certainty of dying. Of course, morbidity and fixation need to be avoided but such books as Jacques Derrida’s “The Gift of Death” have been indispensable guides. The ancient nature of Fixed Star astrology, combined with recent NASA research and our ability to chart the Asteroids, I believe is where it’s at! Thank you so so much for your MARVELOUS work, Marina! Outstanding! Long may you run! And, as ever, any particular insight you may lend is always super appreciated!! <3

  7. December 1 am I … married for 30 years. Had a terrible temper when I was younger and blew through a number of men before a wily Pluto rising in Leo Taurus managed to corral me and bring out my Cancer rising as my 5th house Saturn returned.
    I do tease him viciously and hilariously at times, he actually falls on the floor laughing and out of breath and actually begs me to stop during my wicked barbs ( Merc in Scorp). I’ve had an interest in astrology for over 35 years, worked as shamanic sort of bodyworker and studied health and nutrition my entire life.
    ( Sun in the 6th…unaspected).
    More than one friend says I ought to do stand up comedy, but then again all my ex’s recall being eviscerated when I have been displeased.
    These days I no longer get speeding tickets although I still enjoy driving fast. Have always been the black sheep of my earth dominated family of origin. ( I have no earth signs, but an insistent North Node in Capricorn).
    Have friends all over the US that I met during metaphysical and spiritual searching or amorous adventures ( Venus in Scorpio).
    Truly would like to see world peace and heaven on earth in my lifetime and if not that, then at least an environment more supportive of individual awakening and health…hope I have contributed to that in my lifetime and will continue to do so.
    American comedian Richard Pryor is another December 1 Sun as was Mary Martin famous for playing Peter Pan.
    Marina ! Loved your Sag Decan 1 exposition …spot on.

    ( and yes …I LOVE the outdoors/camping/the woods/Native American cultures/horses and horse racing…hiking way up high and seeing the view forever)

  8. Marina,
    My mother born November 28, 1918 was a psychotic, neurotic, physical, mental and emotional abuser who picked fights over nothing, would go into a rage and attack. She was a “speed baller” who took drugs until the day she died at 88 years old. She was also highly controlling; “my way or the highway”. She schemed to get what she wanted. She lived in fear of her own religious beliefs and believed that if you didn’t believe what she believed then you were the devil himself. She spied on everyone and was a tremendous gossip. Convinced that someone was going to kill her in her sleep, she nailed the windows shut in the house. She drug me to the doctor all the time insisting that I was not well. I’ve often wondered if she was poisoning me. The youngest child was her favorite and she did her best to see that she was never abused. In the end she gave everything to her and wrote death bed letters to her other 3 children telling us what awful people we were. She was indeed WICKED! After she died I dubbed her, “Max the Devil Woman” and never went to her funeral; no respect for her at all. This decan produces some of the most awful Sagittarian’s who are friendly to others but hide behind a mask of tremendous fear, drug addiction and insanity when functioning on NEGATIVE energies. WICKED TO THE BONE!

    Love your work and research. You’re always right on!

    1. they had uranius/sat/venus fixed T square…your mom libra moon, cap mars moving into cancer Jupiter/opp.

      My Dad could be very cruel and my parents fought. But as my older Piscean sister grew in age and power, she ruled the house. At five she said; “when I grow up I’m going to have a little husband this high, (her hand was near her knee) so I can slap him and kick him and pick him up and throw him outside!” my mother loved to tell. My father never touched my brother, except when tying his tie for church, so my brother never learned how. My father used to look at me and say, “It’s a miracle you survived” and “you don’t know the half of it.” Our neighbor a big mucky-muck was tapped for a government post,so the FBI came to interview mom and dad, they didn’t give advanced warning….the whole episode threw dad into paranoid delusions he took months to recover. My parents are sun opp, [email protected] O something Gemini, my moon is there.

    2. Frazier Glenn Miller, white supremacist Jewish community center shooter 11/23/1940, rather mentally obsessive and got it all wrong, didn’t kill the intended target(s). I’d never trust a Sagittarius w/ my life.

      We were on vacation on Cape cod when I was 5 and very sick, unconscious. I remember someone picking me up, a car ride, the front of the hospital, waking up to see my dad, he brought me a gift, Later that I learned they didn’t believe I was really sick but faking it, the doctor ‘offered’ to take me. ….If we did something wrong they’d acquiesce to authority , it worked both ways. ‘authority’ as rescuer and to bring the hammer down on misbehavior. Fire and hierarchy, rank, status, class The Doctor was young, they said, inexperienced, so he pulled rank, but the car I rode in was ours and Dad brought me to Boston, great people in Boston, Massachusetts.

    3. Not to discredit your personal experience, but it seems there was a lot more going on that the degree of your mother’s Sun. I say this not only because no one person can represent a decan of a sign’s tendencies, but because we are more than the Sun in our chart and on top of that we are more than our chart. Think brain chemistry, cultural influences, socio-economic (circumstances), gender, personal experience and on and on. Astrology symbols and influences are multi-dimensional and layered. The tendency can run the gamut from yin to yang. Secondly, my own mother was born on the same day in 1921 and she is a stellar human being who doesn’t have an unkind bone in her body. I am sorry you did not get the same experience in this life.

  9. Marina,
    beautiful and true, I gasp for air. This is my Dad…11/23/1918 aries AS, leo moon….possibly conq Saturn/opp uranius aquarius, , mars Capricorn, Venus on the other side of his sun @ 29/scorpio so the scorpio carryover, was as you wrote. he was ego maniacal, tall bald, identical to John Williams the actor in looks…

    in the hat, carrying the newspaper Williams was Aries
    a lot of sorrow as we weren’t good to each other. It took my leo grandmother, his mother to rescue me as a baby when we came to thanksgiving /dads birthday @ her house, I @ 7months had slipped below birth weight, was dying, that shame and embarrassment tainted their feelings, I grew to be scape=goat & black sheep, I don’t blame mom for almost killing me as much as him as mother tried too hard and then gave up. We were living in a small apartment, Boston, Massachusetts.. Later we moved to the suburbs Dad had a nervous breakdown and had to run back to Boston and his psychiatrist.
    My Dad was a hypochondriac until he became fatally ill, in his 60’s with kidney cancer. After surgery/chemo he thumbed his nose @ further treatment, lived another 10 years. The only time he said he loved me was in general terms on his death bed, he glanced @ me, tears sprung from his eyes and he said; “I loved my children, one thing I did.”
    He had an encyclopedic memory. For research papers I’d ask him then fudge the bibliography. He had a harbinger. We always knew when he’d return home as the flag-stones and screen door, for-warned. He was an archivist, numismatics, stamps, porcelain. He was good at cards and taught me before my feet touched the ground, in his basement study. He also played the stock market. Especially after his uncle died. He was intolerant of my talent, ignored it when I got into a prestigious and notoriously impossible school but was endlessly patient with me as a 2nd grader, not being able to read tutoring in his study, santum sanctorium . It was always our privilege as children to sit next to him, on the couch and he consciously read to us at bed time. He also took us on trips, paid for by granny we drove, never flew, across country, up the coast, into Canada.
    He was a cloths horse as was mom, collected antiques, was duped by a local dealer, we learned later, except the porcelain as he was expert. He fell in love with people who were real characters, taking endlessly about them, men& woman, women swooned, beautiful smile, 6’1″, had red curly hair, (later bald) white skin, loved sailboats, museums & dinner on time.
    He did me several immense cruelties that I still haven’t forgiven ,am choked over, but I Intend to show him ….as “Living well is the best revenge” F. Scott Fitzgerald, even as he’s dead 20 years….

    1. My Moon’s Ascendant is here the pars fortunae – Family/ Public Scapegoat is right.

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