New Moon Libra ~ Cross Crows

New Moon October 2013 The New Moon on October 5 2013 is at 11º Libra in the wings of the crow. It falls between the infamous star Algorab and it’s neighbour in the opposite wing Gienah. We are in the time of year that darkness, spooks, Halloween and Bonfire Night all start to rise in our consciousness while Gienah is a Behienian star used in medieval magic. This is is an extra rich, black velvet Moon since it makes a grand cross out of the Uranus square Pluto which squares Black Moon Lilith too for added witchery.

Pluto is back on ruthless Facies while Lilith is bright as a burning torch on Sirius. They are glaring across at each other while the New Moon opposite Uranus is throwing thunderbolts through their stares. It looks like some serious psychic warfare here, with even black magic being used. Lilth in aspect to both Pluto and Uranus can be either very kinky or be used in sex magic. Because the Moon is also on Algorab too it makes this Moon extra dangerous and can even signify rape (Mental or physical). The New Moon square Pluto makes it a Hades Moon. It is probably one of the most intense and hungry moon aspects you can have. This is the raging Kali archetype par excellence. It throws itself into the deep end when it comes to its emotions also. They experience relationships, truly, madly and deeply, but they can also easily freeze over in an instant if someone else tries to dominate, manipulate or control them!

Bin the Corpse?

The honourable among us need to take hold of the power of this New Moon and use it exorcise the darker forces. Fight fire with fire. There is no room for empathy for the vampire right now. This is pure Algorab, kill or be killed. So we have a grand cross while Mercury is on Gacrux in the crucifix, the April Lunar Eclipse point. Saturn and the North Node are on the coming November eclipse point, fixed star Acrux, still in the crucifix. Crows and crosses eh? I think one should best use this moon to tear down the weeds in ones life. I might have to steal a phrase from Elsa Elsa’s blog about Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. “Throw away that corpse!” 

Saturn and Pluto are both death planets, but with a happy, blossoming sextile between the gruesome grumps. Crosses are kisses, so are we talking about resurrection? Are we trying to give one last sextile kiss to our dead body, before we consign it to the icy underworld forever? Another thing about Saturn sextile Pluto is they are in mutual reception. Saturn says “Hey Pluto, I’ll swap my self-sabotage for your domination”. What does that do, make the other even stronger? Are they co-dependant? If one drops the others habit, then the chain of enabling breaks. The Saturn karma is freed, the soul can leave purgatory.

New Moon October 2013So there is a freaky Frankenstein feel to the grand cross. Uranus is the bolt of lightening piercing down to the Saturn/North Node. The New Moon is the mirror, conducting the energy to the four corners of the grand cross flooding it with new life. Now if this corpse does not resurrect as expected and continues to wonder about like the living dead then we will have to be cruel to be kind and release it from its bondage.

But sometimes miracles do happen. Jesus and Osirus also came back to life, but we wont know whether we have a harmless Jesus or a stalking Frankie until after this New Moon. We have very intense energies here. It’s a potent cardinal cross, very dynamic and creative. It’s a case of “If it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger” A high risk strategy. Should you hold that moon mirror up to the lightening bolt? Will it frazzle you instead of reviving your beloved project or relationship? And even if you succeed in playing god, will you forever be chased by a zombie calling you “Mummy”?! Jesus folks. I don’t know what else to say about this new moon except… Good luck!!

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