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New Moon September 2014The New Moon on September 24 is at 1º Libra and conjunct Asteroid Lilith. This New Moon doesn’t really fall on any important star, but the triangular/balancing theme of the decan combined with the rebellious feminist/activist energy of Asteroid Lilith gives us a clear theme to work with. This New Moon carries a triangular relationship theme. We even have a learning triangle as the only aspect pattern of note in the New Moon chart. Ceres is part of this Learning triangle with Persephone’s father Jupiter. In the myth however, Ceres finds herself caught between her daughter Persephone and her daughters abductor Pluto (Jupiter’s brother in fact).

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This New Moon seems to be about the rite of passage from the fresh-faced maiden, to mother and then to Crone. Ceres in the learning triangle is clearly the crone since she is conjunct old father of time Saturn. Asteroid Lilith represents the Virgin, the crescent moon aspect of Triple Goddess Lilith. This Libra New Moon is a triple deluxe triangle with bells on, and describes the flowering from child to adult through sexual initiation. The combination of the popular moon and charming Libra gives us courtesans, diplomats and artists. This Moon ordinarily would be adept at bringing peace and harmony into the most fraught situation, but we have Asteroid Lilith in the mix who may have other ideas…

Charming Libra decan 1 has a negative side also, for all this sugary sweetness can give one diabetes. The ironic thing about the behaviour around this Moon could be that the push for peace could attract a very aggressive and mean shadow reaction. When this happens our perfect Venus turns into her nemesis. Eris!! What, the ugly goddess of discord in our perfectly balanced and aesthetically lovely Libra? This is Libra’s shadow of course, but Eris is just as much a part of Libra as Venus. Just as the 7th house is both partners and open enemies. With Asteroid Lilith here as Eris’s handmaiden, she may ensure that any over-the-top show of soppy love goo is balanced with an acerbic squirt of lemon.

It looks like the Asteroid Lilith New Moon has decided to step out of this triangular relationship drama. The New Moon is not aspected by any other planets at all. This is probably a good thing because the New Moon can now see things with objectivity and cool air-sign detachment. This distancing is similar to Asteroid Lilith’s approach to sex as you can see in my Asteroid Lilith post; “Asteroid Lilith is a fervent womens libber and also a gay activist, in fact she is a campaigner for the right to express sexuality in whatever form it takes, whether it be complete celibacy or all-out promiscuity. In some ways she has a lot in common with the asteroid Vesta. Asteroid Lilith is a true Virgin in the sense she is beholden to no man, or no single man.”

So this is an exciting virginal new Moon where we can make a fresh start in relationships and feel very much “Like A Virgin” who has been touched for the very first time…If the work place, or friends or a relationship seem to be all icing sugar and no substantial fruit cake, then the Asteroid Lilith New Moon will come to the rescue. Our feisty gal will have no qualms about stripping off any sickly marzipan coats. It was all surface bling and really not very good for us either. Part of the theme of the Persephone myth is that Ceres, as much as she loves her daughter, may have rather spoilt her little princess. Asteroid Lilith brings in fresh new daring energy, wrenches us out of our comfort zone and plonks us squarely on the back of Pluto’s Motorbike. So hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


Asteroid Lilith

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