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Pisces Decan 1 ~ Feb 18 to 28 (0º-10º)

Pisces decan 1

Pisces decan 1 are ruled by Saturn and Jupiter. The sun glides like a gondola through this decan from February 18 – 29. It’s easy to get very enchanted by this otherworldly zone of Aquarius, Pegasus, the Swan, the Southern fish and the Sculptor. It is the home of dreamy Fomalhaut, the rose coloured twinkle in the eye star of the southern fish. It is also a very psychic area of the cosmos with six prophetic stars residing here. We start with a summary of this decan in general, followed by specific meanings for the planets and angles that fall between 0º – 10º Pisces.This zone is a bohemian artists dream, where one can catch the muses and write inspiring music, art and poetry. Here one can absorb, blend into the landscape and be receptive to the flow of inspiration from the collective.

Muses, Fairytales & The Bohemian Dream

But oh so sensitive, there can be the problem of feeling other peoples pain. Pisces decan 1 are great empaths, but prone to self-medication when they take on too much of other peoples woes. In anaesthetising themselves there can be problems with alcohol or drug abuse.

Like the preceding decan Aquarius 3, these subjects are visionaries. However in dreamy Pisces, they less likely to take steps to make these visions reality. Very often Pisces decan 1 thinks the mirages in their life actually are real. There are very few beastly stars in Pisces decan 1. Fomalhaut’s Gabriel is the only human Archangel (Compared to Regulus, Antares and Aldebaran the other archangel stars). The animals in this constellation are hardly wild and all the stars on them are placed above the waist. So then there is something very chaste about Pisces decan 1, but that doesn’t stop them from being the worlds worst flirts.

Pisces Decan 1 ~ Fixed Stars

Pisces 1º 53’ ~ Enif in Pegasus the Flying Horses nose.* 2.5
Pisces 3º 46’  ~ Sadalmelik in Aquarius’s right shoulder. 3.2
Pisces 3º 52’  ~ Fomalhaut in Pisces Austrinus the Southern Fish. 1.5
Pisces 5º 20’  ~ Deneb Adige in the heart of Cygnus. 1.2
Pisces 6º 50’  ~ Biham in Pegasus the Flying Horses head. 3.7
Pisces 7º 00’  ~ Gamma Sculptor in Sculptor 4.5
Pisces 7º 14’  ~ Beta Sculptor in Sculptor. 4.4
Pisces 8º 52’  ~ Skat in Aquarius’s shin bone. 3.5

Sun Pisces 1

Pisces decan 1Sadalmelik : “Occult interests, prominence in occultism, gain through companies.” [2] Fomalhaut 4º: “Dissipated, easily influenced by low companions, gain through inheritance but unproductive of good, may suffer for some crime committed, danger of bites from venomous creatures.” [3] Skat 8º “Sensitive, emotional, psychic, criticism and persecution through mediumship, but help from friends.” [6]

As we can see there are certainly some illustrious folk here. Austin Coppock compares this decan to a Labyrinth, he acknowledges that this is the zone of  ‘wanderers seekers and poets’ but also that they “ have a penchant for getting trapped in unpleasant fairy tails, narrative loops they refuse to break free of ” [7] You can really see the very light and very dark sides of Fomalhaut coming out through here as their creative solar flare throws a very long black shadow. Saturn and Jupiter both ruling this decan though, also symbolise the internal battle between god and the devil. Those who succeed in slaying the demons lurking inside their misty Labyrinth can do very well. Sometimes they make a career out of their demon-slaying. This decan is also very heavily involved with the occult, but this doesn’t always mean that these folk dabble in mysticism. Sometimes they just like to keep themselves private, have a very rich inner world and a fascination with other dimensions.

SUN PISCES 1 EXAMPLES: Galileo, Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Rickman, Rihanna, George Washington, Ted Kennedy, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobian, George Harrison, Nina Simone, Charles-Marie Widor, Enrico Caruso, Sandie Shaw, Brian Jones, Nancy Spungen, Karen Silkwood, Kenneth Williams, Julie Waters, Drew Barrymore, Dick Emery, Ivana Trump, Cindy Crawford, Christine Keeler, Kyle MacLachlan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anthony Burgess, Victor Hugo, Ray Winstone, Prince Andrew, August Renior, Anaïs Nin, Richard Tarnas.

Pisces Decan 1

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  • Uranian Mane

    Just another sidenote I forgot, since My Mercury is in Pisces. LOL, is were good at communicating through mediums, like internet or music or text or symbols. But like on the spot communication is hard for me to do, unless its like for humanity and im in a group and know I have to get it out. Then Im pretty good. But just on the spot how ya doing or people that talk at me, like Mercury In fire signs, Especially Aires lol they will have to repeat because it takes me a minute to come back to earth to hear what there saying. But Mercury Airens scare the bejezuz out of my Placement sometimes though, they get right in your face and expect a immediate answer/ hate repeating themselves. But there funny because they say the things Pisces Mercury’s are also thinking but would never say to someones face. lol

  • Uranian Mane

    With Mercury in Pisces 3 entries is not soo bad is it? The downside of having nice skin, in Pisces, is hyper-senisitive skin, in Pisces. The cold feels especially brutal on me, while Leo Seasoned Sun at a beach gives me the enthusiasm of a baked fish. My eyes and the skin on them, water at the slightest 50 degree or below breeze!?! Thank You Mercury Pisces gods for this one. People always ask why i’m crying in stores or school because one yawn makes me look like I just watched an American Politician tell the truth.

    Bug bites seem to be are all the rage, and tend to stay with me longer than other people. If Mercury rules all things with skin, then this explains why, I do not have drug or drinking issues, with Mercury here -my skin the skin of my nose skin of everything in fact seems to absorb and detect very easy. Its a great litmus test for my environment. Want to know if its in your house? Ask a Mercury Pisceans skin, it will tell you. I half to half dose everything in fact.

  • Spire

    Bam. You nailed it. This was the crush of my life. Best 1 month fling I ever had. Best sex I ever had. Artist, dreamer, fairy, mind controller. *poof* Disappeared out of thin air (twice!!), and yet I still crave him. Ugh.

    Pisces Decan 1 you are a sexy, sexy enigma.