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  1. Hi. Marina, I hope you won’t mind me asking this as it is a bit of a “sensitive” topic and one that I am sure many would decry as being a ridiculous conspiracy theory but, I wanted to ask if you have heard about the NHS “euthanising” some of its elderly patients (without their consent). From the research I have conducted I have found reports of this happening since the late 1990s (these incidents were not related to serial killer/euthaniser Harold Shipman. They involved doctors that in many cases have never been held accountable) but, incidents seem to have increased in recent years. The information is out there and can be found through a few simple internet searches. The media however largely ignores these incidents. If you have not heard of this happening and I am the first to bring this to your attention I hope you will not think me to be a delusional whack job for doing so. It is something I am desperately trying to raise awareness about. Thank you.


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