The Royal Wedding

The wedding date has been set! The marriage of the royal couple is on April 29 2011, start time 11:00 am, Westminster Abbey. In this post, Jamie looks at the horoscope for the wedding ceremony and the aspects to William and Kate’s Charts, then Marina looks at the synastry between the royal couple.

The Sun trine Pluto is favorable indicating the power of this couple, obviously they have a magnetically attractive quality. The Moon is tightly square the Lunar Nodes so relationships between families may be a cause of tension, especially among the women.

Communication in the marriage is ruled by Mercury, and this is opposite Saturn so there is some difficulty here in fully expressing what’s on their minds. An inability to be totally open and honest about their concerns could lead to arguments or periods of annoying silence.

Venus is love and she is not too happy in this chart. Like Mercury, she is opposite Saturn so there may be restriction in expressing love and affection in the marriage. Venus is also square Pluto bringing the possibility of these restricted affections causing a major problem. These square and oppositions will force the issue, something to be continually worked on. Pluto is about evolution, and trine the Sun suggests they will work on this issue and the relationship will grow.

Mars is desire and sex, and conjunct Jupiter is mighty fine, they have lucked out here! This is the ultimate in success aspects, very fortunate. A sexy and successful couple.  I will update this interpretation once the ceremony has taken place.

Update 29 April 2011: Pronounced man and wife at 11:20 am.

Royal Wedding Horoscope

Aspects to Prince William’s Horoscope

The January Solar Eclipse is conjunct his South Node, a past life love? The December Lunar Eclipse is conjunct his Descendant, the marriage partner, perfect! North Node conjunct his Neptune sounds like a dream relationship.

The dreamy and romantic theme spirals into outer space now, Neptune is trine his Sun and Jupiter, making a grand trine with his natal Sun trine Jupiter. Venus is opposite his Mars which will spice up the romance, may add some tension in the bedroom but this won’t hurt things too much given the Mars Jupiter conjunction in the wedding chart.

Mercury is square his lunar Nodes which reinforces the communication difficulties for him from the wedding chart, especially with family relationships. The Moon is sextile his Venus Chiron conjunction on Algol. This is most important because this conjunction is the apex of the Yod in his chart. He will get emotional support from this marriage for that deep wound in his soul.

Aspects to Kate Middleton’s Horoscope

The April Full Moon is conjunct her Pluto, an intense, powerful and life-changing experience. The Quarter Moon a few days before the wedding in conjunct her Mercury, busy busy!, Won’t be able to sit still, so much running around and communications, very nervous. This does put a focus on how she expresses herself in the relationship, reinforcing the importance of this that was shown in the wedding chart. It seems it is Kate who has to work on being as open as she can to William about how she feels.

Like William, the North Node is also on her Neptune, how romantic, a spiritual union. Pluto sextile her Jupiter means this relationships gives large-scale success, material and spiritual growth and happiness.

Saturn is on her Mars, controlling her desires. Hard work and patience, may have some difficulty getting what she wants. Some frustration and not getting her way all the time. Mars and Jupiter are opposite her Saturn, so this really does reinforces this frustration of desires, and the inhibition in expressing what see wants and needs. Venus conjunct her Mars would sound sexy on it’s own, great for passion. However because Saturn is opposite her Mars this may be a hindrance. This is definitely a major issue for Kate to work on in this relationship.

The Sun is square her Venus and opposite her Jupiter, another challenge to her happiness and ability to have her desires for love and affection fulfilled. Fortunately the Moon is trine her Pluto, and given that the Full Moon was conjunct her Pluto, this does suggest that like William, she will also get very strong emotional support from this relationship.

William and Kate Synastry

So let’s look at their compatibility using synastry techniques. Do the Royals tick the astrological boxes? The first thing I usually consider in a synastry reading is a couples shared karma by looking at the double-aspects or double whammys. Eg. A’s Sun trine B’s Moon and B’s Sun Opposed A’s Moon. The more double whammy’s the more likely they have had many past lives together. The more lives, the more karma has been built up and the more powerful the attraction for good or ill.

I have found none at all! I do use tight orbs and only the Ptolemaic aspects plus the quincunx, but I usually find at least 4 or 5. Of course we are missing the angles, vertex and part of fortune for Kate, but still…None! Maybe they just don’t have any karmic baggage and this is a brand new relationship for them both.

Then I look at what I consider to be great relationship aspects. We don’t get many here either, but they are good ones:

Kate’s Venus trine William’s Mars.
Kate’s Moon conjunct William’s North Node
William’s Moon trine Kate’s Jupiter
William’s Venus sextile Kate’s North Node

There are no classic Sun and Moon aspects but could have two aspects to make up for if. If Kates time is between 9am and 3pm, then her Moon is within orb of being on Williams North Node. So it is the future that is pulling them together! She is his destiny. Their union is about creating shiny new karma. Her Moon would also be trine Williams Part of Fortune. The POF is the souls happiness and is made up of the Sun, Moon and AC. One person’s luminaries harmoniously in tune with another’s AC is good news. This is all speculation however, without these connections, the next ones could be extremely problematic..

Williams Venus is sextile Kates North Node gives her soul development loving support, BUT his Pluto is squaring her Nodes at the same time. Unless her Moon really is conjunct his North Node, William would have way too much of the power in this relationship and it would take a very strong woman to hold her own. The Venus/Mars is what all couples want and it’s a trine, thank God for that! Her love calms down their flammable Mars conjunct Mars.

Synastry Venus Yod

Wooo! This is the doozy, Williams Venus on Algol, is quincunx both Kate’s Pluto and Neptune. Making a very tight spellbinding Yod. This is very potent, but it could go very wrong. It’s either going to be totally magical or potentially extremely toxic.

One bit at a time. Venus quincunx Neptune in synastry is total fairytale, soulmate dream-love. It’s fantastically euphoric, but sometimes this love does not fare too well in the real world. When grim domesticity shatters the rose-tinted mirage of Neptune the disappointment may be too great to bear. The couple can resort to taking drink or drugs in order to maintain the state of bliss.

The other quincunx is to Pluto, a compelling sexual attraction. This has also obsessive overtones, especially with the quincunx which has that electric type of energy. It’s enormously creative with Neptune and magically mysterious. Occult love. Now William of course has this Yod in his own chart, so he is going to share this aspect with a lot of his classmates. But not all their Moons are going to fall on his North Node. If hers indeed does.

For Kate however the Yod is enough by itself. Not many men are going to Yodify her Neptune Pluto sextile in this way and certainly not many with Venus on Algol. For her she could get addicted to the glamorous lifestyle this brings. Neptune/Venus is definitely beautiful fashion photographs, so I expect her to outdo Diana in this regard.

Long term

Williams’s Saturn is square both Kate’s Sun and Moon which is a tad too co-dependant for my liking. He could get far too cold and stern with her over time. But on the plus side, this is pretty good relationship glue despite the square. Maybe this is the realism they need to balance out that yod.

We can also see how Kate experiences William through the overlay of her planets on his house wheel. Her Moon in his 8th using whole sign houses. This works like a Hades Moon, so he is transforming and an intense lover for her. Quite overpowering for her at times. Emotionally this is really heavy going. With his Pluto squaring her nodes too and the Pluto quincunx Venus, she really needs to be a real Warrior Queen. This would be an Eris type woman who would relish in the drama and get-off on the adrenalin-rush this kind of relationship can bring.

UPDATE! I wrote this back when we didn’t know Kate’s time.

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