Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew


Gislaine Maxwell Arrest Horoscope An update on this Epstein scandal now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested. Here are all the videos I have made on this matter so far. The latest video looks at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Persephone chart, her arrest transits and how this will affect Prince Andrew. I also recap a little prediction I made seven months ago about July 2nd 2020 (The Arrest) regarding Prince Andrew’s progressions and a finger of fate Yod to his Uranus rising.

Prince Andrew’s Progressed Yod ~ Points To him On July 2, 2020!

Prince Andrew Natal Chart Transits

Ghislaine Maxwell Horoscope

Ghislaine Maxwell horoscope

A look at the horoscope of Prince Andrew in the light of the Newsnight car-crash interview. Will this run and run into 2020?

Prince Andrew Horoscope Transits


8 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew”

  1. Might be worth adding Victoria Guiffre’s chart to this, it’s on Astro and is a Rodden AA. She’s a Leo, Leo asc and Leo moon.

  2. September is when Saturn and Pluto will “reconnect” to within 3 degrees of each other. I will be interested to see what happens THEN.

  3. Spot on Angel, and transiting Pluto is in the same sign as Andrew’s natal/returning Saturn! I don’t dare imagine what’s going to happen next..


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