Matrix Musings


In this video I discuss how the Uranus/Mars/NorthNode has brought to a head some burn out symptoms in the fixed signs. Uranus squares are tough!

In these two YouTube videos I discuss co-dependancy and astrology and the sidereal V tropical debate. “How not to let bad transits get you down” and “Has the zodiac moved?”. (While walking in a field with horses!)


1 thought on “Matrix Musings”

  1. Speaking as a millennial (1989) I am used to economic changes, flex-working, adapting to a changing environment. So though i’m coping with insecurity and yes, fear, this also made me pragmatic and independent. We’re used to the government being unreliable (and crazy) since 2008! My parents got stuck in the idea the government would solve eeeverything for all (communists hooked onto victim culture and pharmaceuticals haha) And now I’m the only one in the family of my generation who bought a second house and paid for it without state or family support wha ha ha and my parents thought they raised me so well :’)
    Weird isn’t it how capitalism seemed to have won the Cold War in 1989 and then warped again into communism? was it a form of controlled opposition? are all dictatorships communist? hmmmm

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