New Moon ~ Thorny Forest

New Moon September 2013The New Moon on September 5 is at 13º Virgo on Zosma in the back of the Lion. The New Moon is inflated by a sextile to a red hot Jupiter on Sirius. We get a very interesting Ceres opposite Neptune. Ceres puts us in touch with the wisdom of the plants, Neptune the wisdom of the heavenly spheres. Put them together and you get entheogens and sacred herbs. I also like the Lilith opposite Pluto which further emphasises the forbidden fruit. Ok so we are definitely going into Persephone territory here. This month then we are tempted big time into taking a bite out of Eris’s discordant apple. This could be a variety of things depending on what house the New Moon falls into. In the 3rd the fruit of wisdom, the 9th foreign cultures that are contrary to your own, the 5th a forbidden lover, 8th sex and drugs and…What ever you choose, it will no doubt come with a certain amount of “tut tutting” from your nearest and dearest. You might be told to grow up or get real. But I’m sorry, if you are sucked into the underworld by that black hole between 3º and 13º Virgo then is no chance of getting anything other than sur-real. Enjoy!

Virgo New Moon

As this is a New Moon then this is a great time to start planting seeds for what every you want to bloom in 6 months time especially for Virgo ascendants because this Moon will fall in your first house. The problem is resisting the force of Pluto trying to pull you off track. There is nothing wrong with a little taboo, the problem is getting stuck there forever. Remember good old Jupiter came to the rescue and forced his dark bro to come to a compromise. Persephone could do six months with Mummy Ceres frolicking about in the springtime meadows and then six months in Pluto’s dark caverns. And here we are just at the threshold of the Equinoxes. It does feel like a bit of a crossroads. Whatever path we choose here we will be walking down it for the next six months, so you’d better like the view. You will have to live with this decision until the Virgo Full Moon March 16th and only then will you find out what lies at the end of the road.

Moon On Zosma

Zosma in Virgo decan 2 has not got a great reputation. It is prone to depression but has the ability to prophecy “is not a star of glory or fame but rather of the invisible work of dealing with the victim in one-self or others” [1] I wonder if these subjects may actually willingly sacrifice themselves in order to pay back karma from lives where they were “selfish, egotistical, immoral etc etc…” I do think these stars might actually relish in being outsiders and play up being controversial reprobates hence the reason Zosma “causes benefit by disgrace” Not heard of that one before. Virgo decan 2 is a strange mix of virtue and shame. Light and dark again. The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Thora which comes from Thor “a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility.” [2] Lightening is supposed to frighten trolls, which I would read as energy vampires and general parasites. So although Zosma tends to attract such creatures, this moon might give Zosma the added strength to deal with them. Moon sextile Jupiter “ attracts benefactors but they always repay generously those who nurture and support their talents. They sometimes fall into success by chance, being at the right place at the right time.” So this adds some more protection.

Thorny Forest

We are asked to take the spooky road at this New Moon, the one less traveled at that crossroads. With our eyes wide open and with protection maybe we will fair better than those of have foolishly trod the barbed route unprepared. Thora, thorns. If someone has been sleeping for many decades then a fair few brambles will have grown. Remember Sleeping Beauty, in order to awaken the sleeping princess, the Prince has to hack through a forest full of them. So here comes our victim or saviour from Virgo decan 2.
New Moon September 2013

But there is another way to look at it, not to get caught in the minutae and look at the bigger karmic picture “The basic elements of the story can also be interpreted as a nature allegory: the princess represents nature, the wicked fairy is winter, who puts the Court to sleep with pricks of frost until the prince (spring) cuts away the brambles with his sword (a sunbeam) to allow the Sun to awaken sleeping nature.” [3] So this cyclical theme comes up very strongly here. Learning to work with nature is extra important this month. Persephone our own Sleeping Beauty, in the sense of not being able to see the beauty of our own souls. The Sun can be our own enlightenment and wisdom cutting down the thorns from society and its “norms”. Spring is the hero, Prince Aries, the head. At the Equinox, equal day (Sun) and equal night (Moon). We are calibrating ourselves through adversity. This is the Virgo way.

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1.Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars. Bernadette Brady. Pg 269.

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