Ricky Gervais Apple Pies Hollywood


A look at the horoscope of the Golden Globes Awards 2020, the chart of Ricky Gervais and Apple/Eris symbolism.

golden globes

hi this is marina from darkstar astrology and I could not resist this. this was amazing Ricky Gervais and his absolute Eris Applebomb he drops. the golden globes and they are a significant one as well because it was a seventy seventh Golden Globe and it was the year 2020s.. so oh my god this year has really gone off with a bang hasn’t it, I mean quite aside from World War three maybe starting in the Middle East. You’ve got brexit going on that’s supposed to be at the end of January, you’ve got Trump being impeached as well and this I mean it’s all the chess pieces are all over the shot and you can see here’s the charts for the Golden Globes. It’s uncanny it started at 5 p.m. and it ended it’s at 8:00 but we’ll look at the start of it because that’s its birth really and Ricky Gervais did his opening speech but the big dropping the bombs he dropped all the way through and the biggest one, which they don’t show on all the highlights probably because it mentions Weinstein that was later on.

but some yeah but his main speech was at the opening so you could see that the ascendant for the Golden Globes his is actually monocerotis which is the unicorn and Canopus but it’s pretty close to Sirius as well the brightest star I mean it really does encapsulates that event really. the fact also that you can see that the Sun was conjunct the descendant as well and all those other planets in Capricorn in the seventh house of others, which is very very much Eris so I’m hoping to see in Eris theme coming up here. Now Eris itself is in the tenth house and it’s it’s probably the most elevated planet maybe apart from Neptune which also makes sense to you but I have to take I have taken my eye off the ball with Eris a bit because I haven’t realized that Pluto is coming up to square Eris and so is Saturn and so is Ceres so it will be answer fated by this Capricorn stellium the Sun is on Vega whichis so much about Fame and also very cliquey and family loyalty but here the the key words s so this is blood is thicker than water, family honor, loyalty you see when he makes these jokes abou everybody’s sticking together and colluding and not saying anything about Weinstein and this is the kind of loyalty that that happens in Hollywood…. See video for more>


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