New Moon October 30 2016 ~ Pan’s People

New Moon October 30 2016 at 7º Scorpio Decan 1.  Aspects:  Conjunct Mercury & Trine Neptune. Fixed Star: Gacrux in Crux the Crucifix.

The New Moon in Scorpio 1 has the precise degree of its fall in this decan (3º Scorpio) which is suppose to make it extremely unfortunate. This is the devouring moon, the goddess Kali and vagina dentata (yes, a lady’s part with teeth!). The Moon is desperately famished here and can also be sexually insatiable.

This New Moon could make vulnerable people either totally ruthless with their hunger, or they could feel a great fear of the Kali archetype. Those who learn to understand nature’s sometimes cruel cycles of death and rebirth, are less inclined in life to act in a ‘kill or be killed’ mode because they will have faith in the power of resurrection.

Nature always seeks to correct itself, even if it has to go through a bloody abortive stage first. This is a New Moon of extremes, so that success here can only be all-or-nothing. Even the weather might be very contrasting at this time, going from Indian summer to early winter frost. Because of the stark contrasts with Moon Scorpio 1, those touched by this New Moon will have to learn to adapt fast.

Those that do not sink at this time will develop sharp brains and become wise survivors. The survival of the fittest plays out here and it’s true that the Moon could cause less evolved types to fail spectacularly. But generally, despite being branded “unfortunate” the Moon here can actually work to produce unexpected excellence.

New Moon October ~ Fixed Star Gacrux

Gacrux, sits at the top of the Southern Cross. In ancient times this constellation was once seen in the northern hemisphere from Egypt, but due to precession it has “slipped” into the southern hemisphere. The constellation’s insignia is used greatly in Australia, New Zealand and in South America on flags, stamps and such like. Crux is the smallest constellation in the sky, but it really stands out in the south. Crux’s brilliance and symbolism was reassuring to the Christian pioneers as they sailed into unfamiliar and unchartered waters.

New Moon October 2016Gacrux is not the brightest star in the constellation, but it glows a powerful red to echo Scorpio decan 1’s Martian flavour. I think this side of Crux  emphasises the bloody wound and sacrifice of Christ on the cross.  “No doubt the European explorers saw the sign of the cross in the sky as a potent symbol of blessing for their endeavours to bring Christianity to new lands; but their exploits were never easy and others have pointed to the constellation as expressing a danger of wounds or accidents, or of ‘the cross’ being symbolic of heavy responsibilities and suffering, such as that which Christ endured in the crucifixion.” 

New Moon October 2016 ~ Aspects

Moon conjunct Mercury makes for quite an odd fit since the Moon can be quite clingy and nostalgic while Mercury is flighty and ever youthful. What they both share though is the tendency to meander through life and change with the tides. The archetype has the feel of the magician about it. Thoughts are things and at this New Moon we could conjure themselves up a beautiful domestic arrangement if we can focus on their dreams for long enough. A Mercurial flavoured Moon gives a great sense of humour, charm and instinctive timing.

Moon trine Neptune wants to merge with its surroundings. At this time boundaries are so thin that we can feel the harshness of the 3D world a little too acutely. Sometimes we may need to smooth the edges with alcohol or drugs.

New moon october 30Those touched by this New Moon could become extremely devoted to their lover, but need to be careful that their longing to merge doesn’t leave them with no sense of self whatsoever. At this time we will  do best when we put this great devotion into an all-consuming passion, Ie; An artistic project, spiritual practice or best of all, working to transform the lives of the sick and needy.

Sun trine Neptune brings a touch of the childlike trickster to already nebulous Neptunian New Moon. It gives this Moon an enchanting duplicity, and Peter-Pan quality. The imagination is kooky and poetic  with a surreal edge.  However, the developing, blossoming feeling of the sextile can bring out the more deceptive qualities of Neptune because the energies are unformed and unstable. Things can change with Neptune’s tide at any moment.  It gives this New Moon a charming wit which lends itself to creative tale-telling! This energy breeds excitable romantics with a tendency to worship their lovers.

New Moon October 2016 ~ Summary

This New Moon conjures up the archetype of Peter Pan and Wendy. In the background there is the stern Victorian matron slamming down windows so that Wendy cannot be whisked away by an elf in green tights.. or little green men, or… Pepe the frog! But it really doesn’t matter if there is a screeching Kali flapping her tongue at you, it doesn’t matter if she puts bars on your bedroom window either. The supernatural meme-ness of this New Moon will get past any 3D obstacle. Not only that, it’s Halloween. The veils between dimensions are thinner. Watch out you don’t slip up on green candy and eyeballs.

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