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President Donald Trump Prediction Review. This post sums up the prediction techniques in my “Trump and the snake post” that pointed towards a Trump victory. I strongly suspected voting fraud in favour of Hillary Clinton and was concerned that demographics from illegals could sway the vote also. The illegal voters may have helped Hillary win the popular vote however.

Anyway, those factors prevented me from predicting a 100% guaranteed Trump victory on November 8. However I was certain Trump would still be inaugurated, due to some betrayal/revelation from the Clinton camp leading up to it. This happened sooner than I thought thanks to the combined influence of Coney reopening the FBI case (Betrayal?), Wikileaks, Project Veritas (DNC fraud) and the weird spirit-cooking/pedophile rumours.

With Hillary’s dodgy birthtime, peer pressure, fake polls, majority of astrologers ‘WithHer’ and threats of racism/sexism/xenophobia from her supporters, why would anyone predict a Trump win? It would be professional suicide if he lost*. However, predicting a Hillary win without a clear birth time also seems a tad presumptuous. Unless you are taking other factors into account, like the media…

In terms of Donald Trump’s chart though, the astrology was screaming ‘becomes a president’ to me which I couldn’t ignore. Most importantly, it shows that astrology does seem to be plugged into some spooky cosmic wisdom.. It still astounds me, every day. So let me list all the juicy transits and side notes from my Trump/Snake post. All these combined, helped me me dare to think Trump might indeed defy all odds, and become the 45th president of the United States.

Donald Trumps Presidential Cosmology

Donald Trump Horoscope
Donald Trump Horoscope

1) Fixed star Regulus conjunct Mars on AC. Leo rising. Trump was born to lead, rule and command.
2) Fixed star Algol on MC, ‘Your fired’, slayer of dragons. Sacks corrupt heads of institutions.
3) Trump is an eclipse baby, with a Sun/NorthNode/Uranus conjunction. Out-of-the-blue, shocking, unexpected awakening. Rebel/outsider. Unpalatable truth. Breaking through political correctness. People wanted Uranian change.
4) Sun/NorthNode/Uranus conjunction in Gemini decan 3. “Media Gods & Business Tycoons.” Sun on Alnilam. The central star in Orion’s belt.
5) Transiting Neptune trine Trump’s natal Mercury (Square Eris). Deception from the media works in his favour leading up to election.
6) Transiting Yod throws a quincunx down to transiting Mercury conjunct Trump’s IC on election day. An omen pointing a move to the Whitehouse.

The main transit which ‘Hillary-to-win’ Astrologers saw as a negative for Trump

7) Transiting Saturn conjunct Trump’s 4th house Moon. I disagreed with Astrologer Jessica Adams, who said “There is absolutely no way this man is going to move to the White House in January 2017.” (Adams has since deleted the post, but thanks to wayback machine we still have access!) I instead use whole signs, which puts Trumps natal moon in 5th house of children and not 4th house of home. Therefore Saturn transit to house 5 Moon doesn’t for me indicate according to Jessica that “Nobody is ever that unhappy living in the White House – surely?”  Instead I see it as the responsibility placed onto his children as they run Trump Inc while also being the president’s children.
8) Trump’s Progressed Sun into Virgo on August 2016. Sign change = New Cycle
9) Trump’s progressed Sun conjunct Regulus Ascendant. Peak time of Regulus presidential energy carrying him into August 2017.
10) Trump’s Solar Arc Lunar Eclipse alignment conjunct his ascendant. Very powerful! I said “A fate he cannot avoid…. He would have had a much easier life being a TV star and property mogul. With these transits, something else is compelling Trump to keep going like Trojan.” A higher calling?
11) I said Saturn in Sagittarius will travel over Trump’s important eclipse degree (23º Sag) during the course of 2017. This is no ordinary miserable Saturn conjunct Moon transit” (as mentioned in point 6.) It makes this a serious, fateful responsibility for him. A karmic bind?
12) Also stated “Trump’s Moon’s star is exiled Ras Alhague in Ophuichus the snake charmer. Trump is certainly the outsider politically and the only one who has addressed all the juicy taboo, un-PC topics.” 

Trump’s Zodiacal Releasing Periods

13) “Trump’s Cancer L1 period runs 2000 to 2025 and is not a peak period. Cancer for Trump is ruled by a Ras Alhague Serpentine Moon and it is also the house of hidden enemies. Not an easy ride while running for president! At least Cancer for Trump contains a benefic, an exalted Venus no less, which will protect him from the vipers on his Ophuichus South Node.”
14) Trump’s Gemini L2 runs May 2016 to Dec 2017. Also not a peak period, but activates his powerful Gemini Sun. This gives Trump the confidence of fixed star “Alnilam Rash, headstrong, surly (Yep!)” [1] Orion’s belt with Trump’s Sun gives “Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness.” [2] This ‘surly’ and fortunate period will take Trump through the election.

Looking Ahead ~ Second Term?

15) L2 ‘loosening-of-the-bonds’ period from December 2017. (Capricorn H6) This can be a time where Trump really reaches the peak of success in this political career or…. changes track completely! During this Saturnian time, Trump will face a lot of obstacles, ironically, a great wall of opposition. However, Trump hits his next L2 peak period from March 2020 (Aquarius H7). This could help win him a second term.

Summary ~ (from the post)

Donald Trump“As it stands, I wouldn’t say Trump has the best transits for this election, but he has the kind of birth chart that could transcend anything. What is more important is his own soul’s evolution as seen in his progressions. Trump’s biggest enemy is the mass media and his own impulsiveness, but if he can learn to master them he could win the presidency.”

“Love him or loath him, Trump’s birth chart shows that he is important for the fate of the USA, if only to bring balance (Jupiter in Libra) and freedom of speech back to the ‘land of the free’. Snake-taming, Medusa-slaying Trump is probably the only man, big and ugly enough  to stand up against globalist censorship and the shadow government.”

Currently Trump is in waiting, and he is playing the game like a good Gemini. I will look at his future transits and those of the USA chart in more detail in the next few weeks. Until then I just wanted to lay out my research in a simple list, as a few people have had trouble finding my so called ‘prediction’. Like a good Gemini rising I also didn’t want to spell it out too boldly, but present what I thought the most significant transits in the Trump election puzzle. That way I could flag them up as supporting evidence, to how he won! Keep them guessing, keep them guessing … 😉

* In every British general election since I was 18 in my country I have voted Labour. But the left/right paradigm is fast growing outdated in the 21st Century.
1. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.44.
2 & 3. The Fixed stars & Constellations in Astrology. Robson. p.193.p156/7.

17 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Prediction 2016”

  1. Hi Marina,

    Great interpretation! I was wondering what software or website you use to calculate the zodiacal releasing periods? I’m an astrology beginner and this is the first I’ve heard of it – are there any classes or books you’d recommend on it? Thank you!!

  2. Chris Brennan, in his post-election podcast, makes a good case that Trump could have Virgo rising. Among other things, the horizon changed in the second half of the minute Trump was born.
    Even if Trump has Virgo rising, he’d still have Mars in Leo on the Ascendant, consistent with his outward appearance and demeanor. Virgo rising would be consistent with his self-proclaimed fetish with cleanliness, including surprise inspections of hotel lobbies, and with the possible Regulus factor in his election.
    Of course, in the whole house system, Virgo rising would change some of Trump’s planetary placements in houses.
    What do you think? Possible Virgo rising? If so, would that change any of your interpretation?
    Thank you.

    • I actually think Chris might have a point. Trump still would have Regulus rising. It would make his ruling planet Mercury rather than the Sun. Hmmmm, a lot of my prediction was not based on the zodiacal releasing part anyway so I wouldn’t really change my interpretation, but Leo rising in zodiacal releasing did make me think Trump would have a hard time initially. I will have to look at it again. I wanted to do that anyway.

  3. A couple of nit picks – 1) xenophobia (fear of strangers or all that is foreign) is spelled with an x, not a z. 2) a win by 1.7 million popular votes and counting is hardly voter fraud – everyone knows the electoral college got DT elected and that it was created by the founding fathers to protect against a majority tyranny. That does not mean Hilary was desired by idiots, quite the contrary in this case 3) Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco and Seattle (protecting immigrants and all the other xeno elements of society in human form with equal constitutional rights) have been designated. In Seattle alone, a large metropolis, only 8 percent of the voting public voted for Trump. Astro-wise, which this site seems to split more recently with politics, here is a link showing many other who predicted Trump win and how and an interesting discussion about the role of astrology in prediction etc. Just sayin’ …

  4. Thank you Marina for this summary. It’s always interesting to review the astrology after events have occurred.
    I felt that he would win although I wished very much that there was no necessity for his persona to do so. I am deeply fearful of the future now, more so than when I was a teen fearing nuclear war. The fascist agenda is being brought into positions of significant power. This will indeed expose the cretins for what they are, but at what human cost?
    I think that the footnote you’ve written re the left/right paradigm is spot on. I grew up in a right wing/nazi influenced home and developed a deep social conscience and socialist views. Now I find that there is not one political party that can honestly say that they are clearly left or right or even centre. They are all driven by the vote and how to get it, are infiltrated by other views and in many instances the party that argued in one direction at the turn of last century is now arguing from the opposite direction at the turn of this century.
    Strange happenings ahead and an evolution / revolution in the makings.
    I think that one possible outcome from the damage that presDT will bring will be that the United Nations undergoes a significant change. I still need to research more deeply, but from what I understand the USA has actually opted out of pretty much every single convention on human rights that the UN has produced since inception, via clever legalese. They’ve signed on the bottom line sure, but with very cleverly crafted disclaimers. This is why in the States no one speaks of human rights, they all speak of their constitutional rights and human rights be damned for the rest of the humans in the world. They are trained into narcissism together with their chest hugging pledges to their flag. (Not necessarily intending to insult Yankees here, just making an outsider’s observation). The NSA / CIA revelations to date haven’t even come close to what’s really being perpetrated.
    I am deeply fearful of what the future holds.

    • Perhaps a bit more research into the UN would alleviate some of your fears? The UN is pretty corrupt and dishonest. Its stance on climate change is in support or really appalling science, the posturing of human rights is only that. Where human rights are needed you will find for instance African governments doing nothing about them except taking money from to suit their own agendas. No one can intervene in Zimbabwe against the nutcase who runs it and has ruined it – not even Saint Obama and certainly not the UN. I’m not an American and neither would I refer to Americans as Yanks – seems a bit rude IMO but one of the problems is that the US forks out a lot of money – as do other countries – into the UN but the UN is an impotent force. I don’t have a problem with US national pride – because the country you live in is your extended family. If you were to come to South Africa you would see the same thing.
      This is the main criteria for being a member of the UN –
      “Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving states which accept the obligations contained in the present Charter and, in the judgement of the Organization, are able and willing to carry out these obligations.”
      There are 54 seats occupied by African states and yet African countries have some of the worst human rights on record. Female circumcision to name but one.
      If you’re fearful of the future this is perhaps more a question of what you have chosen to fear over keeping an open mind?

    • btw – the UN is a Scorpio Sun with Moon at 22 degrees Gemini – so DT’s sun is conjunct – which means he might even have an OK relationship with them? Or he might shed light o some of their less acceptable side – the UN pof is conj Antares, and although it has Jupiter, Neptune and Venus in Libra it falls foul of the Uranus Pluto square. It also has Saturn Mars conjunct in Cancer. So keeping the “family” at war suits it very well.


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