Paris Attack 2015

On the sensitive date of Friday 13th, November 2015, Paris suffered the worst terror attack on it’s citizens since WWII. I wasn’t intending to post about this topic until I was pulled into it by a few leads. First of all I noticed the date turned up in the Astrology Of 2015 post in reference to the transiting Yod to Uranus in the sky from Nov 11-14.

Yods feel very fated and if a powerful transiting Yod points to anything in your chart, then there is usually some life-changing event pertaining to the house and planet the Yod is zapping. This Yod has extra oomph because its base is Jupiter sextile New Moon/Mercury.”

The national chart of France has 20º Aries rising. That meant the Uranus Yod was pointing at France’s Ascendant at the time of the Paris Attack. It is not exact, but 4º away is close enough I think!

Traditional astrology doesn’t recognise the quincunxes that make a Yod at all, and since I have been using more traditional techniques I wondered wether transiting Yods really did have any measurable effect (Even though there was no way I ignore Yods in natal charts.)

Paris Attack Horoscope

Paris Attack 2015However I have seen these transiting Yods activate hot spots in my clients charts, and those Yod dates have been being significant for them. This ensured I kept Yods in my astrological toolbox. When I saw this effect happen on the national chart of France, it made my hair stand on end. Never again will I ignore a transiting yod!

What this all meant to me, was that I must follow the path this Yod was pointing at. So first let’s look at the chart for the attack on Friday the 13th. The strongest planet in the chart is Venus in Libra. Venus is said to represent Islamic countries in mundane astrology. It is conjunct Black Moon Lilith on Vindiamatrix, the widow maker.. The attack ascendant is on Procyon, the little yapping dog and ‘announcer star.’ Of course this event was broadcast around the world ‘For Syria’ as one of the ISL assassins proudly announced.

Paris Attack HoroscopeThe Paris Attack north node is conjunct the IC and Mars showing the significance of this event. The important North Node falls on Alkaid, the star of mourners. Remember this tragedy happened just two days after 11.11 remembrance day, which was also a New Moon. The occult significance is all there.

The last star in the Great Bear. Alkaid means ‘hired mourners’…. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned… In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Alkaid will claim human lives in calamities[1]

Sobering… The similarity between the name Alkaid and Al-qaeda does not go unnoticed. Also “Alkaid was known as “the destroyer of nations” by Islamic astrologers.” [2]

 France National Chart

France HoroscopeThe France Horoscope is interesting in that it has such a strong Libra/7th house. Fair and just. Such a feminine chart with a strong Venus in Libra and Moon in Cancer, both their domiciles. Sensual Venus is tightly conjunct Ceres, the grain goddess. French cuisine is famous around the globe and their baguettes are iconic. Interesting that the French Sun, the head of state, is combust Mercury on fixed star Algorab.

I still have to study this star in more depth. But it seems the crafty crow Algorab can either be the terrorists or be the victim of terrorists. Croatian astrologers call this star ‘Kill or be killed’. All this in the house of 7th house of open enemies. The North Node on lucky Spica is in the 7th too, so maybe this gives France some protection. There is a lot more to say on this chart. Note Mars square Pluto, Moon on Pollux and Lilith close to the South Node, but let’s move on to the transits of Friday the 13th.

Transits To France

Paris Attack TransitsAs stated the Uranus Yod was pointing at France’s AC. Pluto is tightly square France’s Sun (13′) and Mercury (57′). Venus just past its return. The harsh Alkaid Mars/IC/North Node stellium are at least 3º away from France’s unarmed and you could even say, naive and vulnerable Venus/Ceres. To me it feels like an attack on fun, life and ‘joie de vivre’ if you like. Most of the deaths were in the beautifully painted Bataclan theatre, a place of enjoyment (Venus). But Ceres is also the planet of mourning too, since she lost her daughter Persephone to the underworld for a time.

The Knights Templars In France

I happened across a documentary on the knights templar yesterday which mentioned a Friday the 13th attack and arrest of all the knights by their King and the pope. These religious warriors were tortured and accused of all sort of heresy. It seems they were innocent, but King Phillip was in debt and didn’t want to pay them for their services during the crusades. I have a feeling somehow that these two events are related, but don’t really know why. On a google search for the date I found I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Referring to the Knights Templars headquarters in Paris Sean Kerrigan says:

“Today, little remains of the Paris Temple except for its name. It was demolished by Napoleon since it attracted sympathy for the Royal Family. But the Temple is less than a city block away from Le Bataclan Theatre, where most of the deaths occurred during yesterday’s attacks.

CrusadersI don’t know if this has any relevance yet, or even at all, but I’m putting this out there anyway. I found out the attacks and arrests of the knights started at dawn that day. The chart is so graphic! I used to call that stretched out rectangle in the chart ‘The Rack’ referring to the torture device used in Tudor times. I’m not sure if they had those in 1307, but that might’ve been tame next to what the Templar Knights did suffer. Many of them were slowly burned alive on damp wood.

The chart has Moon on Capulus the beheading arm of Perseus and Algol’s neighbour. (The grand master of the Knights Templar was beheaded.) The Sun and AC are on Acrux (in the Crucifix!) Interesting that the very same Paris attack Aries/Libra Decan 2 axis is important in the Templar attacks chart too.

A stellium in Scorpio on Unukalhai in the Templar attacks make a quincunx to the Aries Ceres/South Node in the house of open enemies. The Paris attack Sun was also on Unukalhai (Precessed to 21º Scorpio in year 2000.) and Mercury also connects with the Templar attack Unukalhai/Scorpio Stellium.

Paris AttackI know this is stretching the Yod by a few degrees, but it is certainly still pointing at whatever Aries Decan 2 represents. Aries Decan 2 is very honest, and gets to the point quite ruthlessly. It won’t care about offending people, but this can be refreshing as it cuts the bullshit. I called this decan ‘Jail Breakers & Simmering Queens.’ Austin Coppock titles the decan ‘The Crown’ and says:

“Applied magically, this decan has tremendous power. It is the power to generate the world of your choosing, and to be its sovereign. It is the key to creating realities that do not obey the laws of the collective reality field in which they exist.” [3]

This ‘collective reality field’ has become so politically correct nowadays that most people are too afraid to say anything for fear of it being offensive to some group or another. 1984’s thought police are out in force and nowadays you can even be jailed for ‘hate speech’. I put out this article because I wonder what the Yod is pointing at. I believe somehow these two Friday 13th events, hold part of a puzzle. A puzzle that asks why, in 2015, is this ancient religious war still raging? Why does it centre on Jerusalem? And why is the West still interfering?

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash.
2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.5.
3. The 36 Faces. Austin Coppock. Pg 60

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  1. Interesting analysis Marina!
    I think that yes, the betrayal of the Templars is definitely connected to this event. The Wheel has turned in it’s grand cycle – remember the imagery that you found that included a solitary woman in connection with the Templars? They were definitely dabbling in alchemy and magic but the Church of the time was not willing to accept occult practices that were not under their direct control (over and above the money issues).
    So the Templars endured all the interrogation practices and convicted of the very same thing that the Church heirophants themselves were doing, without any scruples, behind closed doors, and under the guise of righteousness and defeating heresy.
    Modern BDSM is in large part a hold-over of medieval inquisition practices and it is widely recognised and acknowledged in BDSM community that spiritual transcendence is experienced by some during extreme BDSM practice.
    I can’t remember if you’ve looked at the chart for the United Nations here on Darkstar? Human Rights are also being attacked on many levels across the globe via the instrument of the terror attacks and most recently of course in Paris (in no way meaning to belittle what has happened to the French people in this atrocity) …. How does the yod impact other key players/stakeholders during the 11th-14th time frame?

    1. I found out the actual time of the raids on the Templars and they were started at dawn. Placing the Sun just below the ascendant gives us a very interesting BDSM chart! I have rewritten my commentary above with:

      “I found out the attacks and arrests of the knights started at dawn that day. The chart is so graphic! I used to call that stretched out rectangle in the chart ‘The Rack’ referring to the torture device used in Tudor times. I’m not sure if they had those in 1307, but that might’ve been tame next to what the Templar Knights did suffer. Many of them were slowly burned alive on damp wood.”

    1. I must congratulate you on your incredible historical knowledge. I, too, am interested in actions that happen over and over again and similarities to prior events and actual places that are “re-hit” on certain dates. This makes me nervous now in light of the 9/11 attack. I would be interested to know if you see a yod with the pluto opposition cancer aspect, now that it is at 13 degrees of Capricorn. I learned a long time ago that sometimes a planet makes a hit three degrees after the degree of an important ascendant, planet or midpoint degree. So this three degree difference that you mention seems to be important. The expression was that the powerful planet “would get you on its way out.” I love reading your website and am now very interested in having you do my chart at the age of 68. Please keep up the intelligent writing!

  2. As usual, you have crafted a carefully thought out and fascinating article, Marina. Thank you for your insights.

    The thought that immediately strikes me: this is a karmic debt that is being exacted for the crusades. Amongst many other things, I suppose …

    On a personal level, between the 11th & 13th of November I had a number of strong insights into a triangular relationship in which I was involved in the early 1970’s!! I had long known that the “third person” had succeeded in plotting my downfall, and could suddenly see exactly HOW they’d done it. It was an ENORMOUS relief to know what had happened.
    Now I’m trying to see how the astrology matches all this. So far, I’m still scratching my head … But it looks as if there a number of yods that span all horoscopes involved.

    1. Looking at your “Transits to France” chart, this looks like a shattered star to me, or perhaps a broken Merkabah.
      On the Place de l’Etoile (now Place Charles de Gaulle) in Paris, a twelve-pointed star radiates from the Arc de Triomphe. Cars circle across the points of the star ten deep. Some at least are using petroleum …
      Oh my goodness! The “Arc Historique” runs through the middle of the Place and the Arc de Triomphe! And this historical axis starts next to that pyramid at the Louvre!
      Do I sense a new Dan Brown book looming on the horizon …?
      Lest I be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, I’m going to button my lip now, OK???

  3. Extraordinary analysis. Intriguing and fascinating – it feels portentous, and a little terrifying. Thank you.

  4. There is a fantastic presentation by Samuel Reynolds, a New York Islamic astrologer.
    I attended the lecture it was brilliant. So many repeated themes from the very start of Islam repeating to the present day. This is the presentation which contains charts for battles of Karbala ( year 0680), Sacking/Seige of Baghdad 0762 and 1258. The chart for the Shock and Awe attack of Baghdad then the chart for Sayyid Qutb, the political activist/martyr and writer, inventor of Islamist ideology who influenced Bin Laden. There are also charts for the forming of Al Qaeda.
    By the way Marina – I asked another Muslim astrologer about the connection between Alkaid and Al Qaeda but he said there wasn’t one and they were very different words – but I think he misunderstood what I was asking! His English wasn’t great.

  5. strange that all the aristocrats had their heads chopped off,let them eat cake,which is what paris seems to be advocating now. the electromaneyic lifeline pulses, go backwards and forwards in time ,like the saros series events ,are not limited to one lifetime,but take millennia to complete ,don’t think its karma,as that postulates a punitive system ,related to linear time.the soulforce has many guises, male one life, female the next ,black or white,or any permutaions of same. outside time and space the triangulars are not just prevalent but imperitive.
    consciousness is only chrystalized on the earth plane,slow heavy matter,or should I say limited to this universe .

    1. also noticed ,the jihadi johm ,Osama bin laden the paris ring leader ,who all had the same type of face,all had Jupiter in mutable signs,as sky writer said, she thinks jupiter is more to do with war than mars ,I certainley think ,with self justifying Jupiter ,who says the so called bad ones need to be taught a lesson ,in the name of religion,there can be is a lust for violence.

    2. Perhaps there was so much emphasis on venus/Libra/Ceres/Fairness in this chart because it was retribution for the millions of Arab lives lost to bombings by france/The West in the Middle East..(?) That seemed pretty obvious to me. This was not random, but retribution; an evening of the scales..

  6. I find your reference to “hired mourners” interesting as many are speculating that the attack in Paris was a false flag event.

  7. Hatay province in N. Syria was a Crusader Stronghold ( Antioch and port city of Iskenderum) and has been fought over for centuries ( lots of crows on battlefields). This is where the porous borders are through which Isis has been being supplied by members of the Turkish MIT –their version of the CIA. It is also where the Russian jet was shot down and the parachuting pilot machine gunned to death by local moderate terrorists. Now Turkish army troops are massing there and Obama is demanding that the border be sealed ( at least that is what we are being told is happening). Meanwhile Russia has imposed a de facto no fly zone over Western Syria.

    Also this area belonged to Syria until the Brits gave it to Turkey to sweeten them to join their effort in WWI and it has been a bone of contention between the countries ever since.

    Coincidence in astrological time? I think not.

  8. @WhiteSupremacyIsDeath. Those scales will go up and down and have been doing so for thousands of years. Look at history and the rise and fall of empires. Practically every one of those has blood on their hands. Let’s not forgot about the Ottoman Empire and how it grew so big. It was built with black slavery (The men were castrated.), kidnapped Christian boys (Trained from the age of 8 to fight for the elite Janissaries.) and the white women they took as sex slaves.
    This empire is rarely talked about yet it ran from 1299–1923! That’s so recent and makes the British Empire (1815-1945.) seem small in comparison.

    The European women were used to breed Sultans who probably ended up as ‘white supremacists’ because they were actually mixed-race Arab/Europeans. Interesting mix that!. I have been looking into a lot recently because many of the women were captured from Sicily and Greece. One wonders if the Persephone myth was a premonition of this event!

    Obviously I am very sensitive to the Ottomans since my ancestors weren’t too fond of them! The Siege Of Malta

    I always wondered why the Greeks feared the Turks and why they wore the famous ‘blue eye’ protection, if the Turks were dark. Well the elite ones weren’t! They were pale skinned and many had blue eyes due to their European mothers. In Sicily we still wear the ‘evil eye’ for protection and no one lived on the coasts for the fear of being kidnapped by Corsairs. I never understood why all the villages were inland in Sicily, fortified by huge walls (As my fathers was) and built high-up mountains. I understand now.

  9. It is more than just a battlefield. It is the Muslim equivalent of Armaggedon which is located in that area–the same area the “West” wants Turkey to make into a “safe” zone.

    Dabiq is located in Syria
    Coordinates: 36°32?23.2?N 37°16?10.4?E
    Country Syria
    Governorate Aleppo Governorate
    District A’zaz District
    Nahiyah Akhtarin
    Population (2004 census)[1]
    • Total 3,364
    Time zone EET (UTC+2)
    • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

    Dabiq (Arabic: ?????) is a town in northern Syria, about 40 km northeast of Aleppo, and around 10 km (six miles) south of Syria’s border with Turkey. It is administratively part of the Akhtarin nahiyah (subdistrict) of the A’zaz District of Aleppo Governorate. Nearby localities include Mare’ to the southwest, Sawran to the northwest, and Akhtarin town to the southeast. According to the Syria Central Bureau of Statistics, Dabiq had a population of 3,364 in the 2004 census.[1]

    The town was the site of the battle of Marj Dabiq in 1516, in which the Ottoman Empire decisively defeated the Mamluk Sultanate.

    In Islamic eschatology, it is believed that Dabiq is one of two possible locations for an epic battle between invading Christians and the defending Muslims which will result in a Muslim victory and mark the beginning of the end of the world. The Islamic State believes Dabiq is where an epic and decisive battle will take place with Christian forces of the West, and have named their magazine after the village.[2] (this is from Wikipedia)

    1. Good post Harriet – even the BBC picked this up a year ago. The Islamists are carrying out a thread which has been running for a long time – however – !!!
      I was just listening to a talk on karma and it made me think… (oh dear..!!!)
      ISIL sems to me driven by pure rage. I attended a lecture recently on Islam and Astrology and it brought Sayyid Qtub to my attention – a devout pious muslim who followed the Quran to the letter and is credited with influencing Bin Laden.
      dismissed Western achievements as entirely material, arguing that ‘nothing will satisfy its own conscience and justify its existence.'[n. 12] [95]
      Three basic themes emerge from Qutb’s writings. First, he claimed that the world was beset with barbarism, licentiousness, and unbelief (a condition he called jahiliyya, the religious term for the period of ignorance prior to the revelations given to the Prophet Mohammed). Qutb argued that humans can choose only between Islam and jahiliyya.
      Second, he warned that more people, including Muslims, were attracted to jahiliyya and its material comforts than to his view of Islam; jahiliyya could therefore triumph over Islam.
      I can see why he would say this – since he was studying in America at the time Freud’s nephew Edward Bearnays was exploiting Freud’s ideas of humanity driven by dark desires to develop marketing (PR, advertising etc). His work eventually permeated politics – see Clinton and Blair. Marina also recommends everyone watch Century of the Self – all about this.
      Somewhere in the middle of this is the general populace who are buffeted and shaped and affected by the ideologies of a few.
      But what about the unconscious reactions to that? What about the unconscious reaction to two things –
      1. Tha actual “dark desires” i.e I want I want I want… (fill in what you want – its all desire)
      2. The crushing exhaustion of that desire – (I’ve had enough had enough had enough!
      – “‘nothing will satisfy its own conscience and justify its existence.’
      We now we are spiralling down under the weight of consumerism out of control. Somewhere there has to be a deep breath and a stand back from the madness. The world is in a maelstrom of all year round Christmas shopping – it seems!
      Taking away the “politics” – does ISIL as a body of human vessels, pick up the disturbed psychic energy of the populace? Is it a karmic expression of the need to get back/forward to a place of simplicity?
      Today Mark Zuckerberg is a new dad and photographed with his refreshingly ordinary looking wife and infant daughter making a pledge to give away 99% of his wealth to charity. Compare to the dreadful those of various “celeb” (I picked up a copy of Grazia on a flight) mothers taken just after birth plastered with makeup and big hair promising their infants a life of “designer” goods!!!
      We can’t really begin to understand the intricacies of karma because it is so long a thread. We can punish Isil – but are they just the unconscious messenger? Are they like a small dose of a homeopathic medicine? A poison like Belladonna, lachesis, (from snake bite of the bushmaster viper) arsenicum, (arsenic) nux vomica (strychnine) which ultimately creates a curative reaction?
      In the attack chart, Lachesis (asteroid) is conjunct Mercury in the yod base (Lachesis was one of the fates – the dispenser of “lots” Mercury is combos the Sun. Asteroid Hebe is conjunct Jupiter n the yod – Hebe was the goddess of youth. (allow slightly wider orb because of the huge gas giant not the asteroid).
      Finally – worth noting the “cult” of heavy metal or “death metal” band – Eagles of Death Metal were playing at the Bataclan.
      – Death metal music –
      “Death metal is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal music. It typically employs heavily distorted and low-tuned guitars, played with techniques such as palm muting and tremolo picking, deep growling vocals and screams, aggressive, powerful drumming featuring double kick or blast beat techniques, minor keys or atonality, abrupt tempo, key, and time signature changes and chromatic chord progressions. The lyrical themes of death metal may invoke slasher film-stylized violence,[3] religion (sometimes Satanism), occultism, Lovecraftian horror, nature, mysticism, mythology, philosophy, science fiction, and politics,[4][5] and they may describe extreme acts, including mutilation, dissection, torture, rape, cannibalism, and necrophilia.” wiki.
      One youthful death cult versus another… both testing the boundaries of life, Neptune – the romantic ideal of youth sq. Saturn the archetype of limitation, the pier v senex.
      Asteroid Hera is opposite Paris attack Mercury – Hera may bear a pomegranate in her hand, emblem of blood and death and a substitute for the narcotic capsule of the opium poppy- Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature against Zeus’s (Jupiter) lovers and offspring, but also against mortals who crossed her.
      Back to karma – there is karma of the individuals and collective karma at work. Can’t think of a homeopathic remedy for that!

    2. My translation of the Arabic word Dabiq -???? – means

  10. Nice analysis, Marina! My attention went immediately to the NN on Alkaid as well…the other thing that grabbed me was Saturn near Acrab – “Religious but hypocritical” according to Robson. What motivates one to do terrible things under the banner of religion is absolutely beyond me – faith is supposed to be a tool for lifting ourselves and others UP, NOT for spreading fear! That’s some warped ideological framework right there..ISIL really is nothing more than a cult (albeit a violent, dangerous one)twisting & distorting Islam for its own ends, IMO – in my eyes, this is all very illustrative of the square between Saturn in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces.

    That aside, Acrab itself as you well know is traditionally an “evil” star, causing “extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness..” (Robson again), while Ebertin linked this star w/ “mass casualties”. Koch called the effects of this star “doubtful”, but this is one instance where I would indeed call it verified and contest the veracity of his opinion….especially with Saturn on it while opposite France’s Mars.

  11. Thanks to both people who posted such scholarly, wise responses to my posts. I noted two news items today to add to the picture of the zeitgeist: 1. that the Yazidi graves of people massacred by Isis held over 100 bodies of women aged 40 to 80. The killers come and eliminate all women whom they deem no longer useful to them. Yes, they are killing the grandmothers of that culture to complete the genocide. Oh, now where is dark Lilith these days? Eris is her sister—are they talking lately? Kurdish young women are joining their own brigades to defend themselves which never would have happened in the past.
    2. One of the 3 Isis/Daesh routes that the Russian military so professionally presented today shows oil tankers going to? yes, that once Templar held port of Iskandur near Antioch. Coincidences especially in mystery novels are usually important.

    Again, thanks.

    1. the devaluing of female energy is appauling. I also heard about IS making woman fighters ,have abortions, this partiachal energy indulging themselves of young female bodies . pluto cap up to 2024, is about redressing the balance, having ,self government,of conscience, not just what you can get away with.Female and male energy to equalize itself. One young male recruited fighter for IS ,said to his father,i can do what ever I want over here in Syria, ie indulge his male blood lust, to dictate and scare others.male distorted energy.Saw on another site ,IS chart is ,28 june 2014,20 10 EEDT, Ar-Raqqah, Syria.Pluto in cap 1st house ,opp sun cancer ,and all the other knee jerk emotional reactions of cancer.

  12. I enjoyed the post. But, I’m a bit boondoggled with regard to this popular ennui, this world weary attitude, to so-called ‘political correctness’. It’s a good sign when cultures attempt to learn from history, from past mistakes. I don’t think we’ve come far enough. When every human being realizes we are quite literally brothers & sisters, maybe (yeah, I can dream).
    Let me tell a story: a 19 year old boy walking in the rural US countryside & three local boys in a truck who deem him ‘gay’ (he was from the so-called big city visiting) and decided to kick his brains out. They did, he died a day later. And no, he wasn’t gay. That was two years ago.
    Yeah, I think ‘political correctness’ has a long way to go before we don’t need to be conscious of it. Hate speak should be demonized for what it is. Say something intelligent, don’t demonize a people for their culture, race, creed or sex on only that basis. I honestly don’t get this posturing from people as though this is some hardship to endure – how hard is it to not hate on people? Actually, people do find it hard indeed to not blame others whether it’s Islam, Christians, Liberals, Conservatives, Gays or the Reptilian New World Order Elite, or those shifty-eyed aliens.
    So, I really don’t know what you were getting at toward the end of this post about not being able to say anything due to ‘political correctness’? (seriously?!) Unfortunately there is an enormous amount of hate on the internet.
    At any rate, Marina – just say it …..

    1. I think I’m being fairly clear! It’s ‘Politically Correctness’ that is not clear because, the goal posts keep moving every year… ‘Political correctness’ did not stop that poor kid being killed did it? His killers don’t read the intellectual PC press. That’s really my point. In fact if the PC press were being a bit more honest about the attitude of some country folk towards trendy ‘gay’ city boys, this trusting boy might have keep away from brutish red necks in trucks. Yes it’s sad that we have to be suspicious like that but its called survival. Not everyone thinks like you!

      Some very reasonable discussions by intelligent people are being deemed as ‘hate speech’. We don’t hear about them, just about racist or homophobic thugs. Sometimes people get angry and that’s not the same as hate. If someone invades your personal space even if they are well meaning you do get angry do you not? You may even ‘hate’ them while they are doing it. That doesn’t make you a bad person. In the end we are animals who like their territory. Cats respectfully keep to their zones without too much trouble. Its only when interfering humans(Governments) try to get them to “be brothers and sisters” that the trouble starts. Why can’t we respect that people like to have their space and mix with like minded souls? It doesn’t mean they are demonising folk they do NOT resonate with or want to have in their space!

      “It’s a good sign when cultures attempt to learn from history, from past mistakes.” But who writes the history? Most people don’t dig deep enough and just get it from fantasy hollywood films and conspiracy youtube videos, not from books. How many people look into the crusades and what is really written in the Quran. How the Romans invented Christianity or the life of Mohammad? It’s really fascinating how religions came to be and it’s what is inspiring my work lately.

    2. I just have to say – growing up in a racially divided (black/white) Northern US city I have come a long way in being comfortable in an integrated world now that I have been in a multi-cultural city for a long time. I am one of those Americans who come from a family related to Robert E. Lee on one side and an 1st generation immigrant on the other and everything in between. My father’s parents eloped because my grandmother was forbidden to marry an Italian immigrant for example. Integration of multi-cultures into a long-standing one is not a simple task and from what I have read on this blog, most especially the case of the Sheffield woman and the no-go zones in Paris, I say, if any one is not telling it like it is in the name of political correctness (which for the sake of this site I think should be clearly defined) then I call BS. I say – tell it like it is. To my mind, if people are not, they are in fear of retaliation and feel restrained by fear of offense. Perhaps they just need to choose their words diplomatically while not averting the Truth. It appears the powers to be do not want to put a stick in the hornets nest and the nest keeps getting bigger. I am, for the most part, a WASP in an uber liberal and progressive city and I can tell you that it is much easier to be that way if you are removed from the reality of living in the conflict as I have always lived on the edge of the white, highly educated enclave for most of my time here. I understand ennui of the intellectually removed perspective while still maintaining that it is critical to be sensitive to, aware and respectful of other cultures, of the stranger. That does not mean I agree with them or want to be a part of their religious belief system or that I think they should not try to extend the same courtesy to me or the country to which they immigrated. It also does not mean I think idiots like Donald Trump should be encouraging people to suspect every Muslim that lives in their neighborhood. This is a hard one, and I have huge sympathy for the countries who are getting hit hard by this. Thank you Marina for the great astrology and for your sympathy to the French people, who as you say, are not their government.

  13. ” and that is what is inspiring my work lately” And may Saturn in Sagittarius bless you in your efforts. Also, “all you need is love” did not keep the Beatles together nor did it help the “we can change the world” ethos of the 1960’s social movements. We nudged the world a bit back then and with the mass student strikes on practically every campus after the Kent State/Jackson State murders persuaded the ruling group in America that they would lose their whole younger generation unless they ended THAT war. And then we found that it takes a lot more than love–like wisdom, discipline, solidarity with others. On that point my normally feuding cats form a united front in the mornings to wake me in order to draw my attention to the empty food bowl . Also, it is a lot slower, non linear process, this perfecting of the human race . There are a lot of people experiencing a lot of different scenes in the world. Live and let live.

  14. That’s fascinating…. you found that in the charts.

    I had exactly the same idea and posted such on fb referring to the Paris attacks and Frances response – into Syria. . Here it is-

    “‘Zion’ is a disambiguation of ‘Sion’. The Templars (The Order of Sion) have unfinished business?

    “Meanwhile the Prieure de Sion’s “child” was having a major crisis of its own. By 1291, all of the Holy Land was under Muslim control. Inasmuch as the Templar’s prime reason for existence had been in conquering infidel lands and defending the Holy Land, this constituted something of a problem.

    Fortunately, the Templars had early on developed a close connection with the Cathars of southern France. In fact, Bertrand de Blanchefort, fourth grand master of the order, came from a Cathar family. The Templars, therefore, sought refuge in the area of southern France known as the Languedoc. Of course, this area was Guillem de Gellone’s old stomping ground. In effect, the Templars’ new home base was the same area that figured so prominently in the Merovingian bloodline, and ultimately in Godfroi’s bid to become King of Jerusalem and thereby re-establish the House of David as rulers of the Hold Land.

    Things were starting to look good for the Templars. ”

    1. I’ll add in the second part to the post-

      ” Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar: OLE’s Historic Predecessors

      The Prieuré de Sion (Priory of Zion) was a chivalrous fraternity created in medieval France with the purpose of preserving the Merovingian bloodline and returning them to the throne of France. They were officially founded as the Order de Sion by Godfroi de Bouillon in 1099. This was just prior the First Crusade, which was also headed by de Bouillon. Their official headquarters was the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont de Sion in Jerusalem. In March 1117 they had Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem (who, it is said, owed his throne to them due to their efforts on his behalf) negotiate the constitution of the Order of the Temple, a.k.a. the Knights Templar, as the military and administrative arm of the Order de Sion.

      The Templar order, which had already been around more than a decade, was headed by Hughes de Payen, who was also a founding member of the Order de Sion. They are not mentioned again in history until 1152, when King Louis VII of France brought them 95 new members and gave them the priory of Saint-Samson at Orléans.

      The Templars, according to tradition, were created for the purpose of safeguarding pilgrims on the road to the Holy Land, and they are most famous for their brave fighting on behalf of Christendom for the capture of Jerusalem. However, evidence indicates that this was not at all an orthodox Christian organization, but that their secret rituals and doctrine were much more mystical, hermetic, and occult-oriented, derived not from the Church, but from Christ himself.

      The Knights Templar had quite a career after the Crusades. They basically took over Europe financially, dominating all of the major industries, especially that of money lending. They invented the modern checking system, and within a few years had all of Europe’s kings indebted to them. This is why, even though they were disbanded by the Pope and the Grand Master burnt at the stake for heresy, some people believe that the Templars still exist today, continuing to manipulate the affairs of Europe behind the scenes. The Swiss nation, especially, is believed to be controlled by them. The same can be said for the Priory of Sion, which continues to this day, according to the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

      In fact, a number of illustrious figures in history, including Leonardo da Vinci, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, Claude Debussy, and Jean Cocteau have served as the Priory’s Grand Masters, or Nautioniers (Navigators.) The Priory has been credited by some with the creation of the European Union. The same insignia which they proposed for the flag of the United States of Europe in the 1950s is being used on the flag of the EU today. Former President of France François Mitterand was believed to be a member of the Priory, and many other very powerful people. They are also said to be in league with the CIA, MI5, and the Mafia. As for the Merovingians, their bloodline continues on. Through incestuous intermarriage, most of the royal families of Europe can claim descent from them. And from these royal families, have come all 44 of the United States Presidents.”…/merovingios_11.htm

    2. Wow, this is so complex. I wondered about wether Sion was the same as Zionism so I looked up “Priory of Sion”. I found this on Wiki: (My comments in italics.)

      “The authors( Of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.) therefore concluded that the modern goals of the Priory of Sion are:
      the public revelation of the tomb and shrine of Sigebert IV as well as the lost treasure of the Temple in Jerusalem, which supposedly contains genealogical records that prove the Merovingian dynasty was of the Davidic line, to facilitate Merovingian restoration in France;
      the re-institutionalization of chivalry and the promotion of pan-European nationalism; (INTERESTING)
      the establishment of a theocratic “United States of Europe”: a Holy European Empire politically and religiously unified through the imperial cult of a Merovingian Great Monarch who occupies both the throne of Europe and the Holy See; and
      the actual governance of Europe residing with the Priory of Sion through a single-party European Parliament.(WEIRD, because this has been happening, but at the detriment of native Christian Europeans. So I this would be running against Christians, but then what type of Christians?)
      The authors also incorporated the antisemitic and anti-Masonic tract known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion into their story, concluding that it was actually based on the master plan of the Priory of Sion. They presented it as the most persuasive piece of evidence for the existence and activities of the Priory of Sion by arguing that:
      the original text on which the published version of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was based had nothing to do with Judaism or an “international Jewish conspiracy”. It issued from a Masonic body practicing the Scottish Rite which incorporated the word “Zion” in its name.”

      It’s all a puzzle. I’m not sure how much you can rely on WIKI, even though I do quote from it often. Remember who runs so much of the press, google and facebook… With the internet we have to really dig deep and supplement that research with independent books. Sometimes youtube is good because the spoken word and videos can’t be scanned by googlebot!

      My feeling is that pagan Christians, the ones that were thrown to the lions are different from the reinvented ‘Roman’ Christians.
      The History Of Christianity – How Christianity was invented. There are some idiots in this trying to bend Christianity to their agenda, but the general history is interesting to say the least. The best commentary is from Timothy Freke who talks about the Gnostics. His books are: “The Jesus Mysteries” and “Jesus Of The Lost Goddess.” On my Christmas list.

      I just want to know where the gnostics are hiding!

  15. Gnostics are probably somewhere, just happy not being the target these days, Marina. They can put their feet up and ‘do their own thing’ while the other ‘latter bunches’ rush around doing theirs.

    The focus seems more around a ‘second’ and ‘physical’ coming of Christ!-

    “Europe seems to be crumbling. The financial and migrant crises seem to be pulling Europe apart. But Europe will be the king of the north, a superpower made up of 10 kings and led by Germany. Dozens of Bible prophecies forecast the rise of another Holy Roman Empire in Europe. Please read our book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy for a full explanation.”
    (An astrologer friend loves reading The Trumpet for the purpose of keeping up with world events. Back issues go back and back)

    The Pan-European Nationalism idea is interesting in The Holy Grail. This article (found in the ‘essential reading’ section) talks of Synarchy-

    My source said Zion was a disambiguation of Sion (then again it was Wiki). This source says not to get confused between the two –
    “The name Sion (?????) — not to be confused with Shion (??????) or Zion (????)” “The name Zion in the Bible
    Zion was originally a Jebusite stronghold located in or near Jerusalem or is equal to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:7). King David captures this stronghold and it is renamed City Of David. David sets up the tabernacle there and Solomon retrieves it from there to place the Ark and utensils in the temple. The prophet Isaiah mentions that YHWH dwells on Mount Zion (8:18) and later writers relate the name Zion to the eternal Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22; spelled ????, Sion) and heaven (Revelation 14:1).
    Etymology of the name Zion
    Because Zion was originally not Israeli, the name Zion comes to us probably from a language other than Hebrew. HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament mentions an Arabic root s-w-n, meaning to protect or defend, which may give Zion the meaning of fortress. Others (says HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament) suggest derivation from a root saha, be bald.
    Spelled the way it is, however, the name Zion is identical to the Hebrew word ???? (sayon) either meaning place of dryness, or monument:”

    It is all mind boggling, indeed!!

    1. I’m probably missing something here – all this lineage stuff and hidden orders determined to re-instate ancient blood lines to power et al. Do you REALLY think this all ties into the current IS situation? And if so – what does it matter? What has to be dealt with is in the NOW, not 1099. Now will create the future. NOW is where the astrology is active. Interesting speculation I guess if you want to spend your time that way, but how does it enhance, inform current life? If we are being controlled by hidden forces than we are not going to know about it is my bet, uh, ’cause they are hidden. I also think sometimes we romanticize what it is to be part of a special group with a special calling/cause either and once we are on the inside and live it the veil is lifted – the romance is gone and, oh well, reality raises its head again. I love to study and to philosophize, but using astrology for speculation about some new order seems like a huge waste of time. To each his own I guess. PS – I had a bit of a chuckle imaging Barack Obama being related to the European royals. I am sure he would be amused as well. Seems like a DNA sample would solve that mystery – or is that controlled too?

  16. @ Jen. Since ISL base todays actions on a book that is 2000 years old I think history is relevant. Astrology is all about cycles! Large and small. And I follow synchronicities. Just trying to understand why history keeps repeating itself. I’m not interested in royal bloodlines particularly, just why conspiracy sites seem to want to put every single ‘elite psychopath’ in one. Seems a bit daft to me.
    Ancestral memory is important though and is contained in the blood.
    Gnostic wisdom connects us to the planet gods and goddesses, myths and pagan seasonal rituals which of course is is how we get astrology.

    1. Marina – thank you for clarifying – I am going to blame this on all the mutability that is stirring around right now but I was genuinely confused about where you were coming from with this. I too have no interest in conspiracy theories or much of anything with a Dan Brown flavor and that is what I was reacting to. But history – yes, very important to know where we came from – and the cycles and synchronicity as it informs the present, and you make a great point that ISL is basing their actions on ancient teachings, although I don’t really think ISL has an ideology or religious agenda at all – I think they have politicized Islam and twisted its teachings in order to simply take power and express hatred. (Is this some serious shadow stuff or what?) Seems very Plutonian/Mars.

      Perhaps history repeats itself because we really haven’t purged the past – our evolution is apparently not up to it? This is the great mystery – why we are so incapable of getting it right – or, and I really do not want to believe this – perhaps we are getting it right according to some plan beyond our understanding or dare I say, agreement? Many wish so badly to find a rational reason for the irrationality of ISL and other terrorists. I wonder if there is one. I honestly think there are inferior beings who are missing a certain capacity – like the 4 percent of the population that is sociopathic. [The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout] and that they just need to be eliminated.

    2. since our ancesters ,are us,its all recycled energetic co ordinates of electromagnetic consciousness, projected onto the screen of life ,like newtons diagram ,all done by mirrors.i find the personification of energies ,irrelevant, as we need to read the billions of each and every life form, that, we were, are now and will be and the interaction of each of them ,which I don’t think the human being is capable of. its why near death experiencers ,know its all one and we can access all info instantly, as we are not limited to time and space. every thing can be conjured up, if we key in the co-ordiates ,no thing is ever lost all is recorded, sort of akashic record which are meticulousely pre and pro planned.

    3. like platos fire ,projecting a shadow on to the cave wall, untill we are that spiritual fire, of consciousness,which is not physical, just a metaphor,then we cant see the bigger picture, which incidentally ,is always adding to itself,im sure this may drive the virgoan energy haywire, of trying to work everything out perfectly.

  17. The idea of ‘inferior beings’-sociopaths who just need to be eliminated…. in my opinion, sums up the ‘speak’ that underlies the media presentations on the current War on Terror.
    Such Darwinian or variation of led to the decimation of Australian, American Ingigenous etc etc)

    I remember the days when things like ‘crisis diplomacy, negotiation, the social causes of violence, cause and effect’ were discussed on mainstream media to a degree. The absence of,is remarkable these days.

    In my view, it is the seeming absence of adequate explanations on so many matters of importance to people, especially in regards to actions of governments in present times…. that seems often, to propel so called ‘Conspiracy theorists’ – those who go into historical material that is on hand, searching. Perhaps sometimes some get it all wrong or some information is deliberate dis-information. The conspiracy genre often thought provoking, especially for one such as I, who studied Government and IR.

    A definition of conspiracy in law is

    n. when people work together by agreement to commit an illegal act. A conspiracy may exist when the parties use legal means to accomplish an illegal result, or to use illegal means to achieve something that in itself is lawful. To prove a conspiracy those involved must have agreed to the plan before all the actions have been taken, or it is just a series of independent illegal acts. A conspiracy can be criminal for planning and carrying out illegal activities, or give rise to a civil lawsuit for damages by someone injured by the conspiracy. Thus, a scheme by a group of salesmen to sell used automobiles as new, could be prosecuted as a crime of fraud and conspiracy, and also allow a purchaser of an auto to sue for damages for the fraud and conspiracy.”

    Read more:

    Conspiracies …. pretty commonplace…. in civilian pops and government ranks, imo.

  18. Marina, I came across the following forum post elsewhere prior to seeing your article on the Paris attacks. It seemed not to have generated any replies. It will no doubt, mean more to you as astrologer than to me.


    Join Date: Nov 2015
    Posts: 46
    Re: Paris Attack Friday the 13th, 2015
    [QUOTE=Inline;643559]Here is the event chart for the first bomb going off in the stadium in Paris on Friday the 13th, November 2015 at 9.17pm.
    First we must determine the validitiy of the chart by checking the infomation in the chart against the facts we know…

    Hello –

    The Event is the initial non-destructive bombing at the German-France soccer game. The German’s bombarded France in WWII and America saved France. France will expect this from America again. Saturn rules “other” America and Saturn in 11th house of event.

    The real bombardments took place outside of this location – the ones resulting in deaths. In localized ‘neighborhoods” This means that someone in French intelligence knew of this. Uranus in 10th of France – public entity bent on destruction – quincunx to day to day ‘media’. Not a friend nor foe, but one who benefits either way.

    Jupiter in 3rd of French bombings. A foreigner with ties to media and local parisian day to day life. The mastermind. An inside job by someone the french people know well on daily level. “

    1. Jupiter in 3rd of French bombings. A foreigner with ties to media and local parisian day to day life. The mastermind. An inside job by someone the french people know well on daily level.

      Yes, fits in with my latest comment. Interesting analysis. Thanks.

  19. re: conspiracy theory. Let me just counter pose another way of looking at power and who controls it and how and for what purpose.

    Shadow government may refer to:

    A government run by an unelected bureaucracy, or a state within a state
    known as the deep state in Turkey

    Very few Americans believe that Kennedy was killed by a single assassin WORKING ALONE. That is the key to how one does a set up. You have the earnest actors ( Guys from Saudi Arabia or a malcontent) with a plan. No conspiracy there. But you use events to your advantage to accomplish your larger goals which makes the whole concept of “conspiracy” a crazy making one. Yes, there is one but at the same time, no, there is not. In the case of Kennedy there was the mob’s entry into drug trade in SE Asia and a handy war there for the military industrialists and LBJ backed off Israel to the point of letting them get away with strafing a ship called the Liberty for over an hour during its 1967 preemptive war.. I rather call it “a hidden hand” that is built into an oligarchy-plutocracy. No “conspiracy”. It is just how things work.

    And you do not stay alive very long in places like Latin America unless you understand this. Americans are more naive– It is a richer country and there are other ways of dealing with the 99% here.

    By the way the French government just extended martial law for another 6 months. Cui bono?

    1. I see what you are saying Harriet.

      The def. of it is pretty straightforward
      “A conspiracy theory is an explanatory hypothesis that suggests that two or more persons, a group, or an organization of having caused or covered up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an event or situation which is typically taken to be illegal or harmful. Although the term “conspiracy theory” has acquired a derogatory meaning over time and is often used to dismiss or ridicule beliefs in conspiracies,[1] it has also continued to be used to refer to actual, proven conspiracies, such as United States President Richard Nixon and his aides conspiring to cover up the Watergate scandal in the 1970s.’

      “Acquired derogatory meaning

      Originally a neutral term, since the mid-1960s in the aftermath of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, it has acquired a derogatory meaning, implying a paranoid tendency to see the influence of some malign covert agency in events.[17] The term is often used to dismiss claims that the critic deems ridiculous, misconceived, paranoid, unfounded, outlandish, or irrational.[18] A conspiracy theory that is proven to be correct, such as the notion that United States President Richard Nixon and his aides conspired to cover up Watergate, is usually referred to as something else, such as investigative journalism or historical analysis.[19] Despite conspiracy theorists often being dismissed as a “fringe group,” evidence suggests that people from “a broad cross-section of Americans today—traversing ethnic, gender, education, occupation, and other divides” believe in a wide variety of conspiracy theories.[20] The term often implies that the proposed explanation of events is perceived as violating Occam’s razor or the principle of falsifiability.

      Rebecca Moore said, “The word ‘conspiracy’ works much the same way the word ‘cult’ does to discredit advocates of a certain view or persuasion.” (Wiki again)

  20. @harriet. Yes ‘conspiracy theory’ has become another way of ridiculing out-of-the-box thinking. None of us like to feel stupid or gullible. It’s very clever.

    In the light of Britain’s ridiculous vote to send the RAF to bomb Syrian oil fields, I believe it IS possible that the Paris Attack was some sort of intelligence mission. There are certainly events that could be false flags, but I’m not sure that this is one of them. I can’t believe that you could get away with fake murders on such large scale. Could be that the French/Euro government has capitalised this to shape it to their own agenda. Ie: The Syrian passport found was just a bit of a giveaway. I mean.. really?!

    Connecting this to the Templars. Could be they were the medieval version of MI5. My theory is that I think the best of them started to rebel against their employers once they learnt of some mission they were about to be sent on that was just against their good ethics. Apparently some Templars escaped, or maybe they were the ones that decided to co-operate with their handlers and were given some warning.

    That’s just my take anyhow I have the feeling that the Templars started off good but were then co-opted as what tends to happen when a movement gets too strong.

    I believe that’s what happened to Christianity too. It just seems so weird that one minute Christians were being thrown to the lions and then Christianity is the best thing ever, the Emperors become the first Popes and then Christianity takes over the whole of Europe, then Africa, then the USA..

    The Romans could not have done this without the help of the Jews obviously, since they were needed to write the New Testament in Hebrew. But then why would the Jews want to conspire to conjure up a religion that would ultimately challenge their own? Doesn’t make sense, unless this is about divide and conquer. New Testament V Old Testament. But they are still of ‘The Book’, and then comes along the controlled-opposition…. Islam.

    Lion, Sion…Zion. Isn’t that a Bob Marley song?

    1. Hi Marina. yes, the Templars were an international organization and had the equivalent of a Swift system for payment transfers so they had tremendous power. Much as been written about their large stockpiles of wealth since at the time paper money or certificates were always backed up by gold. And like M15 they knew where the bodies were buried having probably buried a few themselves.

      I see this Microsoft Guy, Bill Gates, who wants with his educational programs to basically make a technocratic elite which will function to save the planet. These are being pushed in wealthy high schools in California. There are those who say that in the future this elite technocratic priesthood will then run the mechanism of the planet for the 1% and for the good of us all.In a time of “clean” atomic energy world wide there will need to be authoritarian regimes to not only run this new power grid but to protect it from attack to keep us all safe. Perhaps the Templars were getting a bit too powerful in a time when the Kings made alliances with the nobility or the Church not with upstart hybrid organizations of commerce/religion/military. They were also competing with the Jewish international merchants who like in Spain kept on very, very good terms with whatever monarch was in power, often times doing the dismal work of tax collecting on the merchants and lessor nobility.

    2. I noticed something on the web in the aftermath of the Paris Attacks where the French President called to ban conspiracy theories.

      The acronym ISIS seems to have shrunken to Is.

      “ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Later, after the interview ended, Todd told his panel, “Obviously we refer to it at NBC News as ISIS. The Obama administration, president, says the word ISIL. The last S stands for Syria, the last L they don’t want to have stand for Syria.”Jan 20, 2015″

      I couldn’t help thinking of the Egyptian Goddess ISIS.

      (A girl with the name Isis was banned from posting on fb b/c of her name!)

      Ken O’Keefe is adamant that ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

    3. Mass murderers love to leave clues – or a signature. Its the equivalent of an artist who is so full of themselves they leave a huge signature almost the size of their artwork. The psychopath wants the world to know who he/she is/how powerful he/she is – this is why they make sure they leave a signature. Serial killers become more brazen as they progress, leaving clues to taunt their pursuers.
      The bombing of oil fields is not just blanket bombing of all Syrian oilfields – it is the ones which ISIL have control of which they use for funding.
      The trouble wth conspiracy – NO ONE in the end believes anything. Which is fine – until you find yourself on the London underground with a knife in your throat and some nitwit shouting the odds while another shouts “police brutality” while the attacker is being held by police. Yes! A woman really did do that – and this is what happens when we don’t see the whole picture.

  21. Interesting Uber, about the leaving of clues. An interesting too Marina about the leaving of the Syrian passport – it seems very weird that a person would have it together enough to execute the bombing/murders but not careful about leaving their identity if they did not want to. Maybe they did want it to be known – they are not really hiding – not really ashamed to admit their deed in the end -in fact they are proud of their successful mission. This does not mean it was planted by the police or secret service. This objectification of events, this analysis is a scrambling to make sense – to feel more in control. In the end it is all madness and tragic and very much a Saturn/Sag Neptune square – it is out of control and as such anxiety inducing. PS I am glad to not use beautiful ISIS’ name. I refer to these murdering sociopaths as IS. If we could only dry up the source of their recruits. Some are already returning disenchanted – another Saturn square Neptune theme. Sobering up to the reality of the brutality as not being something to die for or promote.

    1. Pluto in Capricorn will be passing over 19 degrees in the next year or so. This is the conjunction point of Neptune /Uranus in the 1990’s. I expect more whistleblowers to expose the functioning of the deep state and how the mercenary/drug/banking interests connect to the CIA/military/State Deptartment. Clarity will be achieved perhaps. One can hope.

    2. Hi Jen
      I’m sure someone who orchestrates a move to catch the eyes of the world wants their signature on it. I read a really brilliant bak on serial killers some years ago and the mind games they play with their pursuers.
      On another note, and I have to say I’m keeping a very open mind on this – I listened to a medium yesterday bringing in the couple who did the shooting in San Bernadino. The woman was the most vociferous (!!!) and what she had to say was really interesting. This “talk” was from the series ” Channeling Erik” – Erik committed suicide a few years ago but makes very credible contact via a couple of mediums. His “interviews” with other’s on the other side of the veil are massively thought provoking.
      There are so many levels of analysis – but Tasheen says the higher purpose ultimately is to bring people together. But this was not her human intention at the time. The interview is really worth a listen and to me raises a huge question we miss consistently – what is the higher intention in such events? Until we accept there is one, we remain bickering over conspiracies, blame, tribal differences etc And this means ALL sides!
      Tashfeen Malik has a widely spread cardinal cross in her chart of Sun Mars and N Node. Her Libra Moon is on Alkaid (destroyer of nations). We don’t know her time of birth. The esoteric meaning of the cardinal cross is initiation – into Christ consciousness – which would mean at its very least, tolerance – and perhaps this lesson needs to be more widely heard? Especially in societies where women are stoned for adultery etc etc A reaction to the recent attack “in the name of Syria” on the London underground, now going viral, is “YouAintNoMuslimBruv” makes a beautiful point. – Tashfeen Malik’s chart

  22. That’s interesting Harriet.

    Someone out there knows what the facts are.

    * I cannot understand how a passport, that was on a person who blew themselves up, could possibly end up Beside them INTACT.

    (The ancient Isis cults are an interesting read but I don’t know how relevant it is to today. I have read that at some points in time the cults were engaged in intense, subversive political activities).

    A note on Gnosticism –
    “The Masonic movement has been referred to as a Gnostic movement. The popular book The Da Vinci Code (2003, Doubleday) by Dan Brown promotes Gnostic ideas as it attempts to undermine orthodox Christianity.

  23. A further thought on the Syrian passport issue-if the passport was placed on the ground by the suicide bomber prior to detonation:

    Was the forensics team involved after the event?

    – There would be , maybe, someones fingerprints on the passport.
    DNA fragments of the bomber may have been retrievable.
    Is the owner of the passport alive, in France or elsewhere?

    1. Could have been a the one who returned to the site then gave police the slip – or an accomplice. if they wore gloves, no fingerprints.

  24. feasible imo uberqueenofwands.

    Bataclan theatre has security footage maybe…. shows who entered the theater?

    Rifles seized by police? …. rifles traceable back to origin eg. place of sale or owner?

    Surely security footage around stadium during a Presidential visit?

    1. Well there is still an international manhunt going on for Abdeslam Salah – the main man whose ID was checked near the scene then allowed to pass through – a severed finger was also found – which led to identification of one attacker, Ismail Mostefai who Turkish authorities twice flagged up as a possible terror suspect last year, but their alerts were unanswered until after the Paris attacks. – so presumably another little deliberate act of defiance by a criminal. These guys are very PROUD of what they do! The want us to fear them! They was to be revered! And they want to show defiance. Its very typical of a psychopathic personality! The “Frenchman” Mostefai, born to Algerian parents, was a known radical and is believed to have trained with Isil inside Syria last year. Mostefai had a criminal record, convicted of eight crimes between 2004 and 2010, but was never jailed. He was flagged as a radicalisation risk by French intelligence in 2010,
      The passport was Syrian – may have been a snide reminder that the large scale immigration from Syria has allowed a small army in! I think Greece was already making noises re their concern in the summer! The Syrian passport found near the body belonged to an alleged terrorist at the stadium, (it was found at the Stade de France, not the Bataclan) traced to a migrant, born in 1990, who crossed into the European Union via the Greek island of Leros on 3 October, according to Greece’s citizen protection minister, Nikos Toskas. However – it might also be coincidental as an Egyptian passport was also found. People do carry passports with them.
      Two of the Stade De France attackers are unidentified as is a 7th who blew himself up afterwards.
      Don’t underestimate these guys’ desire to be known HEROES amongst their kind. This is why a signature is important.

      French television station Metropole 6 has named the passport-holder, but its claim is yet to be confirmed by investigators.

  25. Here is a link to an understanding of bombers – not psycho.

    The use of the belts is not a new phenomena and across cultures historically

    “The use of the explosive belt or vest originated with, and was perfected by the Tamil separatists of Sri Lanka called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

    The use of suicidal attacks to inflict damage upon an enemy predates the Second World War, in which Kamikaze units (suicidal air attacks) and Kaiten (“living torpedoes”) were used to attack Allied forces.

    “Explosive belts” (or vests) are an on-foot version of such attacks.”

    “On 13 March 1881, Ignaty Grinevitsky watched as his accomplice threw a small bomb at the convoy of Tsar Alexander II outside the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Safely enclosed in a carriage made from bullet-proof material as a gift from Napoleon III, the Tsar stepped out, dazed but unhurt.

    Grinevitsky saw his chance. The young man, a member of The People’s Will left-wing terrorist group, rushed towards his target, dropping a bomb at the Tsar’s feet killing both himself and his 62 year-old Emperor. Alexander’s legs were blown off, his stomach ripped open and his face mutilated. He died a few hours later.

    The night before the attack Grinevitsky wrote:

    ‘It is my lot to die young, I shall not see our victory, I shall not live one day, one hour in the bright season of our triumphs, but I believe that with my death I shall do all that it is my duty to do, and no one in the world can demand more of me.’

    Grinevitsky went down in history as the first man to become truly infamous as a suicide bomber.”

    (I have always thought of it as the ‘poor man’s’ weapon in an attempt to liberate from an oppressive, invasive force).

    1. What do you think about beheading people in public? e.g Lee Rigby? Sure bombing is standard fare in the assertion of any religious/political belief. I suppose they take your line, draw it and then decide what is justifiable.
      In the mind of a perpetrator with a strong belief – (and the words of song)
      – you must have something to believe in – to make it beautiful to die…

      Anyone drunk on ideology could develop a psychopathy – simple. But also complicated and I link to an article below which explains this.

      Bottom line, no one wants to go out for an evening wearing a surgical collar and a suit of armour – the former to prevent a beheading – the latter to rebel shrapnel…people prefer to live in groups where their normal activities are not under threat from explosives! And what continues for the bomber after suicide etc is another story – but if you believe in martyrdom – which they all seem to do (overestimation of their personalities?) ergo there is another dimension to their belief? i.e the afterlife. From your quote above –
      “I believe that with my death I shall do all that it is my duty to do, and no one in the world can demand more of me.’… a somewhat distorted sense of duty or a sense of divine guidance? Either way too self important to be considered “normal”.
      Oppression/invasion – are more states of mind to the individual built on belief.
      You might be interested in this article – its a bit scholarly – from Scientific American
      “Ariel Merari’s research team (Ariel Merari is a retired professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University. He has studied terrorism and political violence for more than 30 years and has published widely on these subjects.) conducted psychological tests of preemptively arrested suicide bombers and found evidence of suicidal tendencies, depressive tendencies, and previous (non-terrorist) suicide attempts. David Lester ( ) found that many female suicide bombers seem driven, at least in part, by post-traumatic stress disorder, hopelessness, and despair. (is this an inner conflict between wanting to be an autonomous woman in todays world v bound by a religion?) And in several recent articles, I summarize evidence of psychological similarities between suicide terrorists and people who commit nonviolent suicides, coerced suicides, and mass-murder-suicides.” Adam Lankford Scientific American.

      The whole article is in depth and really interesting. And do remember that the attackers we know of are driven by a load we don’t know who are manipulating from behind scenes and recruiting etc Psychopaths are good at influencing vulnerable people.

      Of course the justification for blowing anything up is arbitrary – Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale (Lee Rigby killers) believed they were justified by their understanding of Allah. But they don’t really get Allah – because Allah according to Islam cannot actually be known. Allah is the beyond human understanding principle of The Source. Same as Hindu non duality of the Absolute. However, in the hands of a psychopath Allah becomes anthropomorphised and given a point of view, becomes a He and afforded the same judgement and justification as the bomber/attacker. This seems like an ego issue at the very least! There is a personal investment in glorification of violent deeds… sounds a bit psychopathic! To make judgement as per Allah?
      But check out the article – unfortunately there are many links within it which may not show up here but you can open it separately.
      Mohamad Youssef Abdulazeez (Chattanooga shooter) had bipolar disorder, depression, and substance abuse, expressed suicidal thoughts in his writings…”Once Abdulazeez made the decision to end his life, his options were immediately limited. In the Islamic religion, there are powerful prohibitions against conventional suicide, and shooting oneself in the head—which many mass murderers do—would be considered an unforgiveable crime against god.
      Unfortunately, “martyrdom” has become a dangerous loophole: it is the only way Islamic suicide attackers believe they can guarantee their own death, and yet go to heaven instead of hell.”
      Devious! Clever… all traits of the psychopath!
      “in an odd twist of fate, Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was shot in the spine, paralyzed, and ultimately survived his attack. Stymied, Hasan has spent the last few years trying to sabotage his legal defense so he could get himself executed.”
      Well chacun a son gout – as the French say, but probably not in Paris.
      I’d like to go back to Marina’s article on psychopathy – and if I ever had the time, see if I could collate the birth data of suicide bombers to connect the astrological thread… but tbh, life is too short!

  26. Personally I am a pacifist.

    I think that oppression and invasion are all too – a matter of fact – however, for some people in the world.

    In my personal context, I imagine I could end up a political martyr, under a dictatorship, depending on what I was being forced to renounce or adopt. I can be stubborn!

    As to why a person becomes a red martyr,there seems to be varying angles in the literature.

    “The few studies that tried to explain the motivations of suicide attacks have tended to focus on the attacker’s psychopathology, poverty and lack of education, or individual motives, such as religious indoctrination, especially Islamic fundamentalism. These explanations have been found to be seriously flawed.

    After reviewing psychological studies of suicide attackers, University of Michigan psychologist Scott Atran concluded that suicide attackers have no appreciable psychological pathologies and are as educated and economically well-off as the surrounding populations. To understand why nonpathological individuals volunteer to become suicide attackers we must focus on situational factors, which are largely sociological in nature. In the the Middle East, these include a collective sense of historical injustice, political subservience and a pervasive sense of social humiliations vis-a-vis global powers and their allies.

    Understanding the dynamics of suicide attacks also requires understanding what drives humans to suicide. In modern psychiatry and sociology, suicide is regarded as an end, an exit from adverse social conditions in which the individual feels powerless. But in my studies of suicide over the past 30 years, I have questioned this characterization. Suicidal behavior in a variety of settings may be used not as an end in itself, but as a means to achieve multiple ends, including self-empowerment in the face of powerlessness, redemption in the face of damnation and honor in the face of humiliation. In my opinion, this is central to a more meaningful understanding and explanation of contemporary suicide attacks in the Middle East and elsewhere.”

    Red martyrdom comes across as an extremely self effacing self importance, indeed if there is any sense of self importance involved.

    There was some talk a while back, that Kamikaze pilots took meth/used amphetamines.

    1. There is suicide and there is suicide which takes several people with it – e.g German Wings pilot.

      Of course what constitutes a certain psychology varies from one place to another – there are very different standards as per culture and country. By German standards the plot has psychological problems.
      The issue wth Islamic bombers to me is that they are outside the main remit of their culture and in many cases, outcast or at the least disowned.
      Personally, I have no idea what pacifism means – because I was punched in the jaw by a buddhist pacifist once!!! and once by a pacifist C of E lay preacher (who got a sentence for it!) I also used to know a conscientious objector from WW2 who used to run a wine bar in Hammersmith – pacifist he was but had no problem selling booze!
      But what’s in a name!!!
      I don’t think I could call myself a pacifist – I don’t like other people doing my dirty work!

  27. Finally! A podcast that makes sense of what is a false flag and why the real news (That really could be used to inflame Islamaphobia: ie Rotherham. is suppressed.) Part 2 is just brilliant and worth subscribing for. Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

    Jim begins with details about the banning of his book by less than a month after publication and after nearly 500 copies had been circulated. He explains damning evidence presented in the book that exposes the corrupt Obama administration, and says that mass shooting events like Sandy Hook, Charleston and Roseburg are elaborate PSYOPs designed to instill fear in particular segments of the American population to push gun control agendas.

    1. Hmm.. controversial – Fetzer has also written “my research on the Holocaust narrative suggests that it is not only untrue but provably false and not remotely scientifically sustainable.”
      I like a person who sticks their neck out!!!

    2. For people who have dealt in courts with false allegations and an artificially constructed ‘alternate reality’ (a fictional portrayal of them and their lives) generated by their dis creditors (as an attack strategy by the dis creditors who are really defending/justifying themselves/an establishment)…. can easily get their heads around the idea of Psyops.

  28. uberqueenofwands, I think one could say that there is a certain psychology in all physical warfare in toto. Under certain circumstances, people/some people can be violent, are prepared to die for a cause and also there’s the notion of provocation.

    Certainly there has been concern for many years in regards to likely repercussions to Western countries whose leaders have been been seen to be meddling in the affairs of the Mid East.

    The Jerusalem Post here notes a drops in support for red martyrdom.

    I doubt that the majority of people worldwide anywhere, welcome or want warfare. The history books though indicate there were martyrs in many faiths depending on the circumstances of the times.

  29. Very interesting post and your open question at the end well asked. In fact possibly the only question that should be being asked! For me the ‘kick off’ chart for Western intervention is the Greek ‘request for aid’ against the Turks received at the Council of Piacenza on 1 March 1095 – Note the Uranus return playing in these latest attacks. We also have a yod, this time with Neptune at 24 cancer and the moon occupying that Paris Jupiter spot. Saturn at mid point. It heralded the invasions of the crusades – and the first major reversal of the West ? On the plains of Raqqa ten years later.

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