Jagger & Richards Synastry

The horoscope for Keith Richards and Mick Jagger shows amazing synastry, and they are certainly soulmates of a sort. They met on a train in 1961 after remembering each other from school. Mick had some groovy records under his arm which sparked off a musical conversation and a professional relationship that lasted 48 years. Of course, such ego’s as these could not have got through this union unscathed.

It has been revealed in Keith’s new book “Life”, that the pair fell-out over Keith’s jibes over the size of Mick’s manhood. He also refers to Mick as “Brenda” and “His Majesty”. But despite the upsets they have had, and the distance that has now developed between them, Keith still says he wants to tour with Mick again.

So what is it in their synastry that has kept these guys together for so long? Mick Saturn opposing Keith’s Sun will keep the relationship glued. Sun opposite Saturn gives hard work and high achievement. Their tightest synastry aspect is Keith’s Moon square Micks Uranus (06’). Which nicely balances the steady, serious Saturn with excitement, originality and innovation giving plenty of inspiration and ideas for their songwriting.

The all-important sexual chemistry is also there with Keith’s Venus opposing Mick Mars (56’). It’s not that they are going to act on it, it just gives a sexual tension on stage that appeals to fans. As does Keith’s Mars sextile Micks Pluto (39’). This explains their bitchy fights. There is enough electricity to raise the temperature with Keith’s Mars conjunct Micks Uranus (36’) This is racy, rebellious and shocking. They have double Mercury whammys (shared Karma) which explains their success as a songwriting duo and also suggests they are like brothers. Namely the Venus square/trine Mercury (under 0 degs) and the Mercury quincunx/conjunct North Node. Their souls on the same evolutionary path with regards to singing and writing.

The Nodes

The big deal for Mick is that so many of his planets fall on Keith’s North Node. In order of orb they are IC, Lilith, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter and the Sun. So Keith was instrumental in pulling Mick towards his destiny. He allowed Mick to shine as “His Majesty”. It is generally regarded that Keith is the musician and Mick the lyricist. Others say that Keith would have the raw bones of a song to which Mick would then fill out and finish, giving Mick more credit for musical composing. This placement would seem to support this.

I see Keith as being the solid foundation, the musical underpinning of the stage that Mick could then bring to life. As he does to Keiths North Node with the combined energy of that powerful stellium. Keith’s North Node is actually conjunct Pluto by only 28’. His dark underworld pulling Mick into a grittier reality. Mick was the innocent Sidcup boy while working class Keith was more worldly.

It seems they parted company as classmates when Keith failed the 11-plus. Later the somewhat nerdy Mick went off to study at the London School of Economics, while Keith went to art school and moved to “a fucking soul-destroying council estate at completely the other end of town” [1]

Keith in Mick are portrayed as like an old married couple in the British comedy “Stella Street” where they run a corner shop together. I like that Keith’s Juno (The Spouse) is on Mick’s MC (35’)

The Davison Chart

They have a Yod to the Moon in the 12th from Uranus sextile Pluto. The Moon is their popularity and it’s in the 12th house of the collective unconscious. It supports Gauquelin’s “Plus Zone” theory. He found the Moon in this sector strong amongst writers.

This Yod works like an antenna for them then. Picking up an endless stream of inspiration from the masses. They did plug very successfully into the zeitgeist of the times.  Together they were hardwired to pick-up on the mid 60’s Uranus/Pluto conjunction. It’s a tight Yod too, working like a tuning fork. Everything vibrating at once.

Their music was on every self-respecting anti-establishment student’s turntable. Much cooler to like the Stones than the boy-bandy Beatles. The Yod certainly gave them the edge. It also explains why they shot to fame under this revolutionary and electrifying conjunction. “Satisfaction” went to number 1 in the UK when Uranus and Pluto were exact conjunct.  The raunchy song includes “ references to sexual intercourse and a theme of anti-commercialism. The latter in particular caused the song to be “perceived as an attack on the status quo”.[2]

Mick’s IC falls on the Davison Pluto and Keith’s Mars falls on the Davison Uranus which is just magical. This describes the two partners holding onto each of the quincunxes, steering it together like a divining rod. Mick trying to dominate and control while Keith is rebellious and unpredictable. This creates an exciting friction and synergy they can fuse into that Moon. The Moon imaginatively puts that out into the public realm. Pluto is parallel Hamal which gives Mick the sexy and heroic rein while Keith holds Uranus on Aldebaran, domestic and political success, public honors, fond of occultism” [3]

As a side note, the Sun is trined the North Node is conjunct Algorab in the Crow. Which probably explains the “bad Boy” image and the past destructiveness of drug taking. They seem to have grown out of that with age.

It’s great when the Davison brings out aspect patterns that sum up the mission of a couple. I think when there is a clear common goal or a successful business relationship between a couple these should show up very clearly in aspect patterns.

[1] & [2] Wikipedia. The Rolling Stones
[3] Constellation of Words. Aldebaran.


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  1. Hi Marina,

    This is an amazing article. You really brought these two to life! Excellent! Bravo!

  2. Loved loved loved this article, anything Rolling Stones is fascinating, this especially so. Thank you!

    1. Thanks. It’s funny seeing you comment here as another Marina. So as not to confuse people. This wasn’t me raving about myself!

      I’m actually a far bigger Beatles fan than the Stones, but I saw Keith being interviewed on the book and just made me want to look at their Davison. Also was an excuse to put up the “Stella Street” Video below. I plan to do John and Paul and John and Yoko on this way. Be good to compare all three.

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    Whaou, you’re pretty good at this game -Synastry; you got all the juice from it.
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    1. I’m learning to edit. I always ramble on too long. I’m not even a fast typist so I really need to be succinct. Getting there. It’s easier when there is just one aspect pattern to focus on though.

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