New Moon October 2020 ~ Tempting Torchbearer


The New Moon October 2020 is best for: Shadow workers, bringing light, breadmakers, people called Mary or Lucy, wings, fallen angels who repent, singing, focus, deprogramming the brain, tapping into the zeitgeist, leaf-green, bird omens, loving sexual unions, erotic bonds, travel, trade, liberating captives, sow, marry, send messages

The New Moon October 2020 is worst for: Vampires, botox users, processed food, lavish cake eaters, downfall, the exiled, fallen angels, adulterers, procrastination, being totally out of touch, ivory tower dwellers, media bubbles & bubble heads, [email protected], being gagged 😷 and bound

The New Moon on October 16, 2020 at 23º Libra

6 Important Factors:

1 It will take place in the Libra Decan 3 ~ Brilliant White Intellect & Shadow Workers
2 The new moon will be on Spica in the wheatshaft of Virgo
3 New moon square Pluto
4 New moon opposite Eris & Mars Retrograde
5 The new moon takes place in the 13th lunar mansion* ~ Al Awwa  (The Wings Of Virgo)
6 The new moon tarot card is the 4 of Swords

New Moon October 2020 Astrology

New Moon October

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New Moon October 2020 ~ Libra Decan 3

The new moon October 2020 in Libra is extremely sensitive to the collectives’ emotions. That means those touched by this new moon can adjust themselves to suit their audience. The success of the fixed stars here brings even more likelihood of one being able to tap into the zeitgeist.

The October new moon has great business sense and is able to capitalize on this greatly. However, as far as dignity goes, the Moon has no real power in Libra decan 3 and even feels quite uncomfortable. At some point, while the Moon is here then, there could be a danger of someone or some group falling out of favour and of even being placed in exile.

In my research for Moon in Libra decan 3, I did find literal cases of exile (Wallis Simpson.) and also cases of downfall after great status (Marie Antoinette.) In Libra 3 the Moon is defined as Peregrine. When a planet is peregrine, it is essentially in exile, so the status of an outlaw or anti-hero fits this new Moon very well. This decan, in particular, shows strongly the archetype of Eris/Venus Lucifer (as the Morning star.) Will Lady Lucinda shed some light on the confusion in the world right now?

The 13th lunar mansion is quite an erotic one! It was used to make love spells for sexual attraction in medieval magic. It is also the only lunar mansion that deals specifically in curing sexual disfunction! Talismanic Image: Separate images of a man and woman tied together in bondage.

3rd Face Of Libra ~ Picatrix

“A man riding a donkey, with a wolf riding in front of him. This is a face of evil works, s*d*my, adultery, singing, joys and flavors.” 

New Moon October 2020 Healing Crystal


AmetrineThe Ametrine crystal is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It is about balance and it a great stone to support the indecisive Libran in making important decisions.

Ametrine “is fast and effective in its action, and is particularly useful in longstanding illness as it brings insight to the cause of the dis-ease.

This stone facilities and protects during astro-travel and relieves psychic attack. It clears stress and tension from the head, calming the mind and bringing greater focus to meditation.” [1] Let’s face it, we all need to meditate these days!


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  1. Wait a second, this the COMMENTS SECTION, not ‘ask Marina a question section!

    While the Grand Trine in Earth signs requires a wide orb, I feel it is a great time to meditate in nature, turn off the tv and computer (well, I will be mixing music on the desktop thank you) and ground with home made food. The pressure of Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter joined in late Capricorn will be active for a long while, perhaps climaxing with our US election, and lingering into 2021 with more revelations, decay, confusion, and, yes, Clarity.

    So take a break. Relax. Breathe the fresh air! Thank you Marina. Your site has quickly become my fave in the realms of Stars and Planets.


  2. Correction: Biden and the Democrat group fall out of favour and are placed in exile. Facebook & Twitter try to ban the latest Biden scandal without success today.

  3. Marina-is the Grand Trine in Earth signs-Venus/Jupiter/Uranus a stabilizing factor, even with the Cardinal T-square active?


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