New Moon 11 May 2021

The New Moon May 2021 is at 21º Taurus Decan 3

Usually, the moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, but it is not such a guarantee in this decan, as Saturn’s influence as the decan’s ruler often means there are great obstacles to surmount on life’s testing path. However, Moon Taurus 3 does not totally prevent success. At this new moon, any fame will come with a certain amount of notoriety. The Moon is susceptible to the melancholia of its Saturn rulership. This period is good for those who can make a career out of doom and gloom. Others could find the pain that comes with such a sensitive moon intolerable.

The temptation to self-medicate with drugs (Especially alcohol) can be high at this time and depression could be a problem too. There is a tendency to self-destruction and those touched by this moon might feel their lives are fated, even cursed for the next month. However, at the end of this period, you might realize that if fate hasn’t killed you then it has actually made you stronger! Generally, the Moon in Taurus 3 supports those who are life’s troopers! Bruised and sometimes battered, they will get back up to proudly show off their battle scars.

Around this new moon, there can be night terrors, dreams will be extremely vivid and can sometimes be prophetic.  On the positive side, dreams can also be uplifting and inspiring if we switch off the news for long enough. A ritual to banish phobias and paranoia would be good at this time.

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New Moon May 2021



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