New Moon October 2017 ~ Love To Hate


The New Moon on 19 October 2017 falls at 26º Libra decan 3. Those touched by the New Moon October 2017 should become very popular at this time. This can be socially or in business. This New Moon makes us extremely sensitive to the collectives’ emotions. The success of the fixed stars here bring even more likelihood of being able to tap into the zeitgeist of the times. Those who have great business sense will be able to capitalize on their nous greatly. Commercial success is ensured mainly due to the influence of fortunate Arcturus which is in this decan.

However, as far as dignity goes, the Moon has no real power here and even feels quite uncomfortable. It is defined as peregrine, a wanderer. Therefore, at this time, people make the news because you love to hate them, or you love and hate them in equal measure. When a planet is peregrine, it is essentially in exile, so if success is not found, then the outlaw or anti-hero becomes the other option. This New Moon is closest to fixed star Izar.  The pale orange and green Izar is stunning through the telescope. This star is found in the the herdsman’s sexy loins and was at one time known as Pulcherrima, the beautiful one. In Arabic it was known as “the belt of the shouter”. The later part of this decan seems to have more of a Mars/Jupiter flavour than the first half.

New Moon October 2017 Aspects

New Moon conjunct Jupiter brings eternal optimism, is irrepressible and can be quite the emotional roller-coaster. The aspect makes people extravagant and over-react in the most dramatic manner to the smallest set back. Those touched by this New Moon can totally over-estimate their capabilities, but nothing seems to put them off their goals. At this time there really ain’t no mountain high enough.

Protection is BIG here, we are incredibly nurturing, warm and generous to those in our care at this time. Of course though, with Jupiter there is always the danger of going over-the-top. Indoctrinating the young to fanatically follow a cult is very high. We could become completely enamored by a belief system at this New Moon, be it political or religious.

New Moon October 2017


New Moon conjunct Mercury adds a very naughty or very nice dimension to this New Moon. The combination of logic and intuition gives great common sense which will help balance the zealous influence from Jupiter. Moon/Mercury is a shape-shifting combo. Rapid mood swings and a whimsical thought processes will prevail. Those touched by this New Moon might find it hard to get to the point, but be very smart at observing the small details of every day life. This New Moon will do a great job of adding empathy and soften the tendency to Nerd-out at this time. This New Moon is clever at spinning a yarn, particularly serves comedians very well, since much comedy is based on truthful observations of everyday human habits. A Mercurial flavored Moon gives a great sense of humor, charm and instinctive timing.

New Moon Opposite Uranus is going to cause a stir wherever you find it. The electric and volatile energy of Uranus seems to become even more unstable than usual in opposition. The polarity creates wild mood swings and has the feel of a loose canon. In my research I found that three accidents/assassinations occurred with people born with this aspects and all of three deaths caused a huge public outpouring of emotion whether it be anger, shock or deep mourning. The revolutionary energy of Uranus though, means that after the lightening bolt has struck, things are never the same again. This energy is always about to flip out, so we are ready to jump ship very quickly when this happens.

New Moon October 2017 ~ Summary

New Moon October 2017This is a New Moon of contradictions with high octane emotions. Drama fills the headlines and bittersweet news comes after a shock. With the master (Jupiter) and the pupil (Mercury) being triggered, this New Moon is one where we can learn a great deal, and it is perfect for study and philosophical debates. This October New Moon is one where we want to steer our children away from brainwashing and towards critical thinking for themselves. The major aspect pattern of Jupiter opposition Uranus is being triggered which can be quite fanatical in the pursuit of personal freedom. This is due to the dynamism of the hard aspects creating sparks from Uranus and amplified by fellow sky god Jupiter.

The incredibly rebellious and forceful energy can bring great success for individuals involved with spiritual or social reformation, if they play their cards carefully and rightiously. Those plugged into this New Moon can create exciting new utopias and visions for the future that inspire others to follow them on their path to illumination. Part of this Uranian awakening will be shocking people to their senses! Sometimes something painful has to happen in order to shake people away from their screen-gazing.

Although the western world seems to be in great chaos at the moment, our lives are still relatively physically comfortable compared to those who lived just 100 years ago. On the other hand, our personal freedoms are far, far less with internet surveillance watching our every move. Those with e-businesses have their very livelihoods threatened with being thrown off Patreon or even Paypal if they commit wrong-think. This is an important New Moon which might provide alternative cyber avenues in which those who have been witch-hunted can communicate without persecution.

Image Ref: Still from ‘Summer Heights High’ Mr G. ABC (2003-2008)

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