September 15 New Moon – Surfs Up

The New Moon on 15 September 2012 is at 23º Virgo conjunct Mercury and on the fixed star, Alkes. It is also conjunct one of my favourite asteroids, Persephone, by just 09’. This new moon looks at parent and child relationships, how we pass on parenting styles from one generation to the next. We get a chance to examine how we care take of our children, but more importantly, what example we are setting for them. It’s time to stop blaming our parents for our faults and then, make sure we don’t pass those same faults on to our own children.

The main feature in this moon is that it is triggering a Huber aspect pattern known as the “Surfer”. It does just what it says – it is sensitive to the winds and tides around it, adapting gracefully to changing currents. Saturn here is the anchor and Ceres holds up the sail, catching the wind. This energy keeps on course, no matter what, while at the same time, swiftly negotiating any challenging waves along the way. This surfing Moon can help us recognize real, natural forces. Make use of those forces and ditch the illusions.


New Moon Horoscope

Ceres and Saturn are the pillar here, so the balance is kept by anchoring oneself in the family. If the family is not a stable one then we can ground ourselves in other ways – keeping close to nature and eating natural, unprocessed foods. The New Moon/Mercury square Ceres addresses inherited bad nurturing habits, comfort eating, food addiction, or indeed to anything one puts into ones mouth to suckle on. Cigarettes, boiled sweets, glass of wine, popping a pill…

September 2012 New Moon

Moon conjunct Mercury “What they both share though is the tendency to meander through life and change with the tides…. The archetype has the feel of the magician about it. Thoughts are things and this person could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if they can focus on their dreams for long enough.” The surfer pattern focuses Mercury’s flitting energy and makes it more likely to manifest as the Magician.

The North Node is part of this aspect pattern. This New moon will be especially important to those with anything personal at 28 deg Scorpio, Libra, Mercury and Gemini as it will help propel them towards their souls destiny. Otherwise the Moon itself will highlight these issues for 23 Virgo and the other mutable signs. What these signs may have to do is ditch those habits I mentioned earlier. In order to keep healthy family relations, one must not continue dysfunctional behaviour within it and then complain when the rest of the family act up. The parents are the anchor that holds it all together, like in “the surfer”. Only then can the family be one that nourishes rather than drains.

New Moon Conjunct Persephone

The New moon is conjunct asteroid Persephone who is the warning of what can happen when the family is too controlling and smothers the child with too much conditional love. Along comes dark and dangerous Pluto to whisk her away with his forbidden fruit. In the end, however, the compromise worked out best for all concerned. Maybe this Moon can create domestic compromises where the Persephones of this world get to go home and experience some security and commitment while, at the same time, enjoying some time-out to be queens of what ever “underworld” activity they enjoy.

The fixed star Alkes in constellation Crater is about talents that are handed down through the generations, so at this New Moon, we can look to the positive traits and gifts that have been inherited from our parents, rather than to the negative. Why exactly were we born into our birth family? Why did we choose our parents? In even the most dysfunctional family, there will be some mineral at the bottom of Pluto’s pit that we can transmute, and if we dig deep enough we may even find some gold.

The New Moon also happens to be trine Sedna, which is rather like an inverted Persephone myth, where Sedna herself was too clingy towards her father, by refusing to marry and leave him. Like Persephone, after some trauma and suffering she too became Queen. Sedna found her true calling, looking after the deep sea creatures. The message is that one will never find one’s own true destiny by clinging onto the umbilical cord for dear life.

The beneficial trine from Sedna and the wide sextile from the North Node on Toliman in the Centaur may point to having to make some sort of sacrifice in order to go forward. ” The centaur represents the conflict between man’s lower and higher nature, the struggle between primitive, untamed passions, and humane compassion, patience and love. Some are deeply religious and sacrificial, willing to dedicate themselves to a selfless mission.” [1] Similar theme to Sedna here again. Sedna, hurt by her abusive crow husband and betrayed by her father, had to find her own mission in life.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “Mary Had A Little Lamb” Again we are looking at those who are placed in our care and how we are an example to them. Mercury conjunct the Moon. Mercury is children and siblings. Little people that need protection. When one chooses to have children, sacrifices have to be made somewhere, whether it’s work/home balance, a free spirit lifestyle or addictions that compromise one’s ability to parent.

New Moon Keywords

Nurturing, inherited family traits, anchored by the family V feeling restricted by domestic baggage, protecting the weak, caretaking, healthy diets, being a better parent, learning patience and compassion, being a role model, the sins of the father, ancestors, healing and forgiving parents, childhood memories, acceptance, tolerance, patience, controlling mood through diet, mood swings, sugar highs, keeping balance, selfless missions.

1. Secrets Of The Ancient Skies. Voulume 2. Diana K Rosenberg. Pg 148