Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew


Gislaine Maxwell Arrest Horoscope An update on this Epstein scandal now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested. Here are all the videos I have made on this matter so far. The latest video looks at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Persephone chart, her arrest transits and how this will affect Prince Andrew. I also recap a little prediction I made seven months ago about July 2nd 2020 (The Arrest) regarding Prince Andrew’s progressions and a finger of fate Yod to his Uranus rising.

Prince Andrew’s Progressed Yod ~ Points To him On July 2, 2020!

Prince Andrew Natal Chart Transits

Ghislaine Maxwell Horoscope

Ghislaine Maxwell horoscope

A look at the horoscope of Prince Andrew in the light of the Newsnight car-crash interview. Will this run and run into 2020?

Prince Andrew Horoscope Transits


8 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell & Prince Andrew”

  1. The Beast of Buckingham Palace comes to mind. Andrew’s ancestor King Henry VIII had no reservations about the expectations of Royalty. Anne Boleyn (mother of HRH Elizabeth I, England’s Greatest Queen), was beheaded on false charges, just so the king could marry Jane Seymour 10 days later. She gave the king the son that he so dearly wanted, but it died within a week. Karma comes back to everyone in the end. Saturn is the lord of karma, Queen’s favorite or not. Good insight B.

  2. Ummmm, this may be the effect of a Second Saturn Return. 29.5 +29.5 = 59. Sir just happened to have his 58th /59th birthdays in 2018 and 2019. Andrew’s First Saturn Return occurred just before the “Annus Horribilis ” cited by HRH Elizabeth II about 1992.

  3. Thanks for this. I’ve been watching Prince Andrew’s chart since Epstein was arrested. So many top level important people have been compromised by Epstein and the group behind him that Maxwell and others will not be brought to justice. That is why Epstein was killed so he couldn’t testify.


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