Planets & Political Compass Test


The political compass test has 4 directions. My theory is that Saturn = Authoritarian, Jupiter= Libertarian, Neptune = Left (Collectivist) and Uranus = Right (Individualist). I look at how Pinochet, Hitler, Thatcher, Corbyn, Marx & Trump fit into the political compass test and muse about how we find seasonal balance at the end of the ‘Tenny’ years.


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  1. Marina I like your model, but I think Etonian BoJo will move from Claissez-Faire Capitalism, towards a Corporate Aristocracy once he gets rid of the fat bureaucrats and replaces them with private enterprise. He may yet complete Thatcher’s dream. Since it is difficult to separate any political system from the historical or current, economic or cultural background, we may find ourselves returning to Regionalism rather than Tribalism. If the Scientists are right, the impacts of climate change (and de-industrialisation) will see the end of the Mega-City and people will have to find a more humane and meaningful way to live. Freedom (Uranus), creativity (Neptune) and determination (Pluto), will hopefully get us there. Thanks for posting.


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