The Ninth House ~ Saturnalia


The ninth house is associated with philosophy, religion, wisdom and higher learning. Traditional astrology calls this the house of the ‘sun god’ (It is opposed the house of the ‘moon goddess’ which is the third house). It also rules international travel rather than local travel.

William Lilly says of the ninth house;

“By this house we give judgement of voyages or long journeys beyond seas; of religious men, or clergy of any kind, whether bishops or inferior ministers; dreams, visions, foreign countries; of books, learning, church livings, or benefices of the kindred of one’s wife (In-laws) Of colours it hath the green and white.

Of man’s body it ruleth the fundament (Buttocks!), the hips and thighs. Sagittarius and Jupiter are cosignificators of this house; for if Jupiter be herein placed it naturally signifies a devout man in his religion, or one modestly given; I have oft observed when the Dragon’s Tail, or Mars or Saturn have been unfortunately placed in this house; the Querent hath either been little better than an atheist or a desperate sectarist: The Sun rejoyceth to be in this house, which is masculine, and cadent.”

Planets In 9th House Meaning ~ Transits

Sun Transit 9th House

Why wouldn’t you be joyous? The Sun here inspires you to push yourself through boundaries and go further than you normally would. Travel broadens the mind and one can only reach its higher self by having room to grow. Take this time to get out of your parochial box and speak to different types of people from diverse social backgrounds. Take this time to get out of your parochial box and speak to different types of people from diverse social backgrounds. This will help give you a different perspective on the world. New horizons beckon and give fresh vistas on your life.

This is the time to get metaphysical as the Sun in this sector of the chart questions dogma and shines its light on dimensions you might have been previously blind to. You may literally make friends with a foreigner or connect with a spiritual guru type mentor at this time. You should be revitalised and fully charged up to get the benefits from being in the spotlight next. When it will be time to remind people who you are.

Moon Transit & Full Moon in 9th House

The full moon in the ninth brings with it a wanderlust for foreign shores. This would be the perfect time to escape to a home from home. It wouldn’t be a good idea to go anywhere too exotic, however, because you will still want your familiar comforts. If you are a Brit like me, bring your own T-bags! The main thing is to go somewhere that forces you out of your usual routines. What you are really suffering from is just plain old boredom. So prepare yourself for the restlessness that will come in the next two weeks by setting time for something that will whisk you away mentally if not physically.

Moon transits in the 9th house give you itchy feet for escaping to somewhere far-flung. This could mean planning some sort of esoteric study which will open your mind up to infinite possibilities. You want to feel boundless but also contained safely in a pod, like being on the London Eye or some such big wheel tourist contraption. If you can’t afford to travel anywhere you might find instead that you bring distant cultures to your own doorstep by making friends with a foreigner. Whatever you do you will have dreams of distant shores or even historical places that transport you back in time. Forwards or backwards, mental or physical it doesn’t matter as long as you are on an exciting voyage.

Mercury Transit 9th House

Innovative ideas for your business gained through travel are very well starred at this time. If you work in creative fields then exotic influences from distant lands will inspire you. You might find you need to get away from projects you have been working on to recharge your thought processes. The distance means you can see the bigger picture and not let temporary setbacks get you down.

If you are an employee you might be sent abroad in connection with your work at this time. Generally, though, you might find you are doing more business with long distance clients than local ones. Meetings might more commonly be held on Skype than in person, or you might get foreign visitors to the office. Whatever the case, work certainly has a foreign flavour at this time.

You will really need to get away and see the bigger picture. You are prone to ask questions like, what is your life purpose really? It’s not all just about how much you are earning. You realise you need spiritual satisfaction also. Stretching your vision, brain or even legs to a foreign place will help you to grow. It’s only when one travels to a totally different environment that we realise how small our problems might be in the greater scheme of things. Any recent work stresses will seem much smaller now and ridiculously petty. Even if you haven’t had the chance to escape the rat race, you could just by chance pick up the right book or see the right film that helps you put everything back in perspective.

Venus Transit 9th House

Be prepared to be transported to far off lands because of a love encounter. There is a high possibility of a holiday romance. On the other hand, you could simply find yourself attracted to foreigners where you live at this time. The ‘far off lands’ effect could also be an expansion of your mind. A date could take you to a cultural event that opens you up to art, theatre or music that is alien to you. But this new perspective is exciting and spiritually energising.

At this time you will find yourself going beyond your comfort zone thanks to the pioneering energy of your partner, which is great for personal growth. Romance and travel come together beautifully at this time, so whether you are single or in a couple, make sure you take time out to explore sacred sites or places of natural beauty. This will magically refuel new passion into your love life. You could also meet a potential mate in a classroom setting, so starting a course of study is recommended and will feed both your heart and mind during this blossoming Venus transit.

The crystals associated with November/Sagittarius used in the 9th house illustration left to right are Heliodor, Golden Imperial Topas, and Yellow Sapphire.
Artwork used from Unsplash by Biel Morro  (roses),  Simon Migaj (landscape), Himesh Kumar  (map),  Monika Grabkowska (carnation), Amos Bar Zeev (VW Beetle) and Melissa Van Gogh (meditation)

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