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On the sensitive date of Friday 13th, November 2015, Paris suffered the worst terror attack on it’s citizens since WWII. I wasn’t intending to post about this topic until I was pulled into it by a few leads. First of all I noticed the date turned up in the Astrology Of 2015 post in reference to the transiting Yod to Uranus in the sky from Nov 11-14.

Yods feel very fated and if a powerful transiting Yod points to anything in your chart, then there is usually some life-changing event pertaining to the house and planet the Yod is zapping. This Yod has extra oomph because its base is Jupiter sextile New Moon/Mercury.”

The national chart of France has 20º Aries rising. That meant the Uranus Yod was pointing at France’s Ascendant at the time of the Paris Attack. It is not exact, but 4º away is close enough I think!

Traditional astrology doesn’t recognise the quincunxes that make a Yod at all, and since I have been using more traditional techniques I wondered wether transiting Yods really did have any measurable effect (Even though there was no way I ignore Yods in natal charts.)

Paris Attack Horoscope

Paris Attack 2015However I have seen these transiting Yods activate hot spots in my clients charts, and those Yod dates have been being significant for them. This ensured I kept Yods in my astrological toolbox. When I saw this effect happen on the national chart of France, it made my hair stand on end. Never again will I ignore a transiting yod!

What this all meant to me, was that I must follow the path this Yod was pointing at. So first let’s look at the chart for the attack on Friday the 13th. The strongest planet in the chart is Venus in Libra. Venus is said to represent Islamic countries in mundane astrology. It is conjunct Black Moon Lilith on Vindiamatrix, the widow maker.. The attack ascendant is on Procyon, the little yapping dog and ‘announcer star.’ Of course this event was broadcast around the world ‘For Syria’ as one of the ISL assassins proudly announced.

Paris Attack HoroscopeThe Paris Attack north node is conjunct the IC and Mars showing the significance of this event. The important North Node falls on Alkaid, the star of mourners. Remember this tragedy happened just two days after 11.11 remembrance day, which was also a New Moon. The occult significance is all there.

The last star in the Great Bear. Alkaid means ‘hired mourners’…. Experience has shown that many human lives are to be mourned… In accordance with adopted belief of ancient times, this fixed star is supposed to be bound up with the realm of the dead and is therefore associated with death and mourning. In an important position in a mundane map, Alkaid will claim human lives in calamities[1]

Sobering… The similarity between the name Alkaid and Al-qaeda does not go unnoticed. Also “Alkaid was known as “the destroyer of nations” by Islamic astrologers.” [2]

 France National Chart

France HoroscopeThe France Horoscope is interesting in that it has such a strong Libra/7th house. Fair and just. Such a feminine chart with a strong Venus in Libra and Moon in Cancer, both their domiciles. Sensual Venus is tightly conjunct Ceres, the grain goddess. French cuisine is famous around the globe and their baguettes are iconic. Interesting that the French Sun, the head of state, is combust Mercury on fixed star Algorab.

I still have to study this star in more depth. But it seems the crafty crow Algorab can either be the terrorists or be the victim of terrorists. Croatian astrologers call this star ‘Kill or be killed’. All this in the house of 7th house of open enemies. The North Node on lucky Spica is in the 7th too, so maybe this gives France some protection. There is a lot more to say on this chart. Note Mars square Pluto, Moon on Pollux and Lilith close to the South Node, but let’s move on to the transits of Friday the 13th.

Transits To France

Paris Attack TransitsAs stated the Uranus Yod was pointing at France’s AC. Pluto is tightly square France’s Sun (13′) and Mercury (57′). Venus just past its return. The harsh Alkaid Mars/IC/North Node stellium are at least 3º away from France’s unarmed and you could even say, naive and vulnerable Venus/Ceres. To me it feels like an attack on fun, life and ‘joie de vivre’ if you like. Most of the deaths were in the beautifully painted Bataclan theatre, a place of enjoyment (Venus). But Ceres is also the planet of mourning too, since she lost her daughter Persephone to the underworld for a time.

The Knights Templars In France

I happened across a documentary on the knights templar yesterday which mentioned a Friday the 13th attack and arrest of all the knights by their King and the pope. These religious warriors were tortured and accused of all sort of heresy. It seems they were innocent, but King Phillip was in debt and didn’t want to pay them for their services during the crusades. I have a feeling somehow that these two events are related, but don’t really know why. On a google search for the date I found I’m not the only one who thinks like this. Referring to the Knights Templars headquarters in Paris Sean Kerrigan says:

“Today, little remains of the Paris Temple except for its name. It was demolished by Napoleon since it attracted sympathy for the Royal Family. But the Temple is less than a city block away from Le Bataclan Theatre, where most of the deaths occurred during yesterday’s attacks.

CrusadersI don’t know if this has any relevance yet, or even at all, but I’m putting this out there anyway. I found out the attacks and arrests of the knights started at dawn that day. The chart is so graphic! I used to call that stretched out rectangle in the chart ‘The Rack’ referring to the torture device used in Tudor times. I’m not sure if they had those in 1307, but that might’ve been tame next to what the Templar Knights did suffer. Many of them were slowly burned alive on damp wood.

The chart has Moon on Capulus the beheading arm of Perseus and Algol’s neighbour. (The grand master of the Knights Templar was beheaded.) The Sun and AC are on Acrux (in the Crucifix!) Interesting that the very same Paris attack Aries/Libra Decan 2 axis is important in the Templar attacks chart too.

A stellium in Scorpio on Unukalhai in the Templar attacks make a quincunx to the Aries Ceres/South Node in the house of open enemies. The Paris attack Sun was also on Unukalhai (Precessed to 21º Scorpio in year 2000.) and Mercury also connects with the Templar attack Unukalhai/Scorpio Stellium.

Paris AttackI know this is stretching the Yod by a few degrees, but it is certainly still pointing at whatever Aries Decan 2 represents. Aries Decan 2 is very honest, and gets to the point quite ruthlessly. It won’t care about offending people, but this can be refreshing as it cuts the bullshit. I called this decan ‘Jail Breakers & Simmering Queens.’ Austin Coppock titles the decan ‘The Crown’ and says:

“Applied magically, this decan has tremendous power. It is the power to generate the world of your choosing, and to be its sovereign. It is the key to creating realities that do not obey the laws of the collective reality field in which they exist.” [3]

This ‘collective reality field’ has become so politically correct nowadays that most people are too afraid to say anything for fear of it being offensive to some group or another. 1984’s thought police are out in force and nowadays you can even be jailed for ‘hate speech’. I put out this article because I wonder what the Yod is pointing at. I believe somehow these two Friday 13th events, hold part of a puzzle. A puzzle that asks why, in 2015, is this ancient religious war still raging? Why does it centre on Jerusalem? And why is the West still interfering?

1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, no.46, p.57, under the name Benetnash.
2. Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.5.
3. The 36 Faces. Austin Coppock. Pg 60

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  1. Very interesting post and your open question at the end well asked. In fact possibly the only question that should be being asked! For me the ‘kick off’ chart for Western intervention is the Greek ‘request for aid’ against the Turks received at the Council of Piacenza on 1 March 1095 – Note the Uranus return playing in these latest attacks. We also have a yod, this time with Neptune at 24 cancer and the moon occupying that Paris Jupiter spot. Saturn at mid point. It heralded the invasions of the crusades – and the first major reversal of the West ? On the plains of Raqqa ten years later.

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