Nigel Farage ~ Victim Or Saviour?

In this video I look at I look at Nigel Farage’s victim/saviour Pluto-rising horoscope. He has some winning transits. I look at his progressions, solar arcs, zodiacal releasing and transits for May 23rd 2019. Is it possible he could become the prime minister of the UK in 2022?

Nigel Farage Horoscope

Nigel farage horoscope

6 thoughts on “Nigel Farage ~ Victim Or Saviour?

  1. I like Nigel Farage. Not only because he is part of my generations’ rebellion against unreasonable and unjust authority, but he is smart, funny and loves a good argument. He is the sort of character you would love to talk politics with over a few pints in a small English pub. The neocons certainly have some homework to do. I hope we eventually get away from the 2 party political landscape and venture into new territory. Go Nigel!

  2. Well, that certainly went as well as could have been expected. Congrats to UK and France. France gets the monkey off their back with Sweden happily accepting their new role as Swedish Surrender Monkeys. Oh, and happy to see that Facebook’s election meddling in Italy had little effect. Smiles all around this part of the forest….:)

  3. Election results! Brexit party won 9 of the 12 regions in the UK. Here shows a diagram which reflects the shift to the right and a dissolving of the center parties in the EU as a whole. Brexit is part of the EFD which the BBC have labeled as ‘Populist’ but it actually stands for “Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy Group.” There is a definite picking of sides now.

  4. @Helen. Not yet. If I get time I will look at the contenders for Tory leadership. But I’m not too impressed with him to be honest.

  5. Marina, that is spectacularly interesting. Many thanks indeed!

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