March Horoscopes

March Horoscope & Astrology ~ Ostara

Happy Ostara! March sees the perfect balance of day and night as we reach 0º of Aries and the beginning of the Pagan new year. The promise of Imbolc is fulfilled, the sap is rising as the natural world is coming alive again. Night and day are in equal length at the Spring Equinox

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Sun conjunction Mercury

Sun Conjunct Mercury ~ King’s Fool

October 25 ~ Sun conjunct Mercury at 2º Scorpio. It generally gives a sharp, quicksilver mind and tongue. These people live by their wits and have the

Asteroid Cybele

Cybele is an earth mother goddess with a twist, she is a rather colourful character depicted as an exotic foreigner arriving on a chariot drawn by roaring

Grand Fire Trine 2014

On October the 6th there will be a Grand Fire Trine in the sky. We have had Jupiter trine Uranus since September 13 already. But when Mars

Whole Sign Houses

I moved over to using whole sign houses exclusively in 2013. Here is the article about that change.  The books that prompted me to look into Whole Signs

Jupiter Trine Saturn

Jupiter Square Saturn ~ The Godfather

Jupiter trine Saturn should, in theory, bring out the best in the two opposites since the trine is considered a benefic. Saturn is associated with restriction and


Saturn Retro – Karmic Timelord

Saturn the lord of karma and time will go direct on the day of the New Moon July 8. It will remain in the shadow zone until October

Grand Trine

Grand Trine

Pure grand trine energy is about harmony and ease, the line of least resistance. Trine people have a real charm about them, seductive and languid, like falling

Moon Quincunx Venus

Moon Quincunx Venus

Moon quincunx Venus can be ultra sweet and sickly, but the quincunx makes it’s more like sweet and sour. Moon quincunx Venus is greedy for affection and needs

Moon Sextile Jupiter

Moon sextile Jupiter is a beautiful blossom of an aspect that seems to breed writers of song or word in particular since Jupiter rules publishing. The imagination

Pluto Ascendant

Pluto/Ascendant Aspects

Pluto Ascendant Aspects ~ Fierce loyalty, deep love, protection, jealousy, secret affairs…

Asteroid Pythia

Pythia was the name given to the priestesses who served at the oracle of Delphi. People would make the pilgrimage from all over the Mediterranean to consult

Asteroid Hylonome

Asteroid Hylonome 10370 was a female centaur in Greek mythology. Hylonome was heartbroken and killed herself when her beloved partner, the centaur Cyllarus was killed in battle.

Moon Sextile Mars

Moon sextile Mars is as you would expect an extremely passionate aspect, but it really does need to express this energy physically or sexually otherwise anger-management can

Asteroid hekate

Asteroid Hekate

What could asteroid Hekate signify astrologically? Our first thoughts would tend to associate it with witchcraft, but looking deeper into Hekates’ mythology, we find much more than just the stereotypical


Asteroid Artemis

Artemis is the Greek goddess of hunting, forests, mountains and animals. She is depicted as a young maiden with an archer’s bow and sometimes a crescent moon.

Titanic Sinking

The sinking of the Titanic has always fascinated me as a very sad story of a vessel being pulled down into the underworld, to me it has

Minor Planet Chaos

Minor Planet Chaos

Minor planet Chaos was discovered on November 19 1998. For it’s meaning the first thing we think of is disruption and the world falling apart. The use


Asteroid Atropos

Asteroid Atropos 273 is a main belt Asteroid discovered in Vienna on March 8 1888. She is the third dark aspect of the three fates. Atropos is

Taboo Relationships & Seedy Sedna

Mackenzie Phillips shocked the world when she published her book “High On Arrival” which accounts her taboo 10 year love relationship with her father, Mamas & Papas singer