NYC Abortion Law & Black Moon Lilith

In the video below I look at the transits to the New York City chart and the USA chart on 22nd January 2019 when the new NYC Abortion law was passed. My views are not political, but purely religious and emotional. Religious intolerance will not be tolerated! 😉 Please respect my very mild Christian views as you would a Buddhist, Hindu and Islam’s views on the matter; HINDU BUDDHIST  (Sorry for Western bias, could not find an English speaking one in a hurry) and ISLAM

After making the video I found the exact time for the bill so here are the new charts.

The actual chart for the Act being passed has the Moon and Ascendant on Alfard which is found in the neck of the watersnake. How interesting that THE planet that represents motherhood is rising! Here is its meaning with Alfard according to Robson.

” Lust, wantonness, profligacy, failure in projects but financial help often from a relative, ill-fortune to wife or mother, eventual disgrace and ruin, danger of death by asphyxiation.”

Very interesting…. Alfard Rising gives; “Much trouble, anxiety and loss in connection with estates and building; addicted to women and intemperance.” Both meanings mention women and of course this Abortion act is more about protecting the rights of the woman rather than the baby. Alfard generally is also associated with immorality and a lack of self control.

Fixed Star Alfard is “Of a Saturn nature, however, there is a measure of influence of Venus and Neptune. This combination is of a disadvantage in most cases. Particularly matters connected with ‘poison’ are accentuated badly, e.g. blood poisoning, murder by poison, attempts of poisoning, poisoned hatred in women, gas poisoning, danger to life by wrong use of drugs and over indulgence of good living,… A ‘poisoning’ is also possible in a relationship between man and woman in marriage.” [1]

How a late term abortion is performed “Intact dilation and extraction (Intact D&E) is a surgical procedure that removes an intact fetus from the uterus. The procedure is used…in late-term abortions. Feticidal injection of digoxin or potassium chloride may be administered at the beginning of the procedure to allow for softening of the fetal bones or to comply with relevant laws in the physician’s jurisdiction and the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act .” ~ Wikipedia.
The injection is not a poison as such, but it is a lethal injection which gives the fetus a heart attack from which it dies.

For the transits to the USA and New York City chart used precession correction which is which is why the Venus and Jupiter conjunction is at 16º on the abortion act chart and not 14º as it is in the transit bi-wheel chart. (Precession pushes the degree backwards depending how old the chart is your are reading) In the Abortion chart I said they were on Ras Algethi which they are closest to, but Venus is near enough to Sabik which is associated with “perverted morals, and success in evil deeds.”

Venus rules the 10th house of the mother. Jupiter is the law, here it is bending down on one knee to ‘women’s rights’ Ras Algethi is the kneeling man. Note these two stars are in the 5th house of children! Sedna is on Algol currently and widely conjunct the MC of this chart. What is that telling the world about New York? They two are also both square deceptive and poisonious Neptune in the taboo breaking 8th house. It’s a very slippery slope..

In the chart we have Moon square Ceres “Moon square Ceres can very easily destroy life instead of saving it. They can love so hard and hug so tightly that they end up squeezing the life out of their loved ones. At the most negative,…can be one of the narcissistic mother (read nanny state!) who engulfs her child to the extent that the child doesn’t even realise she is being abused.” Interesting since this act is being framed as an act of love to free women from oppressive laws. I know this sounds very gruesome but I can’t help but be suspicious. Especially after I heard these old vampires are already getting blood transfusions from teenagers! Frightening. Feasting on the blood of virgins is no joke. Will babies blood be on the menu too? Like I said, slippery slope.

Looking at the transits to the USA chart is most illuminating using the NYC Abortion act precessed. I was looking for Black Moon Lilith and found it! Using true Lilith, it is conjunct the USA south Node.

NYC Abortion Transits To USA Chart

NYC Abortion Act Transits

Venus conjunct Jupiter on USA AC, Ceres (Persephone) square USA Moon, AC conjunct Moon opposite USA Moon, Mercury (Children) conjunct USA Pluto (Predator), Black Moon Lilith (Baby Killing) conjunct USA South Node, Mars (Blood) square USA Sun, North Node conjunct USA Mercury (Children), Vertex and POF, Uranus (Trauma, shock) sextile USA Moon.

Are the Archons trying to tell us something or what? Too spooky for words!


Cuomo signs Reproductive Health Act after Legislature votes Signed into Law at 7pm, 22nd January 2019 in New York City.
1. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.50,


14 thoughts on “NYC Abortion Law & Black Moon Lilith

  1. Abortion has become profitable.

    NY has become the new Gomorrah. They have had two warnings- the bombing then the destruction of the World Trade Center. The third strike is likely to lay waste to the city.
    Saying you can choose to terminate AFTER birth should be morally abhorrent to anyone with a brain. It is the precursor to putting the elderly down like dogs. Book it.

  2. If you use the true Lilith on the USA chart rather than the mean, Lilith is 27Leo and then the Moon conjuncts USA Lilith with Ceres squaring. Took me a bit to figure out how Lilith could be in Virgo on USA chart rather than in Leo, so I beg you pardon on that…instead of my slip showing …. my Virgo Midheaven was showing.

    1. Yes I know, sorry the Mean and true Lilith are confusing. I only use true Lilith when I know the exact time. The mean is an averaged out orbit. So in the video I was using the mean. Well spotted about the abortion law Moon being conjunct Mean Lilith on the US chart. Lilith is a creature that is hard to pin down!

  3. These depraved psychopaths are literally Factory Farming humans for their satanic sacrifice. They ARE the ENEMIES of ALL HUMANITY and must be PUT DOWN like the RABID creatures they are. ZERO TOLERANCE for Globalist Communist Pedophile Child Trafficking Sex Slavers Democrat Party. PURE EVIL.

  4. Sane Adult^ sounds effin bat-ish craaazyyyy. Anyway,

    although I’m pro-choice, I agree that abortion is abhorrent. But the answer is not “zero tolerance”. Fact: there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of people in this country that will never in a million years, under any circumstance, view a fetus as anything more than a small collection of cells. If these women were unable to get an abortion legally, many of them would seek one out illegally, and some of them would die. And can we really expect everyone to change their deeply-held beliefs when we have our own that we are unwilling to compromise? Outlawing abortion would also increase the population, particularly in low-income communities. There would be more poverty, more suffering, and more crime. Since the passing of Roe vs. Wade, crime has been on a steady decline, and researchers think that this may be the reason, as grim as it sounds.
    Fact: this abortion law would only apply in very rare cases. It would be done only if the mother’s life were in jeopardy. There wouldn’t be enough blood to sell creepy people who might want a baby’s blood (how effed!). The story about the teenagers is disturbing though…

    Lastly, the solution to the abortion argument that seems to never end, would be to end legal elective abortion after a set number of years. Say 25 years. In the mean time, pour money into healthcare, mental healthcare, public education, and programs for low-income people. make food free. make water clean and free. save the environment so that our children will have a nice place to live. Decriminalize prostitution, get women help if they need it…. Create a society where abused or raped women can come forward to get help. End this rape culture. Educate teenagers so that they understand the financial burden, the emotional burden, and the huge responsibility that parenting is. Give birth control out like candy. Then, in (say) 25 years, end elective abortion.

    But this isn’t what Republicans or conservatives want to do. They want to take money AWAY from all of those things. How can you vote with those people?

  5. Some members of the US Democratic political persuasion seem to be doing all they can to make people disgusted and revolted. Not to mention angry. It would be an ideal time for Americans to vote for individuals of good character, rather than just along political, gender or race lines.

    Historically, the best fascists, dictators, and murderers seem to have come from the “left”. This should be concerning for most people.
    Not everybody thinks murdering babies is a good thing, Thank God!

  6. I am still of two minds about early abortions. I agree about seeing the baby’s heartbeat. It was one of the things that sent me into a massive emotional tailspin many years ago when I terminated a pregnancy at the insistence of my partner. 🙁
    Late term abortion though, I find this to be terribly confronting on too many levels. Interesting analysis of transits at the time of the enactment.

  7. I do live in the state of NY (this is a state law, not just a city law). The (general) perception seems to be that this is allowing women to get abortions of a full-term baby because they don’t feel like having it, when in reality it’s to stop a non-viable, wanted pregnancy. It’s meant to prevent death and further health problems in women rather than forcing the to carry a corpse in the womb. But, no matter how you slice it, it is suffering for women, it just is a different manner–whether one is forced to carry a dead or dying baby to term, going through their pregnancy with strangers congratulating them knowing that it will never come to fruition, or having to end the life of the baby that was wanted because it or the mother weren’t going to survive to term. Either way, it’s going to be horrible for anyone with the misfortune.

    As for the rest, abortion has existed all this time. In 19th century women’s magazines, there are advertisements to “restore menses.” This sort of suffering has existed since humanity stopped taking care of one another and became selfish and judgemental.

    “Right” or “Left,” it really makes no difference. The Right in the US exalts its fetuses, but willfully splits apart families and prefers that children starve rather than their parents get a “handout.” The Left supports social services, but it’s politicians have been responsible for some of the worst wars overseas, killing millions. It makes no difference.

    1. @ Starlea. If a baby dies in the womb no doctor on earth would force you to carry it! There is no need for this law. We have the technology very early on to see if a baby is ‘viable’. There is simply no excuse in the 21st century to terminate past 24 weeks. Having a baby full stop could be said to be bad for a woman’s health so we could always come up with something. As women we do have a choice, it’s called contraception.
      PS. My grandmother’s mother died giving birth to her. It was so common in the past. Again we have the technology to SAVE the lives of women and babies now. We should be using it for life not death.

    2. I do agree we should be using it to save lives, and in a lot of ways, we have. Babies born at 24 weeks now have a chance at a normal life. But, instead of worrying about the children who are concieved with these horrible ailments and will not have a happy existence, why not look into why these defects happen and prevent them? That way, no human has to be in physical pain to live. Why not support the women, children, and families? The US has a horrible track record at this. I guess I am jaded because I hear all these people screaming about “killing babies,” when they also are perfectly fine with brown children from other countries dying, and even children in their own country suffering because they believe their parents need punishment for being poor. Again, the babies are wanted—those who end up having to elect a 3rd trimester abortion, and the situation is extremely rare. I have known a handful who had to terminate late in the 2nd trimester because of birth defects, and it was devestating. My own sister lost a pregnancy at 7 weeks, her own doctor was insensitive to her about it (she hadn’t even been able to make her first appointment, which was the following week). She’s a scientist, and knew that there must have been something wrong. She was pissed enough that she didn’t take the office’s advice, was pregnant again within a month, and now has a beautiful 4 year old girl (in addition to her 9 year old son, the only child of her late husband).

      Non-viable is not dead, per se, but, not able to live outside the womb, or have a very horrible and painful existence outside of it. This is not a decision anyone would take lightly. And, yes, there are lawmakers, mostly in the South of the US, that have said if a woman has a child die in her womb, she should let “nature take care of it” like she’s a farm animal, and not have a procedure to remove it. What about the Indian woman in Ireland who died of septicimia a few years ago because her doctors refused to do anything until her fetus’ heart stopped beating? She begged them to take it out because she knew she was dying, the fetus was dying, too. A dying fetus was more valuable than a woman who could have lived.

      I respect your opinion, and I value your insight, though. I’m just saying that the perception of the world outside of New York State or the US is not what is happening.

  8. You might be interested in developing your philosophy of what right-wing politics entail. The analysis of “letting children starve” and “willfully splits apart families” sounds more like an accusation from left-wing propaganda. The splitting of children, for example, is intended to root out sex trafficking and child slavery. Notice how right-wing communities still feed and clothe babies? Right-wing politics often promote the use of charity and generosity, they just don’t believe charity should (perhaps even can) be forced onto people by government coercion. By limiting the wealth and power of the government, it matters less who is in charge of it. If you are not forced to support a bloated uncaring and ineffective state, you can freely support the people around you.

    1. I live in Upstate NY, very different world from NYC. I am front and center to Right Wing politics. And no, the right wing communities barely have a pot to piss in much less help other people. Those that do have money, don’t give it. Those in the middle, even those at the bottom, bemoan that they are supporting people on welfare and food stamps, and say that rich people “worked hard for their money” and shouldn’t have to give more, even though percentage-wise, most of us give more of our hard earned money. They also don’t bother to look at military spending, or worse (since we don’t really know what the military is up to), corporate tax breaks. And those that do believe corporate tax breaks create jobs, when it has been my experience in my short life that this is not the case. I grew up in NJ, adjacent to Atlantic City, where my own mother lost her job because the now-President would not pay his bills, plunging my family into poverty for the next 7 years. But, I have been told by right-wingers to my face that I should have been happy he brought jobs to that area, even if others lost theirs. It didn’t matter that companies that offered good wages for skilled work was replaced by low-paying and minimum wage Casino jobs (epitome of sin).

  9. If the baby is already dead in the womb then it’s not a late term abortion, it’s the expulsion of a dead fetus, so it’s not a question of being forced to carry a dead baby. There is technology to know by 24 weeks if the fetus is “viable”. After that time a baby can be delivered and some do survive, so if it is a case of threat to the mother’s life then it can be delivered early without being killed. This law is gruesome and has no justification.

  10. There’s something rather vile about politicizing childbirth, women’s health, and infant health. Passing laws on these things don’t protect anyone, except the State (from liability), allowing people and the State to commit atrocities with impunity. People are NOT political parties, they are individuals. It must have slipped these lawmakers minds…. It’s altogether quite an ugly situation.

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