New moon November 2010

The New Moon on 6 November at 13°40′ Scorpio is conjunct the fixed star Zuben Elgenubi in the southern claw of the Scorpion. “It is well to remember here the association of this star with a scorpion’s claw, used for making love as well as for slaying its prey. It does not let go until one or other matter is complete and onlookers are not sure which of the two acts are in process.” [1]

This star is situated between Scorpio and Libra which are both to do with both love and sex unions. The closest aspect to the Moon is a sextile to Juno. So we continue the last lunation’s theme of thinking about our karmic ties.Only this time it could be to do with repairing relationships as Eric Morse goes on to say that this star in better aspect (sextile Juno) “is often just the right moment to repair a relationship and to reconsider an earlier harsh judgment.”

The next aspect close to the Moon is a trine to Lilith. Lilith is opposed Juno which makes it interesting. Brady says this star is to do with positive social reforms. Well we are certainly getting reforms in the UK’s welfare system right now. Whether they are positive remains to be seen.

Ceres is walking away from Pluto now, but the Moon nodes fall right between them. So an important time to examine  the fall-out from their meeting. We can look at things a little more objectively now and see how it fits in with the grand scheme of things.  Ceres has actually moved onto Facies which really is not the nicest of stars. This will bring out her bitter and twisted dark side. If we are talking about repairing relationships then we must be wary of  a spiteful backlash. It will be like dealing with a frightened cornered Scorpion. Suspicion will be high because of a Neptune square to Mercury.

Neptune is not alone however as we still have the Guru conjunction with Chiron. This is now squaring Mercury pretty tightly.  Looks like a bit of a conspiracy-theory. Media cover-ups and more lies and nebulous reporting than usual. Hoaxes and fantasy stories look like they will be big in the news. There could be revelations about the Catholic church or religion in general? Things have calmed down now that Jupiter and Uranus are finally going off in their own merry way. Though Uranus’s trine to Mercury could give us some unexpected surprises. Hopefully not too nasty or shocking ones.

Wicked Asteroids

The Moon is conjunct Asteroid Asteria of the stars, starry one she was the Titan Goddess of Prophecy, Necromancy, and Astrology. Necromancy is summoning up the dead and controlling them, regarded as a dangerous black art and only should be used by the most highest initiated and experienced magicians. New Moons are dark, but this one is even darker than usual. If one is into magic and such things is should be a powerful one for spell-casting. And probably very good for dishing out punishment for those that have done you wrong. Pay back time I think.

It is also conjunct Asteroid Megaira. She was one of the Furies who were fond of stalking particularly nasty criminals. They were famous for driving them nuts. Megaira means “Envious anger”. The other Asteroid it is conjunct is Tomyris. She was a tough Warrior Queen and punished the treacherous King Cyrus in a manner befitting his own bloodthirstiness. She had his corpse beheaded and then steeped it in a wineskin filled with human blood apparently saying “I warned you that I would quench your thirst for blood, and so I shall”. Imaginative and symbolic! I can’t help admiring her style.

Now that we see the flavour of this Moon one wonders what type of repairing of relationships is going on here. This is quite harsh reconciliation, definitely “tough love” going on. The Moon here is the mediator between Juno (the official spouse) and Lilith (the mistress). Both are champions of women’s rights. But in general this would be official person, one who follows the letter of the law V an outlaw. With this Moon then there will be quite radical solutions to problems. An eye for an eye” mentality. So taking the law into your own hands then. Looking at the star also it could also be a case of as they say in the Godfather “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”

[1]The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.76-77.