New Moon November 2019 ~ Taking Risks

New Moon November 26 2019 falls at 4º Sagittarius. New Moon is quincunx Uranus. New Moon healing crystal is the Red Carnelian. Fixed Stars are Acrab & Dschubba in constellation Scorpio. New Moon tarot card is the 8 Of Wands

New Moon November 2019 ~ YouTube

This post contains my notes for this new moon November 2019. The video (to come) pulls all the elements together and summarises the lunation’s energy and uses. I also talk about relevant moon/matrix issues that are pertinent to the current moon ‘spell’ and how we can best heal from them.

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New Moon Fixed Stars ~ Acrab & Dschubba

Dschubba is according to Ptolemy “ of the nature of Mars and Saturn.. It causes sudden assaults, malevolence, immorality and shamelessness.” I found Dschubba to be quite a psychopathic star, if strong in the chart of an unevolved person.

Of both Dschubba and Acrab the Ebertins say “According to tradition, these stars are credited with giving the ability to do research, and especially research into things of a, particularly secret and hidden nature…. In lower types, however, a tendency to falsehood and treason can be noted.”[2]

While Eric Morse says of Dschubba “It is a fighter of great skill and characterizes Mars-Saturn perfectly. Anyone with this star strong in their horoscope is likely to show a patient and wary approach to any situation… Scorpio is famous for the surgeons born in it and this star shows up just the qualities which they need to have. The same applies to generals, policemen, private investigators and secret service agents.” [3]

These stars are both suited to detective work and make a thorough in-depth researcher. I think this latter part of this decan could certainly make a great forensic scientist, especially one who conducts autopsies to see how someone was poisoned. .

New Moon 26 November 2019 Times
Los Angeles ~ 7:05 am. New York ~ 10:05 am. London ~ 3.05 pm. Rome ~ 4.05 pm.

New Moon November ~ Tarot Card

8 of wandsThe tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of wands.

You can see the intensity of this decan reflected in the frenzy of this card. Mercury and Jupiter as rulers show the desire to juggle many opportunities at once;

“ Things are beginning to move into action now as adrenaline fuels your system.  It is time to make a move so get moving. You must now strike while the iron is hot and when you are so enthused.  You have real momentum building behind you so all you have to do is take the first step and it will snowball after that….

 Each opportunity will appear exciting and wonderful.  Each will be hard to resist but it will not be possible to take them all on board. ” ~ Teachmetarot

Sagittarius New Moon November 2019

new moon november 2019

New Moon November 2019

The 1st Face Of Sagittarius

“The bodies of three men, and one body is yellow, another is white and the third is red. This is face of heat, heaviness, growth in plains and fields, sustenance and division” ~ Picatrix

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