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The royal wedding date is set: Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Astrology.

Clarence house announced the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton at 11:45am today, November 17 2010. These two have had their ups and downs though. They briefly split in 2007, Kate was left apparently heartbroken. Atleast it shows they are keeping it real.

Maybe we actually have a real royal love match here, but for that I would have to look at their horoscope compatibility. However until Kate Middleton’s birthtime surfaces, what we can do is look at their engagement horoscope. At least we can see what their union means in mundane terms. Jamie has looked at Kate’s chart here: Kate Middleton Horoscope.

The Ascendant, Part of Fortune and Juno form a grand trine. Bountiful Ceres has just risen and the North Node is conjunct Pluto all in the fairytale 12th house. Hints of the down-to-earth, so called commoner (Ceres) being destined for royal power (Pluto). The North Node is on WASAT. Which Jamie found to be about building bridges, partnership and compromise. We all know how like his mother, William has a humanitarian bent. Maybe together these pair will continue Princess Diana’s work.

Engagement Event Horoscope

The Royal Sun is on the MC and the Moon/Jupiter conjunction are trine it. Happy, joyful news for the public. Something to raise our spirits and incline us to worship our royalty again. Maybe this will bring some much needed pride back in having a monarchy. Venus sextile the vertex is just perfect timing and it is also quincunx Uranus, pleasant romantic news! And dreamy and glamorous Neptune/Chiron are in the 1st house too.

Looking at the stars. That regal Sun is on the fixed star AGENA in Centaurus “gives position, friendship, refinement, morality, health and honor” [1]. It has the nature of the benefic’s Jupiter and Venus. The Vertex is parallel the Royal star REGULUS in the heart of the Lion which is very appropriate. The Lion is symbolic of England as a whole.

Even without Kate Middleton’s birthtime, we can still look at the announcement aspects to the composite Davison planets. They have a Saturn sextile Lilith to Chiron Yod in their Davison. The announcements Part Of Fortune falls right on that Chiron Apex by just 15′. A change of fortune for their old wounds (The 2007 split). Announcement Neptune is on their Venus. A dream come true.

Transits To Davison Chart

Prince William is getting a very telling transit right now that shows why he is finally ready to commit. Pluto exactly hit his Juno/Part of Fortune conjunction this October when he secretly proposed to Kate on holiday in Kenya. It’s still in orb now. Juno of course is the asteroid of the official spouse and commitments. At today’s announcement transiting South Node was on his 7th house Moon (The woman in is life) by just 14′.

If we look at Prince Williams’s Horoscope, he has Sun conjunct Moon in his 7th house. I would think he would want to work closely with his partner. Equality looks to be important. And there’s that Sun opposing Lilith, which he shares with his step-mum funnily enough. This also stressed the importance of eclipses in predicting wedding periods. The coming Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010 falls on his Descendant which is conjunct that Sun. The eclipse will be in effect for 6 months which should cover the proposed Spring/Summer wedding date.

Let’s hope William can lead by example and be a progressive King when it comes to equal rights between the sexes. British Kings have not had a the greatest reputation when it comes to fidelity. This South Node transit over his Sun/Moon looks to be an important sign. The announcement South Node and Prince William’s Moon are on the fixed star TEJAT POSTERIOR. This star is very important to Prince William as it’s in occultation to his Moon (Parallel and conjunct which doubles it’s strength). The South Node is our karmic past and can also be our ancestry, or  soul family. Tejat Posterior is in the foot of Castor, the “Good” twin of Gemini, “It gives force, energy, power and protection” [1].

And also;“The ability to express ideas in reasonable and acceptable ways which win, because of their manifest intelligence” [2]. These stars are credited with having ignited periods where there were advances in European thought, art and literature.

Maybe gone are the days of monarchs being patrons of art and culture as they were in the Victorian Era. But I think the very obvious close connection between Victoria and Albert did in some ways inspire advances in the arts, of which they were great sponsors. Albert is credited with the designing of the Victorian terrace house for working people, which was a vast improvement on the squalid tenements which preceded them.

So are these couple the new Victoria and Albert? The engagement chart looks promising. But I would love to get a time for Kate Middleton and look at their synastry to get a real idea of their connection and what it means for the country. Until then we can look forward to months of dress speculation and naff Will’s ‘n Kate souvenir wedding plates springing up all over the country.

UPDATE 2017! We now have a birthtime for Kate Middleton. I would recommend this article by Natalie Delahaye for a more complete review on William & Kate’s Davison chart. William & Catherine ~ A fresh Persepective in their Union

[1] Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.117, 163.

[2] The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.45.

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    1. Actually it was my now very good friend Natalie Delahaye who recently released the time. I just haven’t had the time to refresh this post. I didn’t know her when I wrote this back in 2010

  1. Hello all, loving Darkstar Astrology website, you are to be congratulated.

    Just a small thought, am I the only one that would worry about a wedding timed to coincide with a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries? Sexy sure, but at the same time as that Venus Saturn opposition? Surely the powers that be and the cold hard facts of life will intrude to cool the passion in this relationship just a little over a year after the wedding? Or am I just seeing the negatives?

    Best wishes for your own nuptuals

    1. Haven’t looked at the wedding chart yet but Mars Jupiter does sound favourable. Venus opposite Saturn may well describe their marriage. Their relationship does involve much responsibility and you would expect restraint in affections at least in public. It may also point to delays and separations which they will have due to offical tours and engagements. Saturn is work and their jobs will make it hard on their love life. (I have Venus opposite Saturn 🙁 ).

  2. Dear Marina

    I published today an astrological portuguese post about the engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, and I linked your nice post. cova-do-urso.blogspot.com/2010/11/o-noivado-do-principe-william-e-kate.html

    Tudo de bom,

    «Cova do Urso»

  3. for anyone wanting more on the fairy-tale Mary Plumb at Mountain Astrologer has put a very good list of astrologer’s articles together in a post there all about the upcoming Royal Wedding, including links back to the great articles here

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for letting us know. As Jamie says, I can’t wait to look at the astrology of the wedding and do all the synastry. But at the moment I’m kinda more distracted with our own upcoming nuptuals!

    2. “Fairy tale” LOL. Hardly. She stalked Willy Boy for nearly a decade before he finally caved in and asked her to marry him. Harry was quoted as saying he didn’t think Willy was going to marry her {ever}.

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