Oct 4 2014

Mercury Rx Journey

Mercury will station retrograde from Oct 4 – 26 and journey through the degrees of 2º Scorpio back to 16º Libra. This Mercury retrograde is important because Mercury activates the October Solar Eclipse point of 0º Scorpio three times and station direct on this hotspot too. This means the theme of the Solar Eclipse is intertwined with this retrograde journey also. Mercury will mainly touch stars in Bootes the herdsman, and spends most of the retrograde in Libra decan 3 which houses one of the most brilliant and fortunate stars on the ecliptic, Spica! This decan is also ruled by benefic Jupiter. However this is a retrograde period, so like this decan, the shadows can get very dark against the stark brilliance of Spica. We may have to go through some tough times where were our ideas are harshly judged and we have to prove ourselves worthy.


Mercury in this Jupiter-ruled decan will give us the zeal to make the planet a better place. It should bring up an urgency for humanity to clean-up the earth. This could be about intellectual rather than physical purifying, though of course we need that too. I think once our minds are free of pollution, it will be reflected in our environment. Mercury is about learning so while it cruises through this intellectually brilliant zone it will not be able to abide stupidity and will seek to enlighten other minds through dispersing knowledge. Jupiter ruling here will stress the importance of higher learning so we should see some great teachers emerging around this time. Super shiny Spica here, floods this decan with natural talent. During this retrograde journey Mercury will not make any difficult aspects at all which is a relief. All we have to really pay attention to is the combustion phase which is described in greater detail in the Sun conjunct Mercury post. Oct 13 – 20  is when the Sun conjunct Mercury is combust. Demetra George says of this time “One might compare this stage to burning in the fiery cauldron of solar heat, where the last vestiges of the old self – in the case of Mercury, the old thought patterns and mental scripts that no longer serve us – are consumed and destroyed.”

Oct 16 Mercury will be in that special spot of sitting in the throne of his majesty (Cazimi the Sun), both planets conjunct Spica. This really is very special indeed. Our usual glum and acerbic 1930’s Astrologer Vivian Robson goes to town with this one! He says the Sun on Spica gives “Great and lasting preferment, eminent dignity, immense wealth, great happiness to native’s parents and children, help from friends among clergy, favorable for public and legal affairs.” Whoopee! Ok, let’s not too carried away folks, this is a retrograde period after all….Nevertheless, if you keep your eye on the Mercurial ball, I think this is a wonderful day for genius in writing and brilliant creations of all kinds. Time to get that blank canvas out and begin your masterpiece, especially if 23º Libra connects to your chart in any way.

Mercury Station Rx

Mercury RetrogradeMercury stations retrograde on Oct 4 so let’s look at the chart. More good news! The Mercury Retrograde chart is dominated by the fabulous grand fire trine which brings inventiveness, vision and inspiration. I am so excited by this retrograde because the ingredients so far are just wonderful for artistic and creative pursuits. The only stressful aspect really is the Sun square Pluto. I wouldn’t worry too much about this either because it simply provides some dynamic tension to push forward the huge creative potential of the Grand Fire Trine by igniting the minor grand trine that is capping the major grand trine. Interesting geometry here. The Sun is on our trickster friend Algorab in the crow which brings in the influence of Libra decan 2.  “These folk are your typical iron fist in a velvet glove, which makes them all the more dangerous. Never, ever, ever underestimate Libra decan 2, even if they look like Barbie. A lot of them will play dumb deliberately…” The influence of this decan will provide a good fluffy cover for any unconventional and daring agendas you may want to slip by those in authority. I would spend this retrograde period constructing a very elaborate decoy! In this way you can push forward your more risque schemes. You will be surprised by what you can get away with by the end of this retrograde period.

Mercury Station Direct

Mercury DirectMercury goes forward  two days after the Solar Eclipse. There is something to “caw caw” about and when it does, Mercury will fall on the star Kraz found in Corvus the crow. So the sneaky crows feature quite strongly during this time and Mercury is known for being a tricky customer himself. “The cawing of the ravens or crows was heard as ‘Cras! Cras!’ by Latin speakers, and was thought to mean “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!” We get the word procrastinate, ‘postpone until the morrow’, from Latin cras. Mythology identifies Corvus with the procrastinating raven Apollo sent to fetch water, and tells how he dallied at a fig tree until the figs became ripe before carrying out the god’s task.”

Indeed it might be very tempting to procrastinate on this day, for it would be just so easy to bliss out on those dreamy vibes. That’s because we have a sumptuous Sun conjunct Venus, both trine Neptune on romantic Fomalhaut. It actually would be a good idea to slow down and go inwards until Mercury stabilises itself I think. Give yourself time to contemplate and connect with the elements, especially air and water at this time. Watching and listening to the waves crash could bring in some intuitive transmissions from Neptune. Mercury revisits the North Node again so this is a good moment to re-orient your self and check that you haven’t drifted off course from your great life plan. So pick up your plume swiftly, because now until the end of the shadow period (Nov10) is a fruitful time for mind expansion, learning and re-membering past


Solar Eclipse October 2014

September 14 Mercury enters shadow zone at 16º Libra
September 17 Mercury conjunct North Node
September 19 Mercury sextile Lilith, Mercury opposite Eris.
October 4 Mercury Station Retrograde at 2º Scorpio 6.02am BST, 10.03am PDT
October 13 Mercury enters combustion with Sun
October 15 Mercury sextile Lilith
October 16 Mercury conjunct Sun 10.42pm BST, 2.40pm PDT.
October 17 Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury sextile Mars, Mercury opposite Eris.
October 21 Mercury conjunct North Node
October 23 Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio close to retrograde point.
October 20 Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury out of combustion with Sun
October 25 Mercury Station Direct at 16º Libra 8.16pm BST, 12.16pm PDT
October 30 Mercury conjunct North Node
November 1 Mercury sextile Jupiter
November 7 Mercury sextile Lilith
November 10 Mercury out of shadow zone at 2º Scorpio


Mercury Through The Stars

Kraz in Corvus | 16º Libra ~ Sept 14, Oct 28 Rx, Oct 28
Seginus in Bootes | 16º Libra ~ Sept 14, Oct 27 Rx, Oct 29
“A word coming from Latin for corn-crop, and thus meaning a reaper or harvester. .. It gives a subtle mind, shamelessness and loss through friends and companies.”
Foramen in Argo | 21º Libra ~ Sept 18, Oct 17 Rx, Nov 2
“It causes peril, dignity, piety, usefulness and acquisitiveness” 
Spica in Virgo | 23º Libra ~ Sept 20, Oct 16 Rx, Nov 4
“With Mercury: Neat, tidy, clever, ingenious, favor of clergy and people in authority, gain through investment, responsible position.”
Arcturus in Bootes | 23º Libra ~ Sept 21, Oct 15 Rx, Nov 5
“With Mercury: Sober, industrious, popular, inclined to be religious, somewhat extravagant but well-off, help through friends, holds position of trust in large company or corporation, or receives promotion under direction, favorable for health and domestic affairs.”
Izar in Bootes | 27º Libra ~ Sept 24, Oct 13 Rx, Nov 7
Miaplacidus in Argo | 1º Scorpio ~ Sept 29, Oct 7 Rx, Nov 9 The October 23 Solar Eclipse point.
“Argo is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages, and strength of mind and spirit.”
Princeps in Bootes | 2º Scorpio ~ Oct 2 – 6 Rx, Nov 10

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