New Moon September 2011 – Welling Up

The 27 September 2011 New Moon is at 4º Libra with the Moon square Pluto. This aspect can spawn great tragedy in mundane astrology, such as the sinking of the titanic and the port Arthur massacre. I worried a little because I dreamt of a tsunami last night. Somewhere in the back of my mind must’ve been the fact this Moon is conjunct asteroid Iris who is connected with waters that can condemn you to death.

For the honest and the pure of heart however, Iris, like the rainbow is a symbol of hope. Moon square Pluto may initiate a brazen, but hopeful new start, a determination to get tough on someone who has been spinning you a yarn. Time to get out Iris’s lie detector and put him or her under some plutonic interrogation.

New Moon on Iris

So Asteroid Iris is the rainbow messenger goddess who carries what amounts to a truth serum from the river Styx. Iris is attendant to Hera in the court of the Gods. Those in the dock are made to swear on this water and then drink from it. If they are liars they fall asleep. Iris then shows up liars through the element of water, she is the goddess of revelation. For this month, people will condemn or save themselves by their own words; truth will be transparent.

The new moon is always a good time to plant intentions, and with Iris it’s a great moment to wish upon a rainbow. Where this moon falls in your chart will be the area to plant your wishes, but you will have to be totally honest and open with your hearts desires. Anything underhand and subversive in this area will poison your crop! On the other hand being very candid and showing your vulnerability will further your cause as long as its genuine and not done for effect.

New Moon conjunct Zaniah

Zaniah is a star in the left arm of the Virgin. In China this star was the maintainer of the law which fits well with Iris’s story. But according to Ptolemy, Zaniah is a Mercury/Venus star (Mercury-commerce, Venus-love), so it’s associated with “harlots”. The New Moon here: “sow, plant, take medicine but do not travel or marry.” [1] So one could go to the local whorehouse presumably…

This star is associated with a talent for negotiating peace, but with the Moon here, the terms for peace may be a little too shady, especially with a dark Moon. I would be a little suspect myself, just because of the other factors surrounding this Moon. Do not fall for any words said under the influence of the vino. (See below) The Moon with Zaniah generally is not regarded as great: “Worry, loss through legal and Venusian affairs, trouble through writings, led astray by sympathies.” [2] There is great danger of falling for a sob story. Those tempted to fashion such a ploy will not get away with it for very long. Eventually Iris will loosen their tongue; the sobbers will open their mouth and put their foot right in it.

New Moon Tarot – 3 of Wands

The card I picked was the three of wands, which in my deck is heroic Perseus who beheaded Medusa. The neck is the throat chakra and Algol (Medusa’s head) actually falls in Taurus, which rules the throat also. Not speaking ones truth causes throat problems, but Algol’s alcohol could loosen ones tongue in a therapeutic way perhaps. Medusa is often depicted with a protruding, flapping tongue. The planetary value is Jupiter in Aries, which is hugely heroic, brave and valiant. This can also be someone who blurts things out without thinking, wildly exaggerates and makes a drama out of nothing.

New Moon Keywords
Spilling the beans, confessions, blabbing, gossiping, sob stories, guilt trips, tactlessness, impulsiveness, confiding, frankness, the naked truth, courage, daring to dream, hopes and wishes, putting your money where your mouth is, washing your mouth out with soap, filthy language, text sex, dirty phone calls, crocodile tears, revelations, telling tails, poison pen letters, magic words, rallying speeches, primal screams, letting rip, sentencing, interrogation, being in the hot-seat, therapy, laying your cards on the table, open hearts, psychological probing, bearing all, overwhelming feelings, welling up with emotion, honesty, pure intentions, crying, cleansing, catharsis, singing, yelling, howling, whooping with joy, making wishes, hope, wistful dreaming, peace deals, compromise.

1 & 2. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923 p.72. p.218.

New Moon September 2011.

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