Pisces Monthly Horoscope


Your Pisces monthly horoscope video is a segment of the Pisces yearly horoscope. If you want the rest of the year’s mp3s plus transcripts you can buy them now at a discount on the Pisces 2021 Horoscope post.

Pisces May 2021 Horoscope

(Example transcript from Pisces 2021 Horoscope.)

Now we’re into May and Ceres as Persephone moves into your third house of the neighbourhood where it will join Uranus. Prepare for some witchy magic there maybe when it enters on the 8th. On the 11th you get Mars sextile Uranus coming from the house of lovers, creativity and just fun. So that’s a really sexy sextile to Uranus in the third house.

This could be about getting together with people in your neighbourhood. Just communicating, just having fun, and maybe doing some art artistic projects together as well. It could be neighbourhood arts, perhaps as well, or just getting together to make the neighbourhood beautiful. Walls and community gardens, that kind of thing. This is the same time as the new moon in Taurus, which is very much about gardening and making food with things that are grown locally.

Allotments and going down farmers markets, that kind of thing. And yes, this new moon will be in your third house as well. So focus on community, agricultural, eco-kind of projects, and also conservation with wildlife as well, or dog shows! May is definitely that kind of month where there’s loads of fates and funfairs, everything is blossoming and it’s the spring.

Now wait for this, this will put even more spring into your step Pisces because on the 13th Jupiter goes into Pisces, yay! Just for a couple of months, but you’ll get a taste of what it’s going to be like next year. Then on the 23rd Saturn turns retrograde so he gets very muted in your 12th house. It’s like Jupiter’s turned up full blast and Saturn is just even more grey. So you can really come out of your shell now, really enjoy the blossoming time

How To Read Your Monthly Horoscopes

These monthly horoscope reports are based on the movements of the planets through your horoscope houses. Therefore it is more accurate to read for your rising sign. (Mainstream astrologers don’t tell you this since most people do not know their ascendant!) 

Yearly horoscopes ignite the transpersonal themes of inner development and include the transformation that comes with the outer planet transits. These month-by-month audios are included in the 2021 yearly horoscopes and are now available in transcript here.

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