March Horoscopes

March Horoscope & Astrology ~ Ostara

Happy Ostara! March sees the perfect balance of day and night as we reach 0º of Aries and the beginning of the Pagan new year. The promise of Imbolc is fulfilled, the sap is rising as the natural world is coming alive again. Night and day are in equal length at the Spring Equinox

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Lunar apogee Lilith

Moon Food? ~ True Lilith/Night Demon

My exploration into the question of ‘Are We Moon Food?’ begins after a restless nights sleep during which I stumbled across an article by Tom Montalk. It

Ceres pluto

Ceres Meaning & Persephone Syndrome

What does Ceres mean in Astrology? Dark goddess Ceres was discovered in Sicily in 1801. The new planet was named after the Roman grain goddess because of


Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

Sedna was discovered in 2003. The planet’s discovery has only been possible because right now it’s at perihelion (closest to the Sun). Eris was actually discovered after Sedna

Moon Square-Opposite Jupiter ~ Flamboyant

Moon square or opposite Jupiter is generally a lovely, warm, all-embracing spirit that wants to nurture everyone and everything. The only danger with the square is overdoing

Amy Winehouse Synastry

Amy & Blake Synastry

Amy Winehouse and her ex-husband Blake made the headlines with their stormy, toxic relationship. We now have an A rated birth time for Amy, so I can

moon opposite square Venus

Moon Square/Opposite Venus ~ Black Swan

Moon opposite or square Venus will bring a bit of zest to what otherwise would be a soft, compliant, custard-pie combination. Having the two most feminine bodies


Zodiac Decans ~ Use & History

In this article, I will go into a brief history of the decans, what they actually are and explain how to use them in your own horoscope.



Chiron was discovered November 1 1977, the year of Star Wars, the Sex Pistols, Apple Computers Incorporated, and the year Elvis died. 1977 is one of those

Sun conjunct Pluto

Sun Conjunct Pluto ~ Best Villain

Sun conjunct Pluto is the black Sun shining. The Darth Vader of all Sun aspects, it is high contrast and stark lighting. The brighter the Sun the

Jupiter In Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio ~ Revelations

Jupiter travels through the sign of Scorpio from October 11 2017 to November 8 2018. The great benefic is usually resident in a sign for a year

Sun Conjunct Venus ~ Attraction

Sun conjunct Venus can be a paradox. This is because modern astrology deems this aspect wonderfully positive while forgetting about the phenomena of… combustion! Venus becomes invisible

2017 Astrology

2017 Aspects Of The Year

Here follows links to all the most important cosmic connections of the year by aspect. The years lunar & solar eclipses are also listed. Saturn trine Uranus is..

How To Use Fixed Stars

There are two methods of using the fixed stars and their constellations for astrological purposes nowadays. 1) The fixed stars longitude method on the ecliptic or 2)

natal reading

Consultation ~ $225

A made-to-measure reading using the decans and fixed stars. I discuss your natal chart and its potential on MP3 (50 to 70 mins). This reading uses a unique combination

Sun trine sextile jupiter

Sun Sextile/Trine Jupiter ~ Ballooning

NOVEMBER 14 ~ Sun sextile Jupiter at 22º Scorpio/Capricorn. Sun sextile or trine Jupiter endows the native with a magnanimous generosity, both of material goods but also

Saturn In Sagittarius

Saturn In Sagittarius ~ DisOrdered

Saturn travels through Sagittarius decan 3 until December 20 2017. Decan 3 starts from the 20º 00′ mark. After that, Saturn will enter Capricorn after two and